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Chapter 3332: His Girlfriend Was So Dumb That She Seemed a Little Cute.Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Her polite response made Hu Kaiyin feel embarrassed about herself.

Hu Kaiyin rubbed her nose and said, “Hello.”

“Elder Sister Kaiyin, why were you looking for me I had work.

I havent been at the Mount Lan Compound for a long time.” Xie Jiling explained.

“So this happened.

When I was out on a mission, I met someone who claimed to be from the Xie Family.

I checked the mark and it is the mark of the Xie Family,” Hu Kaiyin said.

“However, I remembered that you are the one traveling around and representing your generation of the Xie Family.

Aside from you, there shouldnt be anyone else.” Hu Kaiyin said, “Therefore, I just needed to verify this with you.”

Xie Jiling said, “There are others out as well because too many things are happening recently.

I cant solve all of them by myself.

The members of the other sects in our line of work have limits on their skill levels as well.

I dont feel assured to let them do things by themselves, so I asked my family to dispatch more people.”

“As for the one you mentioned—” Xie Jiling said, “Can you describe his characteristics I will try to identify him.”

Hu Kaiyin then said, “That person is around 184 or 185cm.

He has short hair.

The length of his hair on the forehead is slightly longer.

He ties his hair into a small pigtail.”

“He has a mole at the edge of his left brow,” Hu Kaiyin said.

She seemed to have thought of something as her face darkened as she said, “He always has this bright smile on his face while he says things that make people want to die.”

Xie Jiling didnt know what to say.

“Hehehe…” Xie Jiling dryly laughed.

‘Its someone with such a distinct personality. Xie Jiling thought to herself, so it had to be someone from the Xie Family.

“That is my eldest cousin, Xie Jiwen.” Xie Jiling could tell that Hu Kaiyin wasnt very happy with Xie Jiwen.

Of course, Xie Jiling knew…

It was an understatement to say that Hu Kaiyinwasnt very happy.

Based on Xie Jilings understanding of Xie Jiwen, Xie Jiwen could make someone die of anger.

This meant that Hu Kaiyin had to be extremely unhappy with Xie Jiwen.

“Thats right.” Hu Kaiyin felt reassured when everything she told Xie Jiling matched up, so she said, “I was worried that someone may have been using your family name to scam people.

It wouldnt be good if they were doing something dangerous.”

“Thank you, Elder Sister Kaiyin.” Xie Jiling expressed her appreciation in a very sweet tone.

Hu Kaiyin was speechless.

Were girls these days filled with such sweetness

The same went for Yan Zhiqing.

Xie Jiling was the same as Yan Zhiqing.

However, Hu Kaiyin was a very assertive person.

Unfortunately, assertive people usually liked those very sweet and cuddly.

Hu Kaiyin couldnt win against people like Yan Zhiqing and Xie Jiling.

“Its alright.

It seems that I had been overthinking,” Hu Kaiyin said.

She hung up the phone and gave the phone back to Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai then asked, “What happened Did you manage to ask everything you want”

“The one surnamed Xie is Xie Jilings eldest male cousin named Xie Jiwen.” Hu Kaiyins face darkened as she explained, “According to what Xie Jiling said, a lot of people from the Xie Family are out and about.

They are not the only ones.”

Wei Wucai frowned.

“Are things that bad”

“How did you meet Xie Jiwen” Wei Wucai asked.

“When I was working on my mission, he happened to have been requested for the same task,” Hu Kaiyin said, “My mission was to kill an earl of an ancient aristocrat family who had been behaving abnormally.

But then, Xie Jiwen was also requested to investigate this earl.”

“Xie Jiwen was investigating, but that…” Wei Wucai muttered.


Therefore, we worked together for a while,” Hu Kaiyin said.

Everyone finally knew how the two met.

Yan Zhiqing looked up and said to Hu Kaiyin, “Based on your description of Xie Jiwen during the conversation with Xie Jiling, he seems like a handsome guy.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Was this really the time for Yan Zhiqing to care if other guys were good-looking

“Am I not good-looking enough or is my presence not strong enough” Wei Wucai couldnt help but ask at the side.

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say.

Hu Kaiyin had never seen Wei Wucai being jealous.

She finally saw it today and the corner of her eyes couldnt help but twitch.

So, she answered Yan Zhiqing, “How is he handsome You could tell he was handsome through the few things I said”

“That man is annoying,” Hu Kaiyin said, “Hes really cunning.

You might not get the opportunity to meet him.

Actually, it is best if you dont meet him.

The people looking for him are in really big trouble, so stay away from him.”

Yan Zhiqing thought to herself.

She hadnt met him yet, so how would she stay away from him


Yan Zhiqing sneakily turned and said to Wei Wucai, “I think theres something interesting going on between Kaiyin and that guy named Xie Jiwen.

Look at how angry Kaiyin is right now.

Doesnt she look like me back then Back then, I would be so angry whenever I talked about you.”

Hu Kaiyin raised her brow and said, “You dont have to whisper.

No matter how soft you speak, I can hear you.”

Yan Zhiqing was speechless.

It was quite troublesome to be with all these members of the Mount Lan Compound.

You couldnt even whisper and say something secretly.

No matter how soft you spoke, they could hear you.

What was wrong with the anatomy of their ears!

Suddenly, Yan Zhiqing froze.

She turned and looked at Wei Wucai.

After staring at Wei Wucai for a while, Wei Wucai felt scared.

But then he heard Yan Zhiqing ask, “When I whispered secrets to Xiaoya and you were there, could it be that you heard them all”

Before Wei Wucai could answer, Hu Kaiyin interrupted, “Of course, as long as we are all in the room and there is no wall in between us, we can hear anyone.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly recalled that she had often secretly talked about Wei Wucai with Xiaoya.

They talked about everything.

They talked about if he was gay and they talked about his relationship with others.

Come to think of it, it seemed like Wei Wucai had always been present when those happened.

Wei Wucai had always been present whenever she was whispering to Shi Xiaoya.

Yan Zhiqing was horrified.

“I wasnt paying attention,” Wei Wucai hurriedly explained, “I tried not to listen.

If I dont focus, it is hard to hear.

Dont worry.

Why would I try to eavesdrop on the secret conversations you have with someone else I have to give you privacy, right”

Why did Yan Zhiqing feel as though what Wei Wucai said wasnt credible at all

However, this happened in the past.

Even if she wanted to figure this out now, it was of no use.

She just had to be more careful in the future.

If she didnt want Wei Wucai to listen, she should just not whisper and have secret conversations whenever Wei Wucai was present.

And that was how Hu Kaiyin had secretly diverted Yan Zhiqings attention to Wei Wucai.

Yan Zhiqing immediately forgot what she wanted to ask about Xie Jiwen.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even realize it, but Wei Wucai hadnt forgotten that Yan Zhiqing wanted to ask something earlier.

However, he realized that his girlfriend could actually be so dumb, which made her seem cuter.

“How do you feel Did you get enough rest Do you want to stay and watch the filming” Yuan Jiangyi asked.

“Theres no need.

Why would I stay here” Hu Kaiyin said, “I rarely get time to rest, so I have to cherish this time.”

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