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Chapter 3359: Her First Price Was Five MillionTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The “master” then felt more at ease.”

Yang Lins eyes flitted to the side.

Regardless, she wouldnt lose anything if Xie Jiling also went inside.

As such, she stopped talking.

The “master” thought about it and said to Xie Jiling, “You can come along, but dont cause trouble when I am doing things.

Just behave yourself.

Dont create more mess for me.”

“If you are in danger, I wont help you,” the “master” said.

“I know.” Xie Jiling agreed in a soft tone.

Yang Lin said impatiently, “Master, please go inside and take a look at it.”

“Lets go,” the “master” said.

Yang Lin then held He Qingyangs arm, and both of them opened the door, stepping into the house with the “master.”

The new helper they hired asked to take the day off as she didnt dare to stay in the house anymore.

And so, there was no one in the house.

When they all stepped into the house, Xie Jiling immediately felt a gust of eerie wind.

The “master” couldnt help but shiver as well.

The entire villa was cold and eerie.

Even laymen could sense that something was wrong with this place.

Xie Jiling lowered her head and looked at the compass on her palm.

The needle on the compass was spinning crazily.

The electromagnetic field in every corner of this house was caused by the ghost.

This was the first time the “master” had ever seen a place with such eeriness.

As such, he couldnt help but feel slightly dumbfounded.

This had never happened before when he was catching ghosts.

Although it wasnt noon, it was still 2 pm, and the sun was warm enough.

Although it was winter, the sun was shining very brightly.

Even with the gust of wind blowing, it was very bright outside.

Yet, the inside of the house was like another world.

The “master” hesitated and no longer dared to advance any further.

Although this “master” was incapable, he could sense that this eeriness would increase as you advanced further into the house.

The “master” felt his knees go weak.

He Qingyang, who was behind him, was shivering as he reminded, “Master”

The “master” could only force himself to continue walking inside.

Xie Jiling didnt follow them.

She changed her direction.

When she changed her direction, the speed at which the needle on the compass spun changed as well.

The “master” swallowed nervously and didnt dare to make another step forward.

He admitted that he was scared.

Could he still say no to this job

At this moment, the “master” couldnt bother with Xie Jiling.

He did not even realize that Xie Jiling had gone to the living room downstairs.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin had been focusing on the “master” since the beginning.

But when they saw that the “master” stopped moving, both of them felt their hearts racing.

They were hoping that this “master” would not be like the other unreliable ones.

But then, the two noticed that Xie Jiling was different.

Xie Jiling wasnt scared like them.

Xie Jiling seemed to be unaffected by this eeriness.

She was holding the compass and was moving around the living room.

She had checked every corner.

The two didnt dare to yell at her.

Considering Xie Jilings courage, what if she was actually capable

They thought about what Xie Jiling said earlier.

The two then had a little more faith in Xie Jiling.

This was their last resort.

Of course, most importantly, the two were so scared that they could no longer talk.

Xie Jiling took the compass and checked everywhere downstairs.

She then went back to where Yang Lin and He Qingyang were.

“The eeriness downstairs are traces left by the vengeful ghost when it flew past that area.

The eeriness feels the strongest upstairs.”

Xie Jiling then asked He Qingyang and Yang Lin, “Is your bedroom upstairs”

The two quickly nodded.

Xie Jiling didnt bother with that “master.” She took the compass and went upstairs.

He Qingyang and Yang Lin didnt dare to stay with this unreliable “master.”

Although it was more dangerous upstairs, they thought it would be safer to be with Xie Jiling.

And so, the two followed Xie Jiling upstairs.

The “master” was left alone, and he didnt dare to stay downstairs as well.

So, he hastily followed behind them.

Xie Jiling walked in front and found the bedroom without anyones help.

As expected, the eeriness was the worst in this place.

Xie Jiling turned and said, “I can deal with it, but I have to wait for it to come out at night.

Do you trust me”

At this moment, they saw Xie Jiling carrying herself with such confidence.

She didnt seem scared at all.

She didnt seem like those scammers.

The one who stuck the talisman and sprinkled water in the house left so quickly.

Initially, they thought that the scammer just wanted to escape.

However, they finally realized that the scammer quickly left out of fright.

The one who had been doing spells was the worst.

He didnt even dare to step into the house.

He must have sensed that something was wrong and started doing spells outside of the house.

And the “master” this time didnt seem reliable as well.

And so, when they heard Xie Jiling speak, He Qingyang nodded and said, “Can you actually deal with it You have to help us.”

“Dont call it help,” Xie Jiling said, “I am not helping for free.”

“As long as you can eliminate it, we will pay you.” He Qingyang said quickly.

They could afford it.

“Five million.” Xie Jiling stretched her hand out.

Of course, Xie Jiling wouldnt need to go through a lot of trouble to deal with a vengeful ghost at this level.

She didnt actually have to ask for so much.

Of course, her price depended on her mood.

If it were a rich person, she would ask for more.

She would ask for less money if it was an ordinary person.

Anyway, this price was always acceptable.

There was no actual conflict between the He Family and Lu Man.

He Zhengbai, the one who had a conflict with Lu Man, had already passed away.

Therefore, Xie Jiling didnt ask for ten million.

She just asked for five million.

He Qingyang froze.

He didnt expect the price to be this expensive.

He had spent 600,000 on that “master.”

He thought that the price of service in this line of work was rather high.

But he didnt expect this line of work to earn so much profit.

He didnt expect a little girl to ask for five million.

This was beyond his prediction.

When Xie Jiling saw that He Qingyang didnt answer, Xie Jiling said coldly, “You can also rely on the “master.” You have already paid for his service.

Obviously, you cant waste it, right”

The “master” didnt dare to stay downstairs and hurriedly followed upstairs.

When he came upstairs, he heard what Xie Jiling said.

The “master” felt speechless.

He thought he was asking too much when he priced his service at 600,000.

But this young girl was even greedier.

Her first price was five million.

Her ability had surpassed his ability!

However, the young girl had actually used him as a negative example.

When He Qingyang heard what Xie Jiling said, he looked back at the “master.”

He saw that the “master” had already forgotten to show the attitude of a superior person.

Immediately, he no longer had any hope in this “master.”

He then said to Xie Jiling, “Alright.

Five million then!”

Xie Jiling handed them a contract and said, “Sign it.”

He Qingyang felt speechless.

“You take contracts with you anywhere you go” He Qingyang asked.

“Of course, you never know when you might encounter an emergency.

So, I bring one with me anywhere I go,” Xie Jiling explained, “Look.

Isnt it useful now”

He Qingyang was speechless.

Yang Lin also didnt know what to say.

“It will come out at night, so theres no rush.

You have a lot of time to read the contract and sign it afterward

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