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Chapter 3297: Dont Look Where You Shouldnt Look

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Yan Zhiqing burst out in laughter and said, “Both are me.

Is my appearance going to change”

“Of course, the appearance doesnt change.” Wei Wucai smiled and said, “However, the temperament does.

You become someone in the movie.

The entire vibe changes, and its different from who you are as a person.”

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she was really happy.

Wei Wucai was such a sweet talker!

In addition, he even said it in such a sincere way.

It was like he actually felt that way.


That made Yan Zhiqing very happy.

This meant that she had been very successful in building her character.

He was so good at giving compliments!

Yan Zhiqing was already numb to people saying she was pretty.

She obviously wouldnt feel anything when she heard a compliment like that.

But if it were Wei Wucai who complimented her, she would still feel happy.

Regardless of what kind of compliment Wei Wucai gave her, she would still feel happy.

However, she was happiest when she was complimented for her acting skills.

Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “If you are not busy, stay with me then.”

“Can I watch you when you are filming Im scared that I might distract you if I was at the side watching you filming,” Wei Wucai quickly asked.

Shi Xiaoya, who was at the side, thought that Wei Wucai was the kind of person who went with the flow and demanded more after getting what he had already requested.

“Of course.

Thats fine.” Yan Zhiqing immediately said, “It will feel good to look up and see you whenever I am practicing my lines or after I am done filming.”

Shi Xiaoya thought that Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai were worthy of being a couple!

They were both cringey.

“Cough.” Shi Xiaoya felt helpless.

She wanted to pretend she was invisible, but time didnt allow her to do so.

She could only force herself to clear her throat and cough out loud.

“Zhiqing, we have to do our makeup, or we will be late.”



Okay.” Yan Zhiqing hastily nodded.

She then sat before the dressing table in a well-behaved manner.

While Shi Xiaoya was pretending to be invisible, she had been arranging the makeup.

And then, she cleaned her hands with the wet wipes

Then, she started doing Yan Zhiqings makeup.

Wei Wucai carried a chair over and quietly sat behind Yan Zhiqing.

He intentionally chose an angle that would allow him to see the side of Yan Zhiqings face.

Of course, he could also see her front profile through the mirror in front.

Then, Shi Xiaoya saw Yan Zhiqings face turning red at a visible rate.

Yan Zhiqing felt a little shy as she smiled at Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai immediately smiled sweetly back at her in the mirror.

Shi Xiaoya was speechless.


She decided not to shift her gaze anywhere else.

This time, Shi Xiaoya tried her best to do Yan Zhiqings makeup at the fastest speed possible.

She wanted Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai to leave, pronto.

The moment these two started dating, the affection they were showing was lethal.

Because they were announcing their relationship tonight, Wei Wucai didnt intend to avoid showing affection in front of people.

Similarly, Yan Zhiqing also didnt intend to keep this a secret.

The two were very honest about it.

Before Wei Wucai could react, Yan Zhiqing held Wei Wucais hand the moment they came out of the dressing room.

Wei Wucai was a little surprised as she turned and looked at Yan Zhiqing.

Yan Zhiqing explained with a smile, “We are going to announce it tonight.

Since we are on set and its very strict here, no one will spread this news.

And so, it wont minimize the effect we hope to achieve when we release a public announcement tonight.”

Wei Wucai was surprised and very happy.

He was surprised not only because Yan Zhiqing had held his hand first.

This obviously filled him with such joy.

But when Yan Zhiqing did this, he instantly realized that she shared the same feelings for him as he had for her.

She took the initiative and showed through her behavior how she valued and cherished him in her heart.

While he was putting in the effort, she was trying to do everything she could.

She wanted him to know that this relationship was a mutual and equal relationship.

Wei Wucai didnt care if he had to invest more.

But knowing that Yan Zhiqing shared the same feelings and cared so much about his feelings...

He was moved.

But he was even more surprised and happy to know how they had both agreed on something even without talking about it.

They had not discussed this.

However, Yan Zhiqing shared the same thoughts as him.

Wei Wucai thought that they had a mutual understanding.

Wei Wucai held Yan Zhiqings hand tightly.

There wasnt anyone in the hall at this moment.

In addition, people rarely come here.

As such, Wei Wucai felt at ease.

He bravely lowered his head and approached closer to Yan Zhiqing.

His lips gently touched Yan Zhiqing on the lips.

Yan Zhiqing forgot that she had just done her makeup and allowed Wei Wucai to kiss her.

She was wearing her costume and was currently dressed as Yan Jiayin when Yan Jiayin was in her most attractive state.

The style of her hair was ancient and beautiful.

Because of what Yan Zhiqing looked like right now, Wei Wucai felt as though he was kissing the character played by Yan Zhiqing in the movie.

Whenever he watched Yan Zhiqing film a scene and saw the actors who do the scene with her...

Although Yan Zhiqing barely had any intimate scenes in the entire movie...

There were hugging or hand-holding scenes.

Wei Wucais eyes still hurt whenever he saw those scenes.

He couldnt tell if he was jealous or envious.

If it were jealousy, that would be too much.

After all, Yan Zhiqing was an actress.

Even if she insisted on not filming intimate scenes and kissing scenes, she couldnt avoid filming hugging scenes.

Since he liked her, he would need to accept her career.

Moreover, this career was something she loved.

As such, Wei Wucai had already prepared himself mentally not to feel jealous.

He treated this as a normal job.

It was just like how Yan Zhiqing would not interfere in his job at the Mount Lan Compound.

He wouldnt interfere in Yan Zhiqings job as well.

As for the feelings of envy, he definitely wouldnt envy those actors.

Why should he be envious of them

Should he be envious of them for having successful careers

But Wei Wucais career was even better.

Should he envy them for being able to film with Yan Zhiqing

But his girlfriend was Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai himself couldnt even say what exactly was on his mind.

But at this moment, he felt like Yan Zhiqing belonged to him regardless of whether in real life or in the movie.

As Wei Wucai thought about this, his kiss became deeper.

Initially, he was holding Yan Zhiqings hand.

At this moment, he suddenly dragged her into his arms.

Yan Zhiqing went along with the force and fell into his arms.

Wei Wucai didnt let her hands go.

Instead, he interlocked his fingers through hers.

Then, he pushed her hands behind her back so that she could be even more intimate with him.

Wei Wucai had forgotten about the lipsticks on Yan Zhiqings lips as he deepened the kiss.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya was just organizing the makeup since Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had left the dressing room first.

Shi Xiaoya was organizing.

She placed some of the makeup that wouldnt be used anymore into the pouch and neatly arranged the ones that were still being used to fix Yan Zhiqings makeup; she placed them outside.

Shi Xiaoya might be showing some symptoms of OCD.

After all, she really liked to keep things organized.

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