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Chapter 3349: Carrying this Burden By YourselfTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

She carried Wang Yijun and placed him on the baby chair.

She then placed the milk he was still drinking on the table of the baby chair.

Xia Qingwei then pushed him to the dining room to wrap dumplings with everyone.

Lu Man was only in charge of wrapping the dumplings.

Grandma had said that she could wrap the dumplings in any way she wanted for fun.

And so, Lu Man basically set herself free.

She wrapped anything she thought was interesting.

She would search in the snack cabinet.

She found spicy strips, beef jerky, and cheese.

She saw some cucumbers in a bowl that would probably be used for dinner.

Lu Man took one cucumber.

When everyone saw these things, they were shocked.

“What are you trying to do” Xia Qingwei asked as the corner of her mouth twitched.

“We will see whos the lucky one that will get to eat the dumplings I wrapped.

When the dumplings are cooked, you wont be able to tell the difference unless they look unique.

Therefore, we will differentiate them based on the fillings.

If you get dumplings with these fillings, you will know that I wrapped them.”

Xia Qingwei smiled and said, “If youre done wrapping, we will put the ones you wrapped on the side and cook them separately and give them all to Zhuoli.”

They are dumplings wrapped by his wife so he should finish them even if he was crying while doing it.

Even if Han Zhuoli was the only victim, Lu Man still felt happy about it.

She was really looking forward to how Han Zhuoli would react if he ate these dumplings.

Lin Liye said, “I think it would be better to draw lots and see whos the unlucky one.


Lu Man wasnt angry at that comment at all.

These dumplings did look like they would taste bad.

Fortunately, the others wrapped dumplings with normal fillings.

Lu Man was wrapping different combinations of cucumber, cheese, potato, beef jerky, and spicy strips in her dumplings.

Wang Yijun saw the soft dough on the side and thought it was really fun.

He stretched his hand out and wanted to play with it as well.

But Xia Qingwei said, “You cant play with this.

This is food.

You cannot play with food.”

Wang Yijun understood and obediently retracted his hand.

Shen Nuo was rolling the dumpling skin and said, “Yijun is such a good boy!”

Xia Qingwei nodded thankfully as she responded, “Although he can be quite naughty, he is very obedient.

If you reason with him and tell him its not a good thing to do, he will remember it.”

“You taught him well.” Lin Liye, feeling envious.

Tiny Yijun seemed to know that he had just been praised.

He lifted his little face up proudly and leaned toward Xia Qingwei, appearing to be asking for a kiss.

Seeing little Yijun turning his face toward her, Xia Qingwei lowered his head and leaned over, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Yijun is awesome.”

The men did their job really efficiently.

They quickly decorated every area from the door to the gate.

Han Zhuoli came back and saw that Lu Man wasnt in the living room.

He then came to the restaurant.

He saw that the filling that Lu Man was using appeared different from the others.

When he looked carefully at it again…

Han Zhuoli asked abruptly, “What is this **”

Shen Nuo smiled and said, “Man Man was just wrapping these for fun.

We will see who gets these tonight.”

Han Zhuolis face turned green as he said, “Dont wrap so many of them.”

“Dont worry.

I am only wrapping a few dumplings,” said Lu Man.

“Theres already a huge plate of dumplings you wrapped yourself and you call that a few” Han Zhuoli couldnt allow Lu Man to continue causing a disaster.

He quickly pulled Lu Man up.

“Im back.

Stop being busy.

Chat with me for a while,” Han Zhuoli said and took Lu Man to wash her hands.

Grandma and the others finally felt relieved.

If they were unlucky, they would have to eat these dumplings tonight.

They didnt want it.

Han Zhuoling watched as Lu Man was dragged away by Han Zhuoli.

He felt really lonely and he wanted to drag Shi Xiaoya away as well.

But Shi Xiaoya refused.

How could she rest when everyone was busy

That wouldnt be good.

She wasnt pregnant like Lu Man or in an inconvenient position.

Lin Liye smiled and said, “Just go wash your hand and leave with him.

Otherwise, are you going to let him watch Zhuoli and Man Man being all lovey-dovey Go keep him accompany.”

It was just wrapping dumplings.

And there were enough people as well.

Shi Xiaoya wouldnt be missed.

Instead of making the daughters-in-law work, she would rather let Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuoling spend more time together to build their relationship.

Since Lu Man was pregnant, she had been hoping as well.

She wanted to be a grandma!


Just leave with Zhuoling,” Grandma said, “There are so many people here.

Do you think we need you”

As a result, Shi Xiaoya was successfully dragged away by Han Zhuoling.

When Shi Xiaoya washed her hands and went back to the living room, she saw Han Zhuoli and Lu Man sitting in the living room.

They were waiting for Han Zhuoling to take Shi Xiaoya to the living room.

The two brothers exchanged glances.

Lu Man and Shi Xiaoya immediately knew that the two had intentionally dragged them here because they had something to say.

Both of them also thought that there was no way these two men couldnt stay by themselves for a little while.

Initially, Shi Xiaoya and Lu Man thought the two men had something to say to both of them or to just one of them.

But then, Han Zhuoling said to Han Zhuofeng, “What are you busy doing recently”

“Ah” Han Zhuofeng shook his head, pretending to be clueless.

“Dont play dumb.

I heard you even took all your money out,” Han Zhuoli said, “You are even selling your car.”

“Just when did a member of our family ever sell their car to get cash” Han Zhuoli asked.

Cars were different from houses.

Cars were bought at a more expensive price and their value would drop upon being sold.

If you were reselling to buy a new car, that would be normal.

But if it was to get cash…

That would be taking a loss.

If they didnt actually need money and werent desperate, why would they sell their car

So, did Han Zhuofeng really have to do that

Han Zhuoling and Han Zhuoli were very curious about what Han Zhuofeng had been doing recently that he had to do such a desperate move.

Initially, the two were worried that Han Zhuofeng had become an addict.

They thought that Han Zhuofeng was worried about the family finding out about it and had no choice but to secretly sell his car.

If he was truly addicted to something, it would be hard to get out of that addiction.

Han Zhuofeng was young, so he would definitely be more adventurous.

He may have the urge to try new things because he had never experienced them before.

In addition, he was probably confident.

He may have thought that he would be able to endure it without getting trapped.

But he would overestimate his willpower.

In the end, he sunk deeper and deeper into the quagmire.

And so, the two quickly started investigating.

Fortunately, they realized that Han Zhuofeng was not addicted to anything.

But they were surprised that Han Zhuofeng was actually preparing to film a movie.

He invested a lot of money and even sold his car to make this movie.

“You all… you all knew about it Han Zhuofeng said.

Han Zhuoling said, “Why cant you tell us about this Why are you carrying this burden by yourself”

“If you wanted to be a director and you wanted to film a movie, the family will support you.

Why didnt you tell us you needed money” Han Zhuoli asked.

Han Zhuofeng responded, “Because this is a bottomless hole.”

“I have my eye on a script.

Its a sci-fi theme script titled Dimensions.

The main character travels to different dimensions.

How should I describe this story Its rather intellectually stimulating.

If it is actually filmed properly, it should be considered the first actual sci-fi movie directed and filmed by us.”

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