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Chapter 3390: A DogfightTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“The level of backlash you will get when the curse fails depends on the curse.”

“Your lifespan will be reduced in varying degrees, in units of 10 years.

On top of your lifespan being reduced by at least 10 years and this number increasing by units of 10 depending on the curse, you will also lose your sense of sight, hearing, and taste.

Your organs will gradually fail.”

When Li Zhixiao heard what Xie Jiling said, she felt her heart ache.

Subconsciously, she placed her hand over her chest.

It was just as what Xie Jiling had said.

She felt her entire body aching.

“The curse you placed has done more than just take someone elses life.

You tried to disperse an infants spirit and steal his body, making another infant wander outside without nowhere to go,” Xie Jiling said coldly.

“Such curse goes against human morals and nature and will result in a very serious backlash.” Xie Jiling walked to the end of the bed and asked, “Do you feel out of breath Do you feel all your organs hurting”

Xie Jiling was right, Li Zhixiao felt that breathing was becoming more and more painful for her.

She applied pressure on her chest.

She was really in pain.

Not only were her organs hurting, but her skin and pores were also hurting.

“Thats the backlash,” Xie Jiling said coldly, “Based on the level, even the heavens had decided that your curse was too evil and was a violation of the heavens peace.

This is why you are experiencing such a severe backlash.”

“Then… what should she do now” Zhou Liangsheng immediately asked.

“What should she do She should wait for death.” Xie Jiling didnt show any pity as she said, “If it happens fast, she will have one to two months left.

If this progresses slowly, she will have around one to two years left.

It depends on how quick her organs fail.

Doctors and medicine are not completely useless.”

“Although doctors wont be able to find the cause of the illness, the medication should be able to slow the progression of this illness,” Xie Jiling said, “Of course, I am not a doctor.

I am not professional.

I might not be right about this.”

“Anyway, it depends on your luck.

However, this will cost a lot of money.” Xie Jiling smiled mockingly as she stared at Zhou Liangsheng and said, “It depends on whether you are willing to pay the price or not.”

“This would be a bottomless pit.

You would basically be burning your money.

Most importantly, you might not get a result even if you burn your money.

You could be spending money like water flowing out with nothing in return.” Xie Jiling stared at Zhou Liangsheng coldly and said, “It depends on whether you are willing to do it or not.”

As expected, Zhou Liangsheng hesitated.

Because according to what Xie Jiling said, Li Zhixiao wouldnt live long anyway.

Even if they tried to keep her alive, she would not be able to escape death in the end.

In fact, he would have to spend more money if she died later on.

Then, he might as well let her die earlier.

Song Lihua stared at Zhou Liangsheng coldly.

At this moment, she saw through this man.

Li Zhixiao didnt expect Zhou Liangsheng to hesitate.

“Zhou Liangsheng…” Li Zhixiao stared at Zhou Liangsheng in disbelief.

This was the guy she had loved and had been with for such a long time! She was even willing to be this mans mistress without an official status!

“Back then, when we first got together, you said that you would be good to me for the rest of your life.

Even if your family wasnt willing, you said that you would convince your family to let you marry me.

But in the end, when your family threatened you with the family business, you came back and persuaded me to wait for you.”

“You said you had no feelings for Song Lihua and asked me to wait until you divorce her.

I believed you, and I waited.”

“And what happened then Song Lihua became pregnant.

I became pregnant as well.

You told me to give birth to the baby and that you would love me and our child.

You said that you would divorce Song Lihua and give both of us a title and status so that my child can be rightfully given the surname Zhou.”

“I was so happy.

But what happened then Your family threatened you with your family business, and you came back to tell me to get rid of the baby.

But by then, the fetus was already too big for an abortion, and a labor induction was the only option.”

“You said that we would have another child.

When you inherit your family business, you will divorce Song Lihua, and I agreed to this because of you.

I aborted my child who was already that big! I watched him develop, and I watched them kill him alive.”

“I have abandoned my child for your sake.

An induction abortion was dangerous, but you guaranteed that I would be fine.

But what happened then In the end, I would never have another child anymore.”

“I lost my family and killed my child for your sake.

I lost my chance to be a mother.” The more Li Zhixiao spoke, the more pain she felt.

“However, you never fulfilled any of the promises you gave me! You made me lose everything, but you never gave me anything!” Li Zhixiao said.

“I should have known that the family business, money, and benefits were the most important things to you and anything that obstructed your path for more benefits would be moved to the very back.

When it was me versus your benefits, I naturally became the thing you have to sacrifice.”

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