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“Of course! Do you really think I can visit without any gifts Didnt I ask what your grandparents liked yesterday” Wei Wucai said, “I was worried that there might not be enough time, so I went out and bought it while you were sleeping yesterday afternoon.”

“I bought fishing rods.

Although your grandpa doesnt need any, its fine to have more of these expendable items,” Wei Wucai said.

The two then arrived at the door.

Yan Zhiqing pressed the doorbell.

Soon, they heard Old Mrs.

Yans voice through the intercom.

“Zhiqing, Xiao Cai, quick come in.

The door is open,” Old Mrs.

Yan said.

The two walked through the gates and through the spacious garden before they finally arrived at the door.

The butler was waiting to invite the two into the house.

“Grandpa! Grandma!” Yan Zhiqing shouted the moment she walked through the door.


Grandma.” Wei Wucai followed along and greeted.

The grandparents had yet to even respond when Yan Beicheng suddenly humphed.

“Elder Brother, why are you here” Yan Zhiqing stared at Yan Beicheng in surprise.

Yan Beicheng was not the only one there.

Lin Chu was there as well.

Their two kids were there as well.

Yan Shiyu, the older brother of the two, was two-years-old, while the little sister Yan Shian was only 6 months old.

At this moment, Yan Shiyu was crawling on the floor and Yan Shian was sleeping in the stroller.

“I havent seen you two since you two officially got together.

You didnt even know to tell me that you are coming to the family home!” Yan Beicheng said angrily.

Thankfully, Old Mrs.

Yan gave him a call and told him that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were coming over.

“My nephew and niece are here as well,” Yan Zhiqing said with joy as she quickly changed the topic.

She was going to meet her grandparents first and find another time to meet with Yan Beicheng and his family.

They should take it slowly!

However, even if she explained, Yan Beicheng would still have things to say.

As a result, Yan Zhiqing simply changed the topic.

Lin Chu walked over and said with a smile, “Since we are here, we might as well bring the two kids over so that grandpa and grandma can see them as well.”

Grandma felt bad for them when they first arrived.

Yan Shian was still a little baby.

Grandma was worried that she might fall sick if she came out of the house on such a cold day.

“Quick! Come and take a seat,” Grandma urged with a smile.

Wei Wucai handed over the long box to Old Mr.

Yan and said, “Grandpa, this is a gift for you.

I heard from Zhiqing that you like to fish so I bought this fishing rod.

I dont know if you like it or not.”

Grandpa Yan didnt try to be courteous.

He directly opened the gift.

“Young fella, you got a good eye!” Old Mr.

Yan was clearly very happy.

“I wanted to buy a fishing rod like this.

I didnt expect you to gift this to me.”

Wei Wucai immediately responded, “I consulted the shop assistant and asked him what kind of fishing rod an experienced fishing enthusiast would buy.”

“And he recommended this to me,” Wei Wucai said with a smile.

When Grandpa Yan heard this, he immediately burst into laughter.”Hahahaha! You got a good eye! You actually know that I am an experienced fishing enthusiast!”

“Of course.

Zhiqing said that you have been fishing for many years.

You wont like those ordinary fishing rods.”

Wei Wucais praises made Grandpa Yan really happy.

Yan Beicheng humphed softly.

He couldnt believe that this dude could be such a bootlicker!

Afterward, Wei Wucai took out a small box.

“Grandma, this is your gift.”

Old Mrs.

Yans hobby actually didnt require any actual items.

Therefore, even Old Mrs.

Yan herself was curious about what Wei Wucai was going to give her if he were to gift her something that matched her hobby.

She opened the box and saw that it was a recipe book and a box of snowflake crisps.

She looked carefully and saw that it was actually the limited edition recipe book and the snowflake crisps made by Fei Xiaomo.

She opened the recipe book and saw that Fei Xiaomo even wrote a personalized gift note on the first page.

I was very surprised to know that you are my fan and I feel overwhelmed and thankful for the love.

Because I dont really know your tastebuds, I made different flavors of the snowflake crisps and specially added less xylitol sugar so that it wouldnt be too sweet.

You can eat this without any worries.

Even Yan Zhiqing was shocked.

“I thought… that was sold out How did you get that”

Considering that Fei Xiaomo even wrote a personalized note, this was one of a kind.

This was especially made for Old Mrs.


“Zhao Gushen knows her well.

I begged Zhao Gushen to ask her for it.

I went to get it this morning, which was why you didnt know about it,” Wei Wucai said, “I was going to pay her, but she said that she didnt want any payment.

She wanted to gift this to Grandma.

So, this gift is not just from me.

Its from Ye Fei as well.”

“Ye Fei” Old Mrs.

Yan asked.

“That is Fei Xiaomos real name.

Because you are her fan, she doesnt mind letting you know.

She even specially told me this.

However, she hoped that you can keep this a secret.

If her true identity gets revealed, she will be in trouble.”

“What trouble If she gets into any trouble, just let me know!”

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