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Chapter 3358: Dont Act Like You Are Very CapableTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Obviously, he didnt expect Xie Jiling to recognize that.

Xie Jiling knew that he had done that intentionally.

He had blocked someones path to reincarnation.

“You did it intentionally.” Xie Jiling said coldly, “You thought that would increase the number of ghosts you have banished and use it as leverage for getting customers.

But you dont have the ability to banish a ghost.

You can only banish souls.”

“You have no idea that what you have done ruins your merit in life.

When you die, your merit will drop below negative, and you will go to hell,” Xie Jiling said coldly.

“The things you have done have damaged your luck.

Whenever you do something like this, you are reducing your luck.

When your luck is reduced to zero, even ordinary ghosts can take your life.”

However, if that ghost were to take your life, that innocent ghost would then have blood on its hand.

It would be tainted with vengeance and become a vengeful spirit.

And if that innocent ghost went to hell, it would suffer even more.

Initially, the innocent ghost could follow normal procedures and leave for the underworld to wait for its reincarnation.

However, because of the “master,” it would have to suffer first.

Even if it were to reincarnate, it would not reincarnate into anything good.

Was this fair to the ghost

Because of scumbags like this “master,” many innocent souls were harmed.

“You are not capable of banishing ghosts.

However, because you studied the art of taoism, you would have a protective layer of Qi around your body.

Even if you were to face this vengeful spirit, you will not receive any physical harm despite your inability to banish her.”

“However, you have exhausted a lot of your Qi, and you barely have any left.

Even with the Qi you have left now, you will not be able to protect yourself against that vengeful spirit.”

“Therefore, I ask that you leave immediately if you wish to live,” Xie Jiling said.

She had done all she could for this “master.”

Even if this “master” had done such bad things, she still wanted to save his life.

But even if he lived to see another day, Xie Jiling had no intention of letting him harm any more innocent ghosts.

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But then, this “master” was actually unappreciative.

He became really hostile and started scolding Xie Jiling.

“Nonsense! You are a little girl spurting lies! Are you not ashamed of what you just said!”

The “master” appeared really angry, but because of what Xie Jiling said, he felt like escaping.

It might have been because, despite Xie Jilings young appearance, she was speaking with such confidence.

In addition, she was right about so many things.

For some reason, this “master” didnt dare to look down on Xie Jiling.

The “master” turned and roared at He Qingyang and Yang Lin, “Did you hire this little girl If you didnt trust me, why would you bother seeking my help”

“Even if you dont trust me and you intend to hire someone else to help, you didnt have to hire such a young girl!” The “master” said angrily, “Are you trying to humiliate me”

“Since you cant trust me, then you can let her handle it.

I do want to see how she can solve this for you.”

With a wave of his sleeve, the “master” shouted, “Whatever happens today is out of my jurisdiction!”

With this, he was going to leave as soon as possible.

But then, He Qingyang and Yang Lin didnt understand that the “master” was trying to do something good.

The two grabbed the “master” by his arm.

Yang Lin started begging.

“Master, you cant leave! We didnt hire this little girl! We dont even know her.

We dont know why she appeared outside our house.”

He Qingyang hastily said, “Yes.

Master, ignore her.

Dont worry.

We wont let her get in your way.

You cant leave us be!”

Yang Lin turned around and started scolding Xie Jiling.

“You are such a funny little girl.

We never asked you to help.

Why are you causing trouble for us here Even if you are interested in this, you should learn from a teacher.

Dont act like you are very capable.”

“This is not a joke,” Yang Lin said angrily.

In Yang Lins opinion, Xie Jiling was just messing with them.

They finally found a master that looked very capable.

Yang Lin thought that the issue would definitely be resolved this time.

She would never allow this girl who came out of nowhere to mess things up!

The “master” showed an awkward expression.

He wanted to leave, but these two refused to let him go.

But they had already paid him, so he couldnt actually leave.

And this “master” was hoping that the Goddess of luck would be on his side.

He had seen so many disasters.

Should he take a little girls nonsense seriously

He had been doing this for a long time, and he had never screwed up.

He had never seen the kind of vengeful ghost that Xie Jiling had mentioned.

This little girl had to be exaggerating to scare people!

He was already so old and had done this work for so many years now, yet he had never encountered one.

Yet, this young girl had encountered one

Immediately, the “master” no longer felt scared.

He immediately thought that the young girl said that because she just wanted to scare him away and steal his clients.

“If you didnt hire her, then its fine.,” the “master” said, “Its the afternoon, and the sun is still really bright.

The vengeful spirit wont come out.

Let me check your house first and set up a spell formation.”

Hearing this, He Qingyang and Yang Lin immediately felt confident.

This “master” was clearly very professional.

The liars that they hired previously came by only to stick a talisman and sprinkle some water.

Some would set up a table for doing spells and make lots of noise.

Nevertheless, it was useless.

They were even mocked by their neighbors.

Yang Lin let out a sigh of relief when she saw how reliable this “master” was.

She was hoping that he could banish that thing and restore their peaceful life.

As for the little girl who was clearly a scammer, Yang Lin promised that she would do everything to stop this girl from causing trouble.

But then, at this moment, Xie Jiling asked, “Can I go inside to check things out as well”

“Why are you causing trouble for us again!” He Qingyang berated angrily.

“Just allow me to learn.

I wont take any money.

Ill look,” Xie Jiling said, “I might not be skillful enough, but I do have a teacher.

I am sure I can help in some way, right”

“In addition, an extra person means extra help.

I am not asking you to pay me.

You are getting two helpers when you are paying for one,” Xie Jiling said, “In addition, even if something happens to me, you will not be held accountable.”

If it werent because Xie Jiling was certain that this vengeful spirit was harmful to Lu Man, Xie Jiling wouldnt have bothered.

Her service was usually very expensive!

Only people like He Qingyang and Yang Lin would doubt her abilities.

However, she was too lazy to explain.

The “master” thought that Xie Jiling was exaggerating and trying to scare him.

However, he realized that it would be better if Xie Jiling accompanied him as he could use her as a scapegoat if something bad were to happen.

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