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Han Zhuofeng said in a dull tone, “You have seen the number of girls who left out of anger because of Elder Brother Xiao Cai.

He was supposed to be single for the rest of his life, but he met his fated one, didnt he”

Old Mrs.

Han felt unfortunate as she patted herself on the leg before saying, “Why didnt he drive Zhiqing away”

“Tell me.

The two didnt even like each other previously.

How did they suddenly start dating” Old Mrs.

Han immediately started glaring at Han Zhuofeng again.

“You were friends with Zhiqing when they werent friends.

But you still didnt make it happen!”

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


Fortunately, Old Mrs.

Han redirected her attacks on Han Zhuoling.

“You too! You visit the set every day.

Why didnt you help Zhuofeng”

“It was because he was incapable.

No matter how much I can help, there is a limit to what I can do since I am not him.” Without any hesitation, Han Zhuoling threw the blame on Han Zhuofeng.

Han Zhuofeng was speechless.


He was truly his brother whom he was related to by blood!

His brother, whom he was related to by blood, had always been blaming him all the time!

“Didnt I ask you to pay attention to any cute girls Whats the progress on that” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Han Zhuoling immediately wrapped his arms around Shi Xiaoya and said in a righteous tone, “Grandma, you cant do that! I am a married man! How can I pay attention to other cute girls That is inappropriate!”

Old Mrs.

Han felt speechless.

There was nothing wrong with what he said.

“In addition, who can be cuter than Xiaoya I think Xiaoya is the cutest.

I cant look at anyone else,” Han Zhuoling said.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt stop laughing.

This man was getting better and better at sweet talking.

But she loved it, so there were no issues.

“I wasnt asking for someone as cute as Xiaoya.” Old Mrs.

Han also agreed that her eldest granddaughter-in-law was very cute.

After all, this was the girl who had saved her eldest grandson, helping him get out of that single life!

“The cuteness can be a level lower,” OId Mrs.

Han said.


I cant stand looking at other women.” Han Zhuoling directly rejected in a righteous manner.

Old Mrs.

Han didnt know what to say.

He made it sound as though she was forcing him to find another girl for himself!

Of course, Old Mrs.

Han was happy that her grandson was very loyal.

She couldnt force him, could she

And so, Old Mrs.

Han turned her gaze back to Han Zhuoli.

Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng had returned from the set.

Han Zhuoling had also moved back home from the set.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli and Lu Man both came to the family home to welcome them back.

At this moment, they saw Old Mrs.

Han looking over at them.

Before Old Mrs.

Han could say anything, Han Zhuoli immediately said, “Grandma, Im busy taking care of Man Man.

I cant be distracted!”

Han Zhuoli said as he placed his hand on Lu Mans belly.

“Look at how round Man Mans pregnant belly is!”

Old Mrs.

Han felt speechless.

“We checked at the hospital.

Its a twin with opposite genders, not the same,” Han Zhuoli said excitedly.

Han Zhuoling and the others had no idea about this.

They had been on set and werent able to get a timely update on the things happening at home.

And when they heard what Han Zhuoli, they were surprised and happy.

Old Mrs.

Han had already found out about this, but she never told them because she wanted to surprise them.

“Sister-in-law, you are amazing!” Han Zhuofeng gestured a thumbs-up.

“Man Man, how are you feeling” Shi Xiaoya asked.

After all, she was pregnant with two!

Shi Xiaoya did not have much experience.

However, she had seen how tiring it was to be pregnant with one kid, not to mention pregnancy with two babies.

“I dont know how it feels to be pregnant with one.

But my belly is bigger and heavier.

My belly is so big now, so my back aches whenever I start walking,” Lu Man said, “I am just hoping to get these two babies out of my stomach so I can be relieved of this weight.”

Lu Man only had a big tummy.

She still had thin limbs.

Even her face wasnt swollen.

Aside from her tummy, she still looked the same as before she had gotten pregnant.

Because of that, her tummy seemed even bigger.

From other peoples point of view, Lu Man appeared as though she would fall at any time.

They were worried for her.

“The expected date of delivery is in three months, right” Shi Xiaoya asked.


The expected date is in April.” Lu Man nodded and said, “To be honest, I feel scared even now.

I heard that childbirth is really painful.”

“It should be better if you go to Chu Tian Hospital,” Old Mrs.

Han said, “There arent enough beds at the public hospital and there are a lot of people.

Childbirth there will be like a battle.

We know people at Chu Tian Hospital.

Dont they allow painless childbirth nowadays Although it might not actually be painless, it will be much better.

If not, we can always just do a C-section.”

The only downside of a C-section birth was that the recovery would take much longer.

“We will see what the doctor says later on,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

“Thankfully, Spring starts by the beginning of April.

Its neither too cold nor too hot.

You wont suffer,” Old Mrs.

Han said.

Lu Man nodded and said, “In addition, its not during our new year celebration.

When my mom was pregnant, the expected date of birth was during the Chinese New Year.

She couldnt even enjoy her new year dinner because she was worried that the baby would come out at any time.”

After all, the child wouldnt discuss with you before popping out of your belly.

After talking for a while, they all went back home.

Han Zhuoli and Lu Man had just parked the car outside their house.

The two had just stepped into the house when Lu Man suddenly supported herself with one hand on the wall of the corridor while lifting her belly up with the other hand.

“Whats wrong” Han Zhuoli quickly held Lu Man up as he asked, “Are they kicking you”

The two were moving like crazy.

Ever since they started moving, they would surprise Lu Man with their sudden kicks.

And so, Han Zhuoli had a lot of experience.

Lu Man took a couple of deep breaths and finally felt better.

She exhaled deeply one last time before she turned around.

She said to Han Zhuoli in a weak tone, “I think the two kids are fighting inside my stomach.”

While the babies had temporarily declared a truce, Han Zhuoli quickly supported Lu Man to sit in the living room.

He placed his hand on Lu Mans belly.

He was just about to say that the two kids have stopped messing around.

But when he placed his hand on Lu Mans belly, he immediately felt the kids moving around.

He felt them kicking his palm.

Han Zhuolis face immediately darkened.

He scolded, “You two better calm down inside! Mommy is already really tired of you two kicking her! And you even have the audacity to fight inside her tummy”

Even before the babies were born and before Han Zhuoli even saw them, he had already presented himself as an authoritative father.

It might have been because of Han Zhuolis scolding.

But the babies inside Lu Mans belly really stopped kicking.

Han Zhuoli then said, “If you two keep on doing this, I will teach you two a lesson when you come out!”

The twins were a girl and a boy.

They werent pregnant with two boys.

So, why was their daughter so naughty as well

They waited for a while but sensed no more movements in Lu Mans belly.

Lu Man was shocked as she asked, “Can they actually hear and understand you”

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