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Chapter 3375: Who Could Be This RuthlessTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

With this, Xie Jiling started eating the rice in her bowl.

She intended to finish her lunch within fifteen minutes and leave right away.

“Were… not in a rush.

Eat slowly.

We have been waiting for a long time so it doesnt matter if we have to wait a little bit longer,” Zheng Binzhou said, feeling a little embarrassed.

He was worried, but this was not a reason to not allow someone to eat.

However, Xie Jiling was still eating really quickly.

When her three roommates saw this, they started eating quickly as well.

He Yuliang and Chen Xing lowered their heads and started stuffing their mouths with rice and food.

Zheng Binzhou was stunned.

Seeing that everyone else was working so hard, it felt weird if he wasnt eating quickly.

And so, no one was talking at the table.

Everyone was just trying to eat.

Xie Jiling was the first to finish her food.

She felt puzzled as she asked, “Its fine for me to eat quickly.

You all can eat slowly.”

“We are going with you.” He Yuliang looked up and said while his mouth was stuffed with rice.

“You all are going” Xie Jiling looked at her roommates.

Ren Linna and the other two quickly nodded.

“Why are you guys going” Xie Jiling asked.

“To see and learn.” Xie Jilings roommate, Kuang Xiaorou said, “When you were exorcising that night, Nana was the only one there.

We didnt see anything, so we have to come along for this new experience.”

Xie Jiling turned to Ren Linna, Chen Xing, and He Yuliang and asked, “You three have witnessed it.

Why are you going again”

“Yes, but we want to see more of it.

After all, every vengeful spirit is different.

This is much more thrilling than watching a horror movie.

According to Zheng Binzhou, this one is quite fierce.

It is fiercer than the one we saw that day,” He Yuliang said.

“What exactly happened to your elder female cousin” Xie Jilings roommate, Feng Yaqing, asked out of curiosity.

They had been with Xie Jiling the entire time and had no idea of what happened to Zheng Binzhou.

But Chen Xing and He Yuliang had heard about this from Zheng Binzhou.

“Have you all finished your food” Xie Jiling asked, “If youre done, we can leave now and hear about it from Zheng Binzhou while we are on the way.”

“Okay.” Ren Linna nodded.

Everyone finished their food.

Zheng Binzhou then ordered a commercial van as they would not be able to fit in a normal car.

Soon, a driver accepted the order.

They waited at the school gates for a while and the car arrived.

When they all got in the van, Ren Linna started urging Zheng Binzhou.

“What happened”

Zheng Binzhou then said, “My elder female cousin is 7 months pregnant.

She started dreaming last month of a pregnant woman, dressed in red, giving birth.”

“But then, the pregnant ladys belly would suddenly split open and a baby would crawl out.

The baby would start crawling toward her.”

“My elder female cousin was scared in the dream.

She started running, but the baby was crawling really quickly.

No matter how fat she ran, the baby was still following her.

The baby would constantly be at a certain distance away from her.”

“In the beginning, my cousin thought it was just a nightmare.

She was scared, but she felt okay after she woke up.

But then, she had the same nightmare on the second night.”

“Since then, she has been having the same nightmare.

Two weeks ago, she noticed that the baby was getting much closer to her than previously.”

“When my cousin noticed this, she started paying close attention to that detail.

She then realized that the distance between her and the baby would decrease a little per day.

Because the distance reduction wasnt obvious, she had never noticed it before.

She only noticed that the distance had shortened after a while.”

“My cousin was really scared.

If this nightmare only happened once, it would just be a coincidence.

However, if it was happening every day, it would be problematic.

In addition, the baby was getting closer to her every day.”

“She was really scared that the baby would catch up to her one day.

She even had a more horrifying thought—What will she do if the baby catches up to her and enters her stomach”

“Will her baby be…” Zheng Binzhou said, “Will her baby still be hers”

“My cousin thought a lot about this.

She was really scared and didnt dare to sleep at night.

She doesnt even dare to sleep during the day.

Last week, she decided not to sleep at night.

But then, she couldnt resist the sleepiness anymore during the day and fell asleep.

Unexpectedly, she had the nightmare again even during daytime.”

“And so, she now doesnt dare to sleep for an entire 24 hours.

If this continues, how will she support herself I am worried that she… will die even before she can give birth to the baby.

My family is really worried and has been asking around for a solution.”

“We found two and they were scammers, so we didnt dare to trust anyone now.”

“I felt terrified when I heard this story, not to mention that my cousin was actually being tortured by this nightmare every day,” Zheng Binzhou said, “I think its very fierce.

Can… you handle this”

“No problem.

Someone is plotting against your cousin.

This was caused by humans.,” Xie Jiling said.

“What” Zheng Binzhou was surprised, “Hum..

humans How is cousins nightmare caused by humans”

“Someone cursed her.

Thats obviously a reaction caused by a curse,” Xie Jiling said calmly.

“Of course, this is just based on my experience.

I will still need to meet your cousin,” Xie Jiling said.

Zheng Binzhou lifelessly nodded.

He didnt know if the conjecture he had was scarier or if this nightmare being caused by humans was scarier.

If it was caused by humans…

Who could be that ruthless

One could tell that the family of Zheng Binzhous elder female cousin was rather wealthy.

His cousin lived in a villa located in a rich neighborhood in B City.

The level of that rich neighborhood was just slightly lower than the He Familys neighborhood.

However, the He Family owned a large corporation, hence the He Family should not be used as the standard for comparison.

The security officer of this neighborhood recognized Zheng Binzhou.

Zheng Binzhou registered his name and told the van to drive inside the neighborhood.

The car stopped in front of the villa and everyone got out of the car.

Zheng Binzhou took his classmates to the door.

Zheng Binzhou pressed the doorbell and the helper in the house quickly opened the door for him.

His cousin was at home and was quite shocked to see so many people.

When the others wanted to come along with Xie Jiling to learn new things, they didnt think too much.

And now, they felt a little embarrassed.

Chen Xing and He Yuliang quickly apologized, “Elder Sister, we are sorry for disturbing you.

We heard about what happened to you and we came along to see if we could help with anything.”

Zheng Binzhous cousin didnt care at all.

She smiled weakly and said, “Its fine.

Its better to have more people.

Im scared to be alone.”

“Elder Cousin, this is my classmate.

She has experience in such things,” Zheng Binzhou said.

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