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Chapter 3366: Are You Not Going to PayTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Xie Jiling even knew ghosts from other places.

“Her name is Lu Qi.

She has done a lot of evil while she was alive and has killed someone after she died.

I have cleared her aura of vengeance, but with the things she had done, she cannot go unpunished,” Xie Jiling said.

“Of course,” a soul reaper said.

“Based on her level of sins, she should be going to the Dao of Animals for reincarnation, right” Xie Jiling asked.

Lu Qi started panicking when she heard this.


To the Dao of Animals She would become an animal in her next life


She was the precious daughter of a rich and powerful family!

She was a popular celebrity with endless glory.

She had gotten the chance to enjoy the life that many people would never get to experience for their entire lifetime.

And now they were telling her that she had to be an animal in her next life

How could she accept that

This made things difficult for the soul reaper as he said, “This… This should be decided by the judge.

I cannot give you a confirmed answer.”

Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Its alright.

You can tell him that I asked if this person should be sent to the Dao of Animals.

If she shouldnt, then I will personally ask him about this again.”

The soul reaper was speechless.

She should definitely be sent to the Dao of Animals.


“She cant be reincarnated into a pet.

If she became a pet, she might get treated better than humans.” Xie Jiling instructed carefully, “Animals like pigs, cows, sheep, insects, fish, and birds are pretty good choices, but definitely not endangered animals.”

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The soul reaper didnt know what to say.

Why was she making the arrangement

Lu Qi was dumbfounded.

Who was this person!

She still wasnt even in the underworld yet, but her pathway for reincarnation had already been clearly decided.

“No! No!” Lu Qi didnt know where Xie Jiling came from.

However, Lu Qi saw that Xie Jiling was very familiar with the two soldiers and she could even talk to the judges.

In addition, the two soul reapers did not refute whatever Xie Jiling had said.

It was obvious that they had accepted her words.

However, Xie Jiling was human!

Could her words create an impact in the underworld

Lu Qi was really panicking and unknowingly said what was on her mind out loud.

When the two soul reapers that were grabbing her heard this, one of them said, “Yes.

Very impactful.”

As for the other things Lu Qi said, the soul reapers couldnt really say much.

Those things concerned the reputation of the underworld.

They couldnt talk about it for fear Xie Jiling might control them.

They also couldnt even talk about the fear of being controlled by the previous generations of the Xie Family!

Anyway, Lu Qi just had to know that Xie Jilings words were very impactful.

“How is that possible Shes human! How can the members of the underworld listen to her orders!” Lu Qi screamed, “Arent you worried about being mocked by others”

“There are no others.

We are all souls here,” the soul reaper said.

“In addition, we were not listening to her orders.

Its just because what she said was right,” the soul reaper said, “Even if she doesnt say so, you would receive the same judgment, so you dont have to be surprised.”

Lu Qi was speechless.

She knew that these were all excuses!

They must be embarrassed as well, hence they found such an excuse!

At this moment, Lu Qi just wanted to create a conflict between Xie Jiling and the underworld.

And so, she opened her mouth and was about to say something.

But then, she opened her mouth and couldnt make a single sound.

Lu Qi widened her eyes in fear as she heard the soul reaper say, “How could we allow you to instigate a conflict between us and Lady Xie.”

They were the officials, okay

They could perform some spells and arts.

If they didnt want her to speak, she wouldnt be able to do so.

The soul reaper could understand slightly why Xie Jiling was unwilling to let Lu Qi off the hook.

This woman was truly detestable.

In addition, she was very good at digging her own grave.

She was able to find so many ways to dig her own grave.

“Lady Xie, we will be taking her back,” the soul reaper said.

Xie Jiling never wanted to see Lu Qi again.

She had no idea how Lu Man had tolerated her for so many years.

Lu Qi was quite capable to be able to make herself hated by both the living and the dead.

“Alright.” Xie Jiling hurriedly nodded, “You have worked hard.

I will burn some food to eat with alcohol as offerings for you two.”

When the soul reapers heard this, they immediately felt energetic.

One said, “Why dont you burn some alcohol Give us some wine and whiskey.”

Although the soul reaper dressed like ancient people, they were able to keep up with modern times.

They had tried many new things.

“Burn some beer offering for us too,” the other soul reaper said.

“Alright.” Xie Jiling agreed and asked, “Do you have anything else you want to eat”

“Crayfish.” The two said at the same time.

“…” Xie Jiling nodded and said, “Do you want barbecue skewers”

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” The two said hurriedly.

“Give us some spicy duck neck for us to eat as snacks.”

“Alright.” When Xie Jiling immediately stopped them when she saw that this conversation was going rampant.


You can only order these today.

We have a long journey ahead of us.”




And so, the two soul reapers took Lu Qi and left.

They werent being greedy.

These types of food were sold in the underworld.

The underworld was not like the creepy and gloomy place in peoples imagination.

There were cities in the underworld.

The underworld had all kinds of food that the living world had.

But the weird thing was that…

Xie Jiling was not only capable of ghostbusting, but she was also very good at burning food offerings.

The same type of food just tasted better if it was a burnt offering by Xie Jiling.

The quality of the clothes was better as well.

They had no idea how Xie Jiling had done it.

The two were really happy to be out here.

When they thought about how they would have good food upon returning to the underworld, they felt really motivated.

Of course, they had good relationship with Xie Jiling!

Any soul reapers that accidentally encounter Xie Jiling would never return to the underworld without a gift!

The good relationship didnt happen because Xie Jiling was really powerful.

The villa was finally quiet.

Knowing that there were two people freezing outside, Xie Jiling went out.

“Everything is solved.” Xie Jiling said.

“You can go inside now.”

He Qingyang and Yang Lin stood up carefully.

The two carefully walked out of the spell formation.

Yang Lin still asked worriedly, “Did you really eliminate it You didnt lie to us, right”

“Of course, it was eliminated!” Luo Dingzhen wasnt pleased to hear this.

“How could you doubt Master Xies ability!”

“…” Yang Lin pursed her lips and said, “I dont believe what you said.

After all, you previously said that you were able to eliminate it.”

Luo Dingzhen was speechless.

“Why Are you not going to pay” Xie Jiling scoffed.


Of course, well pay.” He Qingyang pinched Yang Lins arm, hinting for her to stop talking.

He didnt want any bad luck.

He had seen with his own eyes how that vengeful spirit had rebounded after jumping out from the bedroom on the second floor.

“We believe you.” He Qingyang said.

“You dont have to worry about me lying to you,” Xie Jiling said, “You will sense it after you go back inside the villa.”

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