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This showed that the Yan Family valued Yan Zhiqing, right

If it was the Wei Family marrying off their daughter, they would be this pretentious as well.

Getting a wife would not be that easy!

And now, Old Mrs.

Wei felt even happier knowing that the Yan Family valued Yan Zhiqing more.



It depends on what the kids want.” Old Mrs.

Wei rubbed her hands and whispered maliciously, “This is a piece of happy news for both our families.

Should we… tell the other friends so that they can all be happy as well”

“It wouldnt be nice for us to just be happy by ourselves, right” Old Mrs.

Wei chuckled as she said.

Old Mrs.

Yan immediately smiled mischievously.

The two then looked at their phones and laughed for a while.

Their husbands were right beside them.

And their husbands found their hair standing on end as they listened to their wives laugh.

Finally, they stopped laughing as Old Mrs.

Yan said, “Should you notify half of them and I notify the other half of the group, or should we separately notify every single one of them”

Even Old Mr.

Yan felt bad for the others.

If they separately notified each of them…

This meant that their friends would receive the same message twice.

It didnt matter if the message was annoying or not.

It was still irritating to listen to the same thing twice.

However, Old Mr.

Yan wouldnt have to deal with this.

But in his opinion, it would be really annoying.

The two grandmas even discussed how they would notify the others and the sequence.

This would prevent them from notifying the same person at the same time and resulting in a busy phone line.

After discussing everything, they hung up the phone.

Old Mr.

Yan then saw Old Mrs.

Yan scrolling the phone contact list.

“Old Mrs.

Weis house… Oh no.

We just called each other,” Old Mrs.

Yan muttered to herself, “Although Wei Zhiqian is still single, Wei Wucai has gotten out of that single life.

We are now in-laws.”

If not, Old Mrs.

Yan would have started annoying Old Mrs.


“Then let me start with the Zhao Family.” Old Mrs.

Yan said to herself.

“Why dont you start with the Qin Family The son of the Qin Family is clearly the one who will remain single for the next billion years,” Old Mr.

Yan asked.

Old Mrs.

Wei could still urge Wei Zhiqian every day.

But the son of the Qin Family was never home…

Old Mrs.

Zhao couldnt even locate him to beat him up.

And since it was obviously impossible to annoy Old Mrs.

Wei, Old Mr.

Yan thought that the Qin Family should be the first to receive this blow.

Why did Old Mrs.

Yan choose the Zhao Family

Old Mrs.

Yan explained, “The Zhao Familys last name starts with Z.

Its easier to find it since its at the end of the list.”

Old Mr.

Yan was speechless.

Alright then.

That was quite smart.

Old Mrs.

Zhao deserved to be first.

So, Old Mrs.

Yan immediately dialed OId Mrs.

Zhaos number.

The pitiful Old Mrs.

Zhao had already discovered the relationship between Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai through the internet.

Initially, during the first week when Old Mrs.

Zhao saw the news, she was waiting for a call from both Old Mrs.

Yan and Old Mrs.


She was ready for the bragging from both grandmas.

But then, she waited for three months and heard nothing from the two.

Old Mrs.

Zhao even wondered if the two had a change of temperament.

Had they decided to be humble

These past three months caused Old Mrs.

Zhao to feel relaxed.

But then, she got a phone call from Old Mrs.

Yan today.

Old Mrs.

Zhaos heart skipped a beat.

Old Mrs.

Yan couldnt possibly have remembered to brag about it when three months had already passed!

Still, she had to answer the phone.

Old Mrs.

Zhao took a deep breath and answered the phone.

“Hello, old friend!” Old Mrs.

Yan greeted warm-heartedly.


You finally remembered to call me after such a long time” Old Mrs.

Zhao asked with a smile.

Old Mrs.

Zhao didnt even dare to ask why Old Mrs.

Yan had called.

Of course, even if Old Mrs.

Zhao didnt ask, it didnt mean that she would be able to escape.

Old Mrs.

Zhao then heard Old Mrs.

Yan laugh out loud.

Clearly, Old Mrs.

Yan sounded very happy as she said, “Its about Xiao Cai and Zhiqing.

They took turns visiting each others families.

Zhiqing came back with Xiao Cai.

And then, Xiao Cai took Zhiqing to visit the Wei Family home.

Their relationship is so good!”

“Sigh!” Old Mrs.

Yan let out a sigh of relief as she said, “I have nothing to worry about now.

I can just focus on playing with my great-grandchildren.

Beicheng has built his family and career.

So I dont have to worry about him.

And now, Zhiqing, who is so young and isnt even old enough for me to worry, has already found Xiao Cai, who is such a good boyfriend.”


Yes!” Old Mrs.

Zhao agreed.

She was truly happy for them.

But as she listened to Old Mrs.

Yans bragging, she became so jealous!

“Oh no! I cant say that I have nothing to worry about.

I still need to prepare Zhiqings dowry.

The Wei Family should be in charge of the wedding, but Zhiqing cant marry without a dowry.” Old Mrs.

Yan said excitedly.

Old Mrs.

Yan immediately realized that she had a lot of things to do.

Her life from now on would become busy and fulfilling.

Old Mrs.

Yan paused for a moment and asked, “By the way, how is Xiao Shen Is he in a relationship”

Old Mrs.

Zhao felt speechless.

“I dont know.

Xiao Shen isnt old.

We are not too worried.” Old Mrs.

Zhao lied.

Only God knew that she was freaking worried!

“You cant say that hes not old.

He will be turning 30 next year.

You have to prepare yourself.

If you wait another two years, you will be worried sick, wont you” Right now, it had become so easy for Old Mrs.

Yan to say these words.

Since her family no longer had any issues in that department.

“…” Old Mrs.

Zhao said in a firm tone, “He hasnt had his birthday yet so hes still not 30.

Xiao Shens birthday is in October.

He will only turn 30 next October.”

Old Mrs.

Yan thought to herself that Old Mrs.

Zhao was clearly deceiving herself.

However, despite the bragging, Old Mrs.

Yan didnt dare to cross the line, so she didnt say what she had in mind.

But Old Mrs.

Zhao exposed herself as she said to Old Mrs.

Yan, “Can you help me keep an eye out for any suitable girls for Xiao Shen”

“Sure.” Old Mrs.

Yan answered without any hesitation.

Married people really loved being matchmakers.

Since the kids had resolved their relationship issue, Old Mrs.

Yan became very enthusiastic about being a matchmaker for the other kids.

“I will tell you right away if I meet a girl who is a good match for him!” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

Old Mrs.

Zhao immediately decided to forgive Old Mrs.

Yans bragging.

Finally, because Old Mrs.

Yan was in a rush to notify the others…

And she was worried that they might all be asleep…

Old Mrs.

Yan quickly hung up.

Old Mrs.

Zhao finally let out a sigh of relief.

But before she even inhaled the air she had just exhaled…

Old Mrs.

Zhao saw that it was a phone call from Old Mrs.


Old Mrs.

Zhao was speechless.

Those two grandmas must have planned this!

As a result, there was no peace for tonight.

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