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Chapter 3323: Know About Hu KaiyinTranslator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

In the past, Wei Wucai had explained to Yan Zhiqing about the Hidden Light Unit.

Missions completed by the Hidden Light Unit were extremely difficult.

Members of the Hidden Light Unit would have to collect all sorts of information and plan thoroughly before the start of the mission.

They had to consider all scenarios.

They also had to plan their escape.

They also had to keep track of their targets location for a very long time.

They had to figure out every little detail and habit that the target had acquired over time.

This ensured that the success rate would be above ninety percent.

There were so many things to prepare for before the mission…

So, members of the Hidden Light Unit would take a long time to complete a mission.

“Do you think Zhiqing knows about Hu Kaiyin” Yuan Jiangyi asked Hao Donghuai.

“She couldnt possibly I dont think Xiao Cai is someone who will talk about this himself.

Plus, Xiao Cai never liked Hu Kaiyin and had never considered her as someone important.

Why would she specially mention her to Zhiqing” In Hao Donghuais opinion, if it wasnt someone Wei Wucai considered important, Wei Wucai wouldnt even think about them.

This meant he wouldnt even mention them to Yan Zhiqing.

“Even so, Hu Kaiyin is the only female member in the Mount Lan Compound, excluding the back office, which includes the medical department,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

The members of the back office rarely interacted with them.

There were extremely high requirements to become a member of the back office.

Especially the medical and IT department… Unless someone was a unique genius, very few people could achieve a lot in these fields.

Mount Lan Compound had very high requirements.

The high-tech inventions werent easily created and the medical skills of the members of the medical department couldnt be acquired by an average human being.

Therefore, the members of these departments were highly skilled.

They had a lot of experience and high technical skills.

Of course, they werent young.

Even the age of 40 was considered young among them.

Even if Wei Wucai was injured during a mission and received treatment at the medical department, there was no way he could have developed a relationship with someone from the medical department.

The people that interacted with them the most were the field team members.

As for Hu Kaiyin, she was the only female field team member in the Hidden Light Unit.

They received training together since young.

When they passed the test and officially joined the Mount Lan Compound, they were sent to different departments based on their specialty.

Aside from the daily basic training, they then had to be trained by their own departments.

However, they would still be doing the basic training.

This meant that Wei Wucai had been training with the members of the Hidden Light Unit.

The interaction with the only female member Hu Kaiyin was naturally inevitable.

When they were at work, they were no differentiation based on gender.

However, when it wasnt during work, everyone thought that since Hu Kaiyin was the only girl in the department…

They thought that it was really hard for her, as a girl, to also receive the same cruel training since young.

Therefore, they tried to take care of her more.

Yet, these acts of care had nothing to do with the love between a man and a woman.

Hu Kaiyin had always behaved in a cold and aloof manner.

They had never expected her to like anyone.

It was more likely for her to kill someone.

Hu Kaiyin had always exuded this aura of death.

But expectedly, on Hu Kaiyins eighteenth birthday, she went over and confessed to Wei Wucai.

Obviously, the confession was done privately instead of in front of everyone.

But Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai still heard it.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai could swear that they hadnt done it on purpose.

They had accidentally heard the confession.

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