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Chapter 3392: Han Zhuoling Thought He Was Going CrazyTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“However, after I held onto this talisman, all the negative emotions disappeared.

It felt as though a refreshing stream was flowing within me.

It felt really comfortable.

I became calm,” Song Lihua said in surprise.

“Is it really that amazing!” Chen Xing exclaimed in disbelief.

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “This is the type of talisman I gave you guys when you guys were stressed about your exams.

If any of you have difficult upcoming exams, I will give you more.”

“How much are you selling this outside” Song Lihua asked.

She then explained, “I will definitely be in a lawsuit with the Zhou Family.

I am sure I can win, but some things will inevitably make me angry.

In addition, there is a chance that I will feel depressed after childbirth.

Therefore, I would like to save some.

Your talisman works really well.”

“The price depends on the buyer,” Xie Jiling said, “He Qingyang had bought some from me previously, and I sold it to him at a price of five hundred thousand each.”

Song Lihua gasped.

She was going to divorce her husband, and she would be raising a child by herself.

Although her family didnt need money, Song Lihua thought it would be better for her not to be too extravagant.

One for the price of five hundred thousand was a little too expensive.

Even Chen Xing and the others stuttered.


what did you say The talisman you gave us previously was priced at five hundred thousand” Chen Xing was so astonished.

If he had known that the talisman was that expensive, he would have sold it!

He had no idea that he once held a huge sum of five hundred thousand!

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “This is the market price.

You are my classmates, so I gave it to you all as a gift.

When the other students asked to buy this, I charged them three thousand per piece.

However, the ones that cost three thousand are low-ranking purifying talismans.

Of course, since you are just dealing with exams, you dont need a very high-ranking talisman.

A basic one is good enough.”

“However, even so, I still need to use my mental energy to draw these talismans.

I cant offer you too much.

I will give you more during exams,” explained Xie Jiling.

Just in case they actually thought that these talismans were as common as cabbages.

Xie Jiling knew that Song Lihua wanted to buy.

So, she said, “Since you just need talismans thatll help with your mood, you dont need high-ranking purifying talismans.

The basic ones, like what I gave them would suffice.

I will charge you the same price I charge the other students—three thousand a piece.”

Song Lihua was not someone who had no understanding of common courtesy.

She knew that Xie Jiling charged the classmates 3000 per piece because most of the students at the school were from ordinary families.

The rich students were only a handful.

To those students, the price of 3000 per piece wasnt cheap at all.

There was a reason why she didnt price the talisman according to the customers social status at school.

It was because everyone at school was a student and should be treated equally.

If she actually started charging them differently, how would those students interact with each other

Considering that the high-ranking purifying talisman was priced at five hundred thousand per piece, it was obvious.

Even the basic ones that Xie Jiling had mentioned would not be cheap when sold to outsiders.

Xie Jiling was just doing Song Lihua a favor.

Immediately, Song Lihua bought 10 pieces.

“I dont have so many with me right now.” Xie Jiling took out two ready-made pieces and said, “You can take these first.

I will ask Zheng Binzhou to bring more to you when I am done drawing.”

“Alright.” Song Lihui smiled and said, “We will be leaving first.

We still have a lot to deal with.”

Song Lihua had been tortured for a long time and was still not doing well, physically.

Even with her big belly, she looked like she could be struck down by the wind.

But obviously, she was emanating a different type of energy when the issue was resolved.

Although she was still very skinny, her eyes were sparkling, and her face was glowing red with joy.

She was no longer anxious and no longer appear depressed.

“I have learned something today,” Kuang Xiaorou said, “I didnt expect the things that I have seen on The Strange Tales to be real and that we actually witnessed it.”

“Are you all scared” Xie Jiling grinned and asked.

“With you here, of course, we arent scared.

Youre too powerful,” Feng Yaqing said, “If this happens again in the future and conditions allow, you have to bring us along with you.”

Xie Jiling was speechless.

“It wont be this easy every time.

It can be dangerous, too,” Xie Jiling said.

“If its too dangerous, we wont be going.

We would be causing you trouble if we went, but if you think its an easy task, bring us along so we can learn more,” Kuang Xiaorou said.

“Sure.” Xie Jiling nodded.

Young people today loved seeking thrills.

They were willing to go to buildings known to be haunted.

And even when they knew that they would be able to see ghosts, they werent scared at all.

However, at least they knew to seek Xie Jiling for help.

Xie Jiling could then choose some tasks that werent dangerous and allow them to come along.

Just in case they went by themselves on a thrill-seeking journey due to curiosity and actually got into danger.

By then, it would be too late for any regrets.

Therefore, Xie Jiling agreed.

Xie Jilings life then became peaceful again.

As Lu Mans due date approached, Han Zhuoli stopped going to the office.

He stayed beside Lu Man, just in case Lu Man would give birth all of a sudden and he couldnt make it since he was in the office.

Lu Man had already moved into the VIP suite at Chu Tian Hospital and was very much prepared.

Han Zhuoli had handed over all his work to Han Zhuoling.

He wasnt going on business trips, and he wasnt going to the office.

Han Zhuolings office was piled up with work, and he was very stressed.

Initially, considering Han Zhuolings workload in the past, this amount of workload was nothing.

However, ever since Han Zhuoling stopped being a workaholic and rested for a long time, he couldnt get used to suddenly having such a heavy workload.

However, Lu Man was giving birth soon.

He understood and could only gnash his teeth and bear the responsibility.

In the future, when Shi Xiaoya gave birth, Han Zhuoling would reasonably hand over all his work to Han Zhuoli.

However, when Han Zhuoling thought about how he would have to do work for his unfortunate little brother Han Zhuoli when Lu Man had yet to give birth.

When Lu Man gave birth to the child, Han Zhuoli would say that he would have to go on paternity leave with Lu Man.

How could Han Zhuoling endure this

Knowing that Han Zhuoli would be taking a break for several months, Han Zhuoling felt that he was going crazy.

And now, Han Zhuoling was just counting the days for Han Zhuoli.

He would be asking Han Zhuoli to pay it back when Shi Xiaoya got pregnant.

Han Zhuoling just hoped that he could drag Han Zhuofeng over here to work as well.

Unfortunately, Han Zhuofeng studied film directing.

He had no idea how to do any of the work.

Han Zhuoling regretted not asking Han Zhuofeng to learn about finance and management while Han Zhuofeng was still studying film directing.

Lu Man was staying at a suite in Chu Tian Hospital that had a kitchen as well.

All three meals of the day were nutritious pregnancy meals specially prepared by a nutritionist at Chu Tian Hospital.

However, Lu Man would still have cravings to eat something good.

The nutritious meal was nutritious, but it didnt really taste good.

The nutritionist had rationed and prepared a nutritionally balanced meal.

There were times when Lu Man would crave crayfish or spicy hot pot.

Since the food in the restaurant was very oily, spicy, and salty, Han Zhuoli didnt feel at ease letting Lu Man eat outside.

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