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Chapter 3348: Be Able to Handle a Fight

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This holiday should be for the gathering of the family and extended family, but many people would instead travel around with their own little family.

They would travel south and go to the beach.

However, it may have been because Lu Man hadnt had much chance to do this when she was still young, but she loved going to the family house, her in-laws place, and her parents house.

She always looked forward to the Spring Festival when the entire family would gather together, and the place would be bustling with noise.

Lu Man wasnt pregnant back then.

She had an athletic physique and could help stick the Spring Festival couplets.

She couldnt do it this year.

She could only sit still and help with wrapping the dumplings.

Because Grandma thought that Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuais family of three would be too lonely celebrating the new year by themselves…

She insisted that Xia Qingwei and her family should come to the family home to celebrate the new year together.

Everyone was part of this family.

It didnt matter if they were in-laws.

Initially, Xia Qingwei didnt want to go.

She thought it wouldnt be appropriate for them to go to the Han Familys reunion dinner.

In addition, Lu Man was the daughter-in-law of the Han Family.

This meant that she was considered a member of the Han Family.

There was nothing wrong with her being with her family.

Xia Qingwei was worried that some people might feel uncomfortable if she was there.

But at the same time, she was worried about Lu Mans big belly.

However, even if she was so worried, she couldnt disturb the family.

So, when Grandma suggested that Xia Qingwei and her family should join the family dinner…

Xia Qingwei didnt try to be courteous.

She immediately said yes.

Xia Qingwei and Wang Juhuai came very early that day.

She brought along Wang Yijun, who was wearing fully red and with a very festive look.

Wang Yijun was wearing a hat that covered the ears and had strings on both sides.

Wang Yijun was able to walk by himself now.

Wearing the red down and feather jacket, he looked like a penguin as he waddled into the family home.

Han Zhuoling had no kids just yet.

Han Zhuolis babies were still in Lu Mans belly.

As for Han Zhuofeng, he didnt even have a girlfriend.

So, none of the members of their generation had kids.

However, Wang Yijuns presence added this lively and youthful vibe to the family house.

Since Wang Yijun was born, he had always been very daring and very energetic.

As he grew older, he became more and more energetic.

In Xia Qingweis words, he was a tad bit too energetic.

Before Wang Yijun even entered the house, Grandma could already hear his squeaky voice calling out, “Grandpa! Grandma!”

When Grandma heard his squeaky voice, she felt really happy.

She thought that the house had become livelier with Wang Yijun here.

In addition, Wang Yijun was waddling back and forth as he stepped into the house.

He looked really festive and likable.

Grandma was very careful as well.

She had already thought about how Wang Yijun wouldnt be able to eat anything since he was still really young.

She didnt prepare any sweets.

She only prepared milk, yogurt, probiotic drinks, and fruits.

There were fresh fruits broken down into a puree as well.

He could pick anything he wanted to eat.

Wang Yijun stepped through the door and immediately fell after walking a few steps.

Wang Juhuai and Xia Qingwei followed behind him.

They saw him fall but they didnt help him up.

They were obviously used to this.

Wang Yijun had long gotten used to it.

For now, he was still stumbling and would often trip and fall.

However, because he was small and short, it didnt really hurt even if he fell.

In addition, he had already gotten used to falling.

Wang Yijun didnt even react to it.

He crawled on the ground for a while as if nothing had happened before he finally stood up.

Wang Juhuai then explained to the grandparents, “Hes a boy.

I cant allow him to be too pampered.

If he starts tripping and falling while hes young, he will become stronger.

In the future, he will be able to handle a fight.”

Grandma thought this made sense.

In addition, the house was covered with thick carpets.

Even if Wang Yijun fell, he wouldnt get hurt.

In addition, to prepare for Lu Mans babies…

Although the expected date of birth was still far into the future…

Grandma had already hired someone to cover up the edges of the furniture.

In the future, the two, whom Lu Man had described as very naughty in her womb, would be able to crawl everywhere.

And so, even if Wang Yijun was here, it wouldnt be an issue for him to crawl around.

Wang Yijun also thought that the carpet was very soft and comfortable.

Even if he tripped and fell, it would be fun for him.

And so, he started walking in an even more abnormal manner.

He would take two steps forward and intentionally fall.

Whenever he fell, he would turn and look at his parents and grin widely at them.

“Older Sister” Wang Yijun sat on the floor and searched around, but he didnt see Lu Man at all.

With a puzzled expression, he looked at Xia Qingwei.

Before they got here, Xia Qingwei told him that they were here to see Lu Man.

Xia Qingwei then explained, “Your elder sister is not here yet.

Just have fun and wait for her here.

Wang Yijun nodded and stopped searching.

He stood up and waddled to the coffee table.

The others were much taller than the coffee table, so they all saw the cup of milk on the coffee table.

“Mooo—” Wang Yijun mimicked the sound of a cow, trying to say that he wanted to drink some milk.

Seeing this, Grandma was extremely delighted.

She quickly placed a straw and gave him the cup.

Wang Yijun was very experienced.

He held the milk and started drinking.

Xia Qingwei smiled as she stared at her child behaving like a family member.

Soon, the couple Han Xijin and Han Dongping arrived.

Old Mrs.

Han allowed Auntie Sun and Butler Wang to take days off so that they could go back and gather with their family members.

As such, they had to clean the house, stick the Spring Festival couplets, cut the papers, and wrap the dumplings themselves.

Thankfully, despite the fact that they all had maids taking care of their homes, Lin Liye and the others…

If they needed to, they were still capable of doing all these chores.

In the past, before they had gotten married, the precious daughters of the noble families usually had to specially learn culinary skills.

They werent asked to cook every day, but they were asked to have the ability to at least present something when needed.

Of course, this learning of culinary skills was no longer prevalent in this current era.

Everyone first chatted with each other.

They chatted until Han Zhuoling and his wife, Han Zhuoli, and his wife, as well as Han Zhuofeng, arrived.

They then had lunch together.

When afternoon arrived, Grandma made all the boys decorate the family home.

They had to stick the Spring Festival Couplets and hang the lanterns.

They were decorating the family home, creating a festive atmosphere.

The women all went to wrap dumplings.

Lu Man was going to do it as well, but Grandma and the others wouldnt allow her to do so.

Lu Man had no choice but to say, “But I am suffering because I feel so bored.

Im not someone who cant do anything, I can still move properly.”

They still wouldnt allow her.

Then, Lu Man used her trump card.

“Do you want me to sit beside Yijun”

Immediately, everyone felt worried.

Wang Yijun was so naughty and you never knew what might happen when kids were being naughty.

They definitely couldnt be in the same area by themselves.

“I brought a baby chair here.

Its in the boot.

I will bring it over here.

Yijun can sit in the chair and wrap dumplings with you guys.

He can just have fun at the side,” Wang Juhuai said.

“Okay.” Lu Man being alone with Wang Yijun made Xia Qingwei worried as well.

Wang Juhuai quickly left to take the chair.

He soon came into the house with the baby chair.

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