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Chapter 3373: Is This OkayTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“That corner is good.

No one is passing by that place.” the satisfied Xie Jiling led everyone to that corner.

While she was talking, she said, “Actually, the hill behind our school is very good.

We wouldnt have to walk that far and it would much more convenient.

However, burning things in the woods can easily cause a fire accident.

Its too dangerous.”

Xie Jiling said this with a reluctant voice.

The group thought to themselves.

She really didnt care where to do this.

So, you could do this anywhere.

Xie Jiling squatted down and took out the pile of papers.

She then lit the papers on fire with a lighter.

When the papers were burnt into dust, the classmates hadnt even realized what happened.


Lets go.” When Xie Jiling saw that they were still dumbfounded, she felt confused.

“Thats it” He Yuliang asked with his eyes widened and mouth agape.

“Its done.” Xie Jiling nodded.

How complicated did they think this task was


Dont you need to light incense, say something or pray Can they even collect it if you are just burning it You didnt even say their names or surname.

What if the wrong person got your burnt offering Chen Xing asked.

Xie Jiling then explained, “No.

You just need to think about the person you wish to give this offering to while you are burning the offering.”

“Think about his name, birthday… If you dont know these things, just think about his face.

It wont go wrong,” Xie Jiling said.

Ren Linna was speechless.

Was this okay

“Since you all know now, you can do this in the future.

It is simple and effective.

It doesnt have to be so troublesome,” Xie Jiling said.

Everyone nodded like robots.

They felt as though the time spent they spent with Xie Jiling had resulted in them learning so many new things.

If they told the elders in their families that things could be this simple, they might be lectured by their elders.

Because Xie Jiling had exorcized two ghosts tonight, there was a slight decline in her mental energy and physical energy.

Her mental energy and physical energy did not drop to an unbearable level, but she still felt really tired.

And so, everyone quickly went back to their dorm rooms to rest.

Usually, Xie Jiling wouldnt be this tired.

Whenever she exorcised ghosts, she usually wouldnt motion any mantra.

She would just strike the ghost with the power of the bead bracelet.

For the vengeful ghosts that were of a higher level, she would need to motion mantras.

However, the bead bracelet could provide her with the energy necessary to launch a mantra.

She really didnt need to use her own mental energy.

It made things much easier for Xie Jiling.

However, for Lu Mans safety, Xie Jiling gave the bead bracelet to Lu Man.

Now that Xie Jiling had dealt with Lu Qi, Lu Man would be safe.

And so, it would be okay for Xie Jiling to take the bead bracelet back.

However, Xie Jiling still felt worried that Lu Man would have nothing to use for her protection.

So, she sent Lu Mans old bead bracelet, the one with not much energy left, back to the Xie Family house.

And she asked Xie Tongyun to send her a new one.

All these things took three days.

To the other people in this line of work, this type of bead bracelet was rare.

However, to the Xie Family, such beaded bracelets could be made.

The material of the bead bracelet didnt matter.

The energy stone in the house of the Xie Family was the real deal.

Xie Jilings bead bracelet was made by cutting this energy stone, polishing the pieces into beads, and stringing the beads into a bracelet.

The energy stone wasnt that huge.

So, only one bead bracelet was made from this energy stone and this bead bracelet was passed down to the next member of the Xie Family who had to travel the world.

In Xie Jilings generation, she was the one who got the bead bracelet.

The remaining energy stone would never be touched again.

They kept it there to cultivate more energy.

They would put many bead bracelets near the energy stone and those bead bracelets would then absorb the energy coming from the energy stone.

This was why the Xie Family had more than enough of these bead bracelets.

However, the Xie Family did not try to make a profit out of these bead bracelets.

The Xie Family really didnt need the money.

They didnt want to rely on exhausting their energy stone to earn money.

When Xie Jiling received the new bead bracelet from Xie Tongyun, she immediately went to visit Lu Man.

Xie Jiling then told Lu Man about Lu Qi.

“Her soul is in the underworld.

She will not have any chance to disturb your peace anymore.

Dont worry,” Xie Jiling said.

Lu Man didnt expect that it had been Lu Qi who wanted to hurt her.

Lu Qi actually managed to threaten Lu Man even though she was already dead.

“Thankfully, I had your bead bracelet.” Lu Man, feeling scared as she thought about what could have happened, patted herself on the chest.

“I brought a new one for you to wear,” Xie Jiling said, “Although Lu Qi is no longer a threat, you will more at ease if you wear it.”

“Just think of it as an amulet.

The energy inside is good for both you and the babies,” Xie Jiling said.

Lu Qi was no longer a threat.

However, the number of vengeful ghosts had recently increased.

One would never know when one might be in danger.

To make herself feel more at ease, Xie Jiling still asked Lu Man to wear it.

“And this.” Xie Jiling took out a tiny box from her bag.

When she opened the box, there was a jade lock inside.

The jade lock was very small.

It was the size of ones index finger.

The jade lock was strung on a chain.

“Like your bead bracelet, this jade lock was nurtured by the energy stone as well.

Its my gift for the babies,” Xie Jiling said, “You will be giving birth soon.

I might be away because of work by then and might not be able to give it to you in time.

And so, I brought it with me today.”

“The babies can wear it.

Wear it at all times.

Jade has a nurturing effect and silver has a detoxifying effect,” Xie Jiling said, “If the baby wears it, it will protect and nurture them.

As long as the energy is not being exhausted externally, the energy in this jade lock will nurture the baby.”

“Although the baby wont be invulnerable to all poison or invincible to all spirits after wearing for a long time, they would have a much stronger defense than others on average.

In addition, this jade lock has a cleansing effect.

To say it in simple terms, the baby will not fall ill easily.” Xie Jiling said.

“Thank you.” Lu Man took the jade lock and said, “You seem to be much busier than before.

Are there more vengeful ghosts”

Xie Jiling didnt keep this a secret.

She nodded and said, “I suspect that this was caused by someone.”

Xie Jiling then told Lu Man what happened last night.

“However, dont worry.

Unless you are connected to the vengeful ghost in some way.

As long as ordinary people stay away from those places that are known to be haunted, it will be fine.” Xie Jiling said.

If the person wasnt actively digging their own grave but still managed to attract a vengeful spirit, that person must be really unlucky.

When Xie Jiling left Lu Mans place, Lu Man gave her a lot of food.

There were so many different kinds of snacks.

There was sauced meat to eat with rice, as well as cans of spicy seafood.

And so, Xie Jiling carried her heavy bag and went back to school.

Xie Jiling never forgot Lu Mans due date.

As time went by, there were no more clients requesting her service.

She thought that she wouldnt be busy recently and could visit Lu Man after she had given birth.

However, things just didnt happen the way she thought.

Xie Jiling was staying in school, enjoying her rare and ordinary peaceful school life.

Chen Xing and He Yuliang came by.

They brought along a classmate named Zheng Binzhou.

Zheng Binzhou arrived two days before school started and wasnt present on the night Xie Jiling exorcised a ghost.

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