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Chapter 3330: Amazing LogicTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“However, although this is done during my personal time, I am not doing unpaid work! You must pay me!”

In the end, they finally reached an agreement.

Hu Kaiyin then said, “Sure.

I will head back the day after tomorrow.”


“Tomorrow I cant tomorrow.

I still need to rest.

Is it really this urgent There should be enough time until the day after tomorrow,” Hu Kaiyin said.

The caller seemed to have agreed.

And so, Hu Kaiyin said, “Alright.

Im hanging up.”


“Got it.”


“Im not telling you.”

It was unknown what the caller wanted her to say, but the two continued arguing back and forth about it for a while.

Then, Hu Kaiyin said, “Alright.


I will tell you.

Are you satisfied”


“See you the day after tomorrow.”

With this, Hu Kaiyin hung up the phone with a very gloomy expression.

Yan Zhiqing asked deviously, “Is the caller a guy”

Hu Kaiyin didnt know what to say.

Hu Kaiyin, the talented fighter who could take someones life at first strike, was no match for Yan Zhiqing when it came to dating.

She was instantly dumbfounded.

She couldnt even think of a lie.

Her silence was her admission of guilt.

When Yan Zhiqing saw that, she became happy, as she sensed gossip.

Wei Wucai wrapped his arms around her waist, trying to stop her from digging her own grave.

However, Yan Zhiqing was so hyper.

She didnt even think about why Wei Wucai was doing this.

She stretched her neck and asked, “Why was he bothering you and what was he asking you to tell him”

Hu Kaiyin was speechless.

She really wanted to just ignore this girl.

For some reason, Hao Donghuai used his imagination and gossiped as well, “Could it be that he was asking you to say that last sentence—See you the day after tomorrow”

Hao Donghuai couldnt think of anything else.

Yuan Jiangyi looked at him with disdain as he said, “How did you even think of that”

Hao Donghuai explained confidently, “The caller asked her to say something and she refused to say it.

In the end, she saidsee you the day after tomorrow and ended the call.

If so, isnt the last sentencesee you the day after tomorrow”

Yuan Jiangyi: “…”

What amazing logic.

There was nothing wrong with his explanation!

Hu Kaiyin was speechless.

She didnt want to admit that Hao Donghuai was right.

The psychotic dude of the Xie Family.

The Taoist scammer.

He wouldnt hang up unless she saidsee you the day after tomorrow.

If she didnt say it, he wouldnt hang up.

If she were to hang up, he would call again.

Wasnt he sick

Hu Kaiyin didnt expect Hao Donghuai to guess correctly on the first try.

Hu Kaiyin suspected that the dude with the surname Xie might be the same type of person as Hao Donghuai.

They were both crazy.

If not, why would there be such synchrony

“I came to explain this to you all so that you all dont have to feel scared and worried,” Hu Kaiyin pursed her lips and said, “Look at you all weaklings.”

Everyone: “…”

“And now, you are all not worried, right” Hu Kaiyin said in an annoyed tone.

“Im sorry, I misunderstood.” Wei Wucai said guiltily, “Im sorry.”

“Not only I had doubted your character, I had doubted the standards of Mount Lan Compound.” Wei Wucai said, “I should believe that there is nothing wrong with anyone at the Mount Lan Compound.”

“Me too.

I doubted you first and reminded Xiao Cai.

If it wasnt because of me, Xiao Cai wouldnt have had such thoughts.” Yuan Jiangyi stepped forward and said, “I am sorry.”

“Me too.” Hao Donghuai stepped forward and said, “I doubted you as well.

Old Yuan and I were the first to think this way.”

“What are you all doing” Hu Kaiyin frowned and said, “I didnt ask you guys to be here to die for your sins.

Why are you all acting like you are about to give up your life, heroically”

Hu Kaiyin waved her hand out of frustration as she said, “Back away.

Im leaving.”

“Kaiyin.” Wei Wucai called out.

“Since you are here, we might as well all eat lunch together.”

“Sure.” Hu Kaiyin humphed and said, “I am leaving the day after tomorrow.

I can get some rest here for two days and leave by then.

This way, I wont have to travel around.”

When Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai heard this, they immediately started serving her like they were their dogs.

“Did you bring your luggage Are you missing anything I will prepare it for you!” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“You havent booked your plane ticket for the trip in two days, right I will book it for you.

Business class.

I will pay!” Hao Donghuai said.

The two felt really guilty, which was why they were even more friendly than usual.

They stood on the left and right sides of Hu Kaiyin like they were her protectors.

Hu Kaiyin didnt try to be courteous as well.

She had been suspected for no reason and still felt angry about it.

“I will give you all the information during lunch.

I do need to get some tools again.

I will organize a list and send it to you at lunch.

You two can get it done for me,” Hu Kaiyin said.

“Sure thing!” Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai said simultaneously.

Hu Kaiyin pursed her lips and looked back at Yan Zhiqing.

She then said, “I scared you earlier.”

Yan Zhiqing didnt try to be courteous as well.

In the beginning, she was frightened.

She was really scared.

Yan Zhiqing smiled and gestured as she said, “I was indeed a little scared.

But just a little.”

“In the beginning, I was very afraid.” Yan Zhiqing said, “However, I realized later on that you were just scaring me, so l wasnt afraid anymore.

I calmed down and it was fine.”

Hu Kaiyin watched as Yan Zhiqing tried to explain in detail what she had felt.

At the same time, Yan Zhiqing was worried that Hu Kaiyin would mistakenly think that she was really scared.

But then, Yan Zhiqing was also worried that Hu Kaiyin might think that she wasnt actually scared.

Hu Kaiyin just thought that Yan Zhiqing was really cute.

Even though this girl was a love rival from many years ago, Hu Kaiyin still thought she was cute.

It was no wonder that Wei Wucai would fall for Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing had this particular innocence and purity that no one else in the Mount Lan Compound had.

Hu Kaiyin was very different.

Hu Kaiyin had gone through rigorous training.

Her temper was bad, and she was an aggressive attacker.

She couldnt be like Yan Zhiqing, who was naturally sweet, beautiful, and hyper.

Hu Kaiyin had seen so much of the dirty things at the Mount Lan Compound.

If she were in Wei Wucais shoes, she would like Yan Zhiqing as well.

“No matter what, I did frighten you.” Hu Kaiyin smiled and said, “You can ask me for help with anything in the future.

I can solve anything that Wei Wucai cant solve.”

There was nothing that a fight couldnt solve.

“I just sent you my phone number.

Keep in touch when you have nothing to do,” Hu Kaiyin said.

“Alright.” Yan Zhiqings eyes curved as she smiled from ear to ear.

She felt safe to have another friend with extremely high fighting capability.

Hu Kaiyin waved her hand at Zhiqing and went back to the hotel first.

When she completed her mission, she flew back on a plane ride that took over a dozen hours.

She rushed back to the Mount Lan Compound before hurrying over here.

She hadnt taken a break during those trips, and she didnt even have the time to deal with the jetlag.

As such, even if Hu Kaiyin wanted to stay to watch what it was like to film on set, she was too tired to do so.

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