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“Anyway, just live your life like an honest man now and be low-key.

The Han Corporation doesnt want to assign you jobs, so think of ways yourself to maintain your current fans.

If you have the ability to pay the penalty for breaching the contract, or if you can make someone pay it for you, you can go and break the contract straight away and then properly advance.

But if you cant, then wait until your contract ends, and at that time, you will still have the possibility to progress further in your acting.

However, if you provoke Lu Man again, not only will your contract be over, but Han Zhuoli will also make it such that you will have to leave the entertainment circle forever!” Wang Lu warned him.

Displeased, Yu Xingzhou unhappily twitched his lips.

“Brother Wang, youre too nervous, although its true that Lu Man is together with Han Zhuoli now, who knows how serious their relationship is To speak the truth, based on what you said, that day, Vice President Yu made Lu Man look bad, and no matter what, Lu Man is Han Zhuolis woman, so Han Zhuoli probably lost face, and thus protecting her for a bit is normal.

But after such a long time, he still refuses to publicly acknowledge his relationship with Lu Man, that definitely means that he doesnt care that much about her and does not think of making it official.”

Wang Lu hesitated for a while as he felt that what Yu Xingzhou said really had some logic.

“But despite that, you also have to be less scheming.

Even if they have yet to make it official, as long as Han Zhouli is romantically involved with Lu Man, if you dare to touch Lu Man, it equals to you not giving Han Zhuoli any face.

For his reputation, he would not let you off so easily.”

“I just wont let him know and itll be fine right” Yu Xingzhou chuckled.

“These days, its not easy to check or track the things on the Internet.

Right now, Lu Man is already getting bad-mouthed, and if I blend in, whats wrong with that Furthermore, the fans actions have nothing to do with me, they cannot pin the blame on me.”

After saying that, Yu Xingzhou came online on his fan group.

This fan group was also chosen carefully; it was the head of his fan club who had built this group and consisted only of his hardcore die-hard fans.

“Its Zhou Zhou!” The fans who were online became crazy and started spamming upon seeing Yu Xingzhou appear.

The admin switched on the voice chat mode of the group, and the settings changed so that only Yu Xingzhou could talk, but the rest of the people could send messages.

“Im sorry, its been a long while since I could come here to chat,” Yu Xingzhous face was full of sincerity.

Earlier, although the web drama was very popular, there were still quite a few people who criticized him saying that he could not act.

But if these people could see Yu Xingzhou at this moment, they would definitely not say that his acting ability still lacked.

“Originally, I was planning on chatting with everyone today, but we met with some kind of unexpected situation and I was not able to greet you all, Im so sorry.” Yu Xingzhou apologized acting all sincere.

“No, no, its not Zhuo Zhuos fault, its that Lu Mans fault, shes ignorant.”

“Yes, its all Lu Man messing with us, otherwise, we could have talked more with Zhuo Zhuo!”

“I just saw the promotion on Weibo, Lu Man is actually acting in Greedy Wolf Operation. ”

“Thats not possible, thats a work of a big director, what right does she have to act in it”

“Its her, look, people in the comments have said so too.”

“F*ck! With her in it, I wont watch the movie at all!”

“Cmon people, lets start a movement, we all will boycott Greedy Wolf Operation unless they delete all of Lu Mans parts!”

Satisfied with the outcome, Yu Xingzhou left the group chat.

Meanwhile, Yu Xingzhous fans had already started a new topic on Weibo, Delete Lu Mans parts, otherwise, well boycott Greedy Wolf Operation .

They even beautified the actions of Yu Xingzhou at the entrance of Han Corporation that day and made Lu Mans actions seem ugly.

Saying that she was an evil woman who lacked manners and bullied Yu Xingzhous fans.


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