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Chapter 3298: Who Knew Things Would Be Awkward The Moment He Arrived

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At the same time, this allowed her to organize everything very quickly and efficiently when she was done with work.

As such, Shi Xiaoya had just come out of the dressing room.

Who knew she would receive such a huge blow the moment she came out of the room!

Shi Xiaoya wanted to fly to Han Zhuolings side.

She didnt want to be subjected to such pain anymore.

When Han Zhuoling came over tonight, she had to ask him to comfort her well!


Shi Xiaoya covered her face and faced the wall.

She felt embarrassed to look at the two sharing a deep kiss.

Shi Xiaoya had decided not to remind that Wei Wucai had almost kissed away all of the lipstick on Yan Zhiqings lips.

Anyway, when she came out, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had already been kissing for a while.

Yan Zhiqings lipstick was already smeared away.

Even if she reminded them now, it would already be too late.

However, Shi Xiaoya was very sweet and considerate, as she did not disturb them.

But there were still others around...

At this moment, Wu Mosen hurried over here with Han Zhuofeng.

Wu Mosens voice sounded even before he saw Wu Mosen and Yan Zhiqing.

“Xiao Cai, I heard from Xiao Yuan that you are here—” When Wu Mosen said this, he saw what Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were doing.

His voice stopped abruptly.

Even Wu Mosen felt so awkward he didnt know what to do.

He froze and stood on the spot.

He felt embarrassed to disturb Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

However, it was even more awkward if he left right now.

Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing immediately separated when they heard him.

But their lips were still slightly puffy...

Yan Zhiqings lipstick was stuck on Wei Wucais lips.

Because of what the two looked like at this moment, it was really hard not to pay attention to their lips.

However, Wu Mosen thought that he himself was such an old man.

Yet, he was looking at their lips, which was quite inappropriate.

Wei Wucai felt fine, but Yan Zhiqing felt so embarrassed that she couldnt keep her head up.

Wei Wucai stepped forward and hid Yan Zhiqing behind him.

Seeing this, Shi Xiaoya quickly pulled Yan Zhiqing away.


Let me take you to fix your makeup.” Shi Xiaoya said.

Yan Zhiqing felt even more embarrassed.

But at least she wouldnt have to face Wu Mosen.

As such, Yan Zhiqing went with Shi Xiaoya.

Shi Xiaoya pressed Yan Zhiqing down on the chair.

She poured some lipstick remover on the cotton pad and was going to clean up the remaining lipstick on Yan Zhiqings lips.

Because even Yan Zhiqings lip line was smeared.

For the character in the movie, Yan Zhiqings lip lines had to be clean and clear.

There had to be a distinct line.

And so, Shi Xiaoya needed to clean up the lipstick at the edges of Yan Zhiqings lips and fix the makeup around her lips.

But when she touched Yan Zhiqings lips with the cotton pad...

Yan Zhiqing made a “hiss” sound and gasped.

“Whats wrong” Shi Xiaoya asked.

Yan Zhiqing said embarrassingly, “Its a little...

a little painful...”

“...” The corner of Shi Xiaoyas mouth twitched, “Fortunately for you, you dont have to film a kissing scene later.

If you cant even touch your lips, how can you film that scene”

Yan Zhiqing said in an indifferent tone, “I dont film those things anyway.”

“Just endure.

Your lips look horrible.

I will have to clean it up and redo the lip makeup for you.” Shi Xiaoya had no choice but to say, “I will be gentle.”

“Alright.” Yan Zhiqing nodded like she was going to die.

Shi Xiaoya pressed on her lips softly and cleaned up well for Yan Zhiqing.

She then quickly fixed Yan Zhiqings makeup.

Yan Zhiqings lips still looked slightly puffy.

However, with the gorgeous red lip makeup, she looked even sexier and more attractive.

“You actually look very nice.

Since your lips are puffy, I will apply the liner to the outer corners so that your lips will look fuller.

This will provide a better visual effect.” With this, Shi Xiaoya finished doing everything.

She organized her things and left the door with Yan Zhiqing.

When the two came out, they heard Wu Mosen say to Wei Wucai, “Whats going on at the entrance I was shocked when I arrived earlier.

There are an array of tents set up at the entrance.”

“I thought they were entertainment news reporters.

I was wondering why they were working so hard and sacrificing even their personal life for work.

They were even prepared to station and live here for a long time.

I know my film is receiving a lot of attention, but I dont think it has reached such a level.”

Wu Mosen was not so shameless as to think his movie was already getting this much attention.

“But when I went over and asked them, they said that they came with you, but you wouldnt let them in...” Wu Mosen felt so confused at that time.

Why were there this many people!

Wei Wucais team was getting bigger and bigger!

“So I came to ask you...” Wu Mosen quickly went on set.

He first went to see the special effects team, but he didnt see Wei Wucai there.

But then, he heard from Yuan Jiangyi that Wei Wucai was here.

As such, he came over here.

But then, who knew things would be awkward the moment he arrived


Wu Mosen secretly gave a dry laugh and looked up at the sky, questioning why this had happened.

When Yan Zhiqing left, Wu Mosen first congratulated Wu Mosen to alleviate the awkwardness.

And so, when Yan Zhiqing came out, Wu Mosen had just started talking about the serious matter.

Wei Wucai said helplessly, “You dont have to worry about them.

If they want to stay there, they can do that.

They wont be here for long.

They will go back in a few days.”

“Since they are willing to be here for the next few days, I can promise you that not even a mosquito can fly into the studio, not to mention reporters.” Wei Wucai said, “They are even more useful than the security cameras set up all over the studio.”

Shi Xiaoya couldnt help but say the truth.

“Its winter now.

There are no mosquitoes.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai muttered to himself secretly, “For Han Zhuolings sake..”

“Think about the fact that Shi Xiaoya had supported him.”

Shi Xiaoya had no idea that she was almost going to die.

Wu Mosen burst out in laughter because of the truth that Shi Xiaoya had said.

He then remembered what Wei Wucai said and suddenly realized in shock, “Are...

are they...”

“They are my coworkers.” Wei Wucai said.

“That was disrespectful of me.” Wu Mosen had great respect and admiration for those with godly technical skills.

“I have to go out and apologize to them.

My attitude earlier didnt show how much I value them.” Wu Mosen said.

The corner of Wei Wucais eye twitched.

He wouldnt have known previously.

But after spending much time with the respectable Wu Mosen, he realized that Wu Mosen had a funny side.

“You really dont have to.” Wu Mosen believed in Wu Mosens character and knew that he wouldnt be disrespectful to his team members.

As such, his team members would never suffer.

“No, no.

I still have to get to know them.

Since they are your coworkers, they are my friends too!” Wu Mosen said, “Lets go! Lets go! Theres no rush to start filming now.

Lets go outside and get to know them.”

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