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Chapter 3327: What Do You Mean Its Out of the Question for the FutureTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

“…” The corner of Wei Wucais lips twitched.

He said, “Of course, its would be better if I misunderstood.

“However, Im not afraid of the possibility of it being true; Im just afraid of the unexpected.

We need to be prepared for the worst-case scenario so that there wont be any trouble,” Wei Wucai said.

“If something happens to you because we overlooked this issue, it will be too late then,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing was silent for a moment before slowly asking, “Then what do you want to do”

“I intend to have a few Hidden Guards dispatched here to protect you,” Wei Wucai said.

“Normal security guards are of no use at all.

Theyre like paper tigers in front of her.

The only people who are capable of stopping her are those who have the same kind of background as those of us from Mount Lan Compound.

“But Im afraid that if its just me protecting you alone, there are bound to be moments of carelessness,” Wei Wucai said.

“I would feel more at ease if we request for a few Hidden Guards to come here.”

At present, Yan Zhiqing naturally wouldnt arrogantly say it was fine and that she didnt need anyone to protect her.

“But just when can this situation come to an end” Yan Zhiqing said depressedly.

“It cant be that Ill need to always have Hidden Guards at my side, protecting me for the rest of my life, right

“Even if I can tolerate it, it cant be that even our future children will have to be guarded like this, living a life without freedom and trembling with fear all day long Preventing them from being like normal children, living happy lives… Thats something I cant do.”

Wei Wucai suddenly looked at her with a smile.

His pitch-black eyes curved upwards and stared at Yan Zhiqing without blinking.

It was an extremely gentle gaze.

Yan Zhiqing stared back blankly for a moment before saying puzzledly, “Im talking to you about something serious.”

Wei Wucai laughed and said, “Do you know what you said earlier”

Yan Zhiqing was still engrossed in her thoughts, so she didnt realize what she had said even with Wei Wucai pointing it out.

Her mind was currently occupied by the sudden appearance of her terrifying rival in love, who could truly kill someone.

Seeing Yan Zhiqing continue to look at him with a bewildered expression…

Wei Wucai frustratedly let out a light sigh and said, “Earlier, you mentioned your whole life and even spoke of our children.”

Yan Zhiqing blanked out for a moment and pondered about it.

Then she realized… it did indeed seem like she had said such things.

Then Wei Wucai said, “Hearing you plan so far ahead for us, getting married and giving birth to kids… It makes me really happy.”

“You said previously that you didnt know what we would be like in the future and that perhaps, we would break up… But in your subconscious, you were actually already certain about us.

Moreover, you have a lot of faith in our future together.”

“Otherwise, you wouldnt inadvertently blurt out our future and our children together.

Its all because you already firmly believe that well definitely always be together,” Wei Wucai said with a soft laugh.

Yan Zhiqing inwardly conceded that it was indeed just like Wei Wucai said.

Actually, she hadnt even realized that she had already developed such great confidence in their relationship a long time ago.

She had no idea of it until earlier when she blurted out those words.

It was only after Wei Wucai pointed it out that Yan Zhiqing finally realized she had so much faith in their relationship.

In her subconscious, she believed the two of them would walk to the end of the road together, and it would be a very, very long road.

It wasnt at all like at the beginning when words of worry had always been on her lips.

However, Yan Zhiqing was now raising her eyes and gazing at Wei Wucai for a moment.

Then she said, “Before this, I did have confidence in us.

But now, Im not so sure.

After all, our circumstances have changed.

Theres now this additional love rival, who could actually kill someone.”

“I dont have any confidence in us anymore.

I might be killed by her midway, let alone staying together until the end.

There will be no future to speak of then,” Yan Zhiqing said with a twitching mouth.

“What nonsense are you saying!” Wei Wucai got so angry that he pinched her waist.

This girl truly dared to say anything!

She even dared to curse herself.

She really didnt have the slightest bit of superstitious fear.

Fuming with anger, Yan Zhiqing let out a harumph.


A dangerous love rival had suddenly appeared for no reason, yet she wasnt allowed to get angry

Wei Wucai explained helplessly, “As long as there are Hidden Guards around, we wont need to be afraid of her taking action.

And if she does dare to do something, Ill have a reason to file a complaint against her in Mount Lan Compound.”

“With the Hidden Guards around, she wont be able to succeed in whatever she attempts to do.

However, regardless of whether she succeeds or not, it will be a fact that she attempted to do something,” Wei Wucai said.

“As long as this fact exists, Mount Lan Compound will not protect her.”

Mount Lan Compounds training coaches taught the members of Hidden Light the skills to kill and injure people.

However, the training they went through wasnt for them to go around assaulting others due to personal matters.

The heavier the weapon one possessed, the more they had to restrain themselves.

This was one of the reasons why Mount Lan Compound had always been able to stay standing.

Otherwise, it would be too dangerous if Mount Lan Compounds great killing machines were let out.

If Mount Lan Compound didnt restrain their people well, how could Mount Lan Compound be allowed to exist until now

If someone were to violate their rules, Mount Lan Compound would not let that person off.

Although Wei Wucai said this, the matter still left a mark in Yan Zhiqings mind.

It was impossible for her to be like before, without a single worry.

The two people left together and converged with Shi Xiaoya and the others in the lobby before heading off towards the set.

On the way there, Wei Wucai contacted the Hidden Guards and had them swiftly dispatch a few people over.

Everyone in Mount Lan Compound knew about how Hu Kaiyin liked Wei Wucai, including the Hidden Guards.

It was just that Hu Kaiyin had been away most of the time.

So like Wei Wucai, Yuan Jiangyi, and Hao Donghuai, it had been a long time since the Hidden Guards last saw Hu Kaiyin hanging around Wei Wucai and making her presence known.

Therefore, they had also all forgotten about the matter regarding Hu Kaiyin.

It was only at this moment when Wei Wucai called them and requested for a few Hidden Guards to be dispatched to the set that…

Everyone finally remembered.

Hu Kaiyin still existed.

They couldnt help but sweat nervously on behalf of Yan Zhiqing.

Not daring to waste time hesitating, the Hidden Guards reported the matter straight to Chai Yu.

The moment Chai Yu heard the report, he immediately dispatched four Hidden Guards to the set.

Four Hidden Guards was quite a big number compared to the norm.

However, they would still need time to get to the set.

Nevertheless, Hui Kaiyin was currently away on an assignment.

So it would be quite some time before she returned.

It would be a few days at the least.

That was why Wei Wucai wasnt particularly nervous.

Upon reaching the set, Yan Zhiqing rushed toward the dressing room.

The public displays of affection that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai showed Shi Xiaoya yesterday morning were a bit excessive.

So, Yan Zhiqing felt that she couldnt let Wei Wucai enter the dressing room today no matter what.

After all, it would be too much for them to always subject Shi Xiaoya to their public displays of affection, right

As such, Yan Zhiqing hurriedly sent Wei Wucai away.

She then linked arms with Shi Xiaoya and headed toward the dressing room.

Once inside, Shi Xiaoya first opened her make-up box.

She took out and arranged all the tools she would need for todays make-up.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhiqing went into the inner room and changed into her filming costume.

After Shi Xiaoya finished arranging her tools, she waited another ten minutes, but she still didnt see Yan Zhiqing come back out.

Shi Xiaoyas pulse started to race.

She couldnt help recalling that phone call Wei Wucai had in the car earlier.

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