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“I dont believe it! With me being here, who would dare to cause her any trouble!” Old Mrs.

Yan immediately said in an arrogant manner.

Wei Wucai smiled as he responded, “You dont need to do anything.

Zhao Gushen alone can handle it.”


Are Xiao Shen and her…” Old Mrs.

Yan asked curiously.

“I am not sure.

I couldnt tell.

But since she is Zhao Gushens friend, Zhao Gushen wont just ignore it if something happens to her,” Wei Wucai said.

Old Mrs.

Yan nodded and felt at ease.

She lifted the gift up.

She was in so much joy that her eyes curved up along with her grin.

“This is such a good gift.”

The monetary value of this gift might not be high.

However, the thought that went into preparing this gift was priceless.

“I think its wrong to say that this gift was not just from you.” Old Mrs.

Yan said with a smile, “If it wasnt because you found Xiao Shen and contacted Fei Xiaomo, how would I have been able to receive such a good gift”

“This gift is one of the best gifts I have received so far this year,” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

Old Mrs.

Yan remembered that Yan Beicheng, Lin Chu, and Yan Zhiqing had given her gifts on her birthday.

All those gifts were the best gifts as well!

Old Mrs.

Yan didnt exclude anyone of them.

Wei Wucai finally let out a sigh of relief as he said, “Its great that you like it.”

“Let me try it now.” Old Mrs.

Yan opened the box of snowflake crisps.

The square-shaped snowflake crisps were placed inside the box in a very organized manner.

There were pink, red, green, and white snowflake crisps.

The sight of the arrangement of bright colors was very pleasing and delightful.

Grandma then explained to everyone.

“Fei Xiaomo does not add any artificial coloring.

The pink one is a strawberry.

The red one is cranberry.

The green one is matcha.

The white one is cream flavored.”

“I have seen her tutorial.

Each one of the snowflake crisps is filled with the right type of dried fruits and nuts.

They are really good,” Old Mrs.

Yan said, “Everyone, taste it.

Try one.”

Old Mrs.

Yan chose a matcha-flavored snowflake crisp.

Even though she was old, her teeth could still handle the crispy texture.

The moment she placed it into her mouth, a strong matcha scent pervaded her mouth.

There were pistachio, macadamia nuts, and dried blackcurrants in the fillings.

Fei Xiaomo made the dried blackcurrants herself.

She took into consideration of Old Mrs.

Yans age and made it so that even the dried fruits arent too sweet.

The slight sourness neutralized the unavoidable oily taste of the snowflake crisp.

“How is it” Old Mrs.

Yan asked with anticipation.

It was as though she had made it herself.

Lin Chu exclaimed in surprise, “It tastes so good! I have bought snowflake crisps before.

But they tasted just alright.

They werent really good and they were quite hard.

That was why I never bought any of them for you, but I didnt expect the snowflake crisps made by Fei Xiaomo to be this tasty.

Shes really thoughtful as well.

She made tiny changes with you in consideration.”

When Old Mrs.

Yan heard Fei Xiaomo being complimented, she felt even happier than when she herself was being complimented.

Even Yan Zhiqing suspected that Old Mrs.

Yan wanted Fei Xiaomo to be her granddaughter.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai both tasted it.

The snowflake crisps were very good.

Each and everyone here had tasted a lot of food throughout their life.

It would be a very high evaluation if they rated something as delicious.

Old Mrs.

Yan put the recipe book away and placed the snowflake crisps on the coffee table for people to eat with the tea.

“Zhiqing doesnt make us worry at all,” Old Mrs.

Yan was so happy.

Look at how she found such a good boyfriend at such a young age! There was no need for anyone to get worried about her.

And now, their Zhiqing could basically become another familys example.

So far, grandchildren had resolved the issue of finding someone to get married to for a lifetime!

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had yet to marry.

They were only dating.

But Old Mrs.

Yan wasnt worried about them breaking up at all.

Considering how excellent her granddaughter was, it would be stupid of Wei Wucai to break up with Yan Zhiqing.

It took him so much effort to get Yan Zhiqing to be his girlfriend.

Obviously, he would try to marry her as soon as possible.

She knew that Wei Wucai wasnt a fool.

In addition, Yan Beicheng was Yan Zhiqings protector.

Wei Wucai wouldnt be so daring to do such a thing.

Since he had fallen for the girl of the Yan Family, he should not abandon this relationship halfway.

He had to be faithful from the beginning until the end!

“By the way, Xiao Cai.” Old Mrs.

Yan had been wanting to ask this question.

“You have been working at Mount Lan Compound.

How long is your vacation Are you going back to Mount Lan Compound when the vacation ends How long will you be there”

Old Mrs.

Yan had always been thinking about this.

Wei Wucai worked for Mount Lan Compound, so he definitely would be staying at Mount Lan Compound for a long time.

Yan Zhiqing would be busy with work as well.

Whenever she had to film, she might not be home for two to three months.

But whenever Yan Zhiqing was filming, Wei Wucai would be at Mount Lan Compound.

Whenever Yan Zhiqing was resting, Wei Wucai would still be at Mount Lan Compound.

This would make things a little difficult.

Any relationship would not last long if the couple could barely see each other.

When Grandma Yan asked about this, Yan Zhiqing recalled that fact as well.

Because she had always been with Wei Wucai these past few months, she had forgotten that Wei Wucai would eventually have to return to Mount Lan Compound.

She actually forgot about such an important thing.

Now, she felt reluctant to be away from Wei Wucai, even for a moment.

She couldnt imagine what life would be like if she couldnt see Wei Wucai for a long time when he eventually returned to Mount Lan Compound.

Yan Zhiqing stared at Wei Wucai with gleaming eyes.

She was waiting for her response.

Wei Wucai smiled and said, “I did forget to tell Zhiqing about this.

Thats my fault.

I forgot.”

“Actually, Im going to step down from my position soon,” Wei Wucai explained.

“Eh” Old Mrs.

Yan looked at Wei Wucai with joy and surprise.

“Im already 30.

Im too old to work outside.

Its the reason why I have been training my deputy to take over my position for two years now,” Wei Wucai said.

“This vacation was an opportunity for the deputy to try leading the team.

Although I wont be stepping down from my position in the meantime, I wont reside at Mount Lan Compound like what I have done in the past.”

“The deputy and team members are already capable enough to resolve basic tasks.

I will just go back if they have to deal with something difficult.

Even so, I wont be going back for a long time.

If I miss my buddies at Mount Lan Compound, I can just bring Zhiqing along with me and stay there for a while.”

“You are willing to come and stay with me there, right” Wei Wucai turned and asked Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even expect that Wei Wucai was going to retire soon.

This was a surprise and a piece of happy news for her.

“Actually, Im rarely at home because of my job.

And you still arent retired, right” Yan Zhiqing asked.

The corner of Wei Wucais eye twitched.

Why would she say the word retire

She made it sound as though he was very old.

“You dont have to travel back and forth.

If Mount Lan Compound doesnt mind, I can stay there with you.”

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