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Chapter 3296: 3296: I Wont Feel Bored if I Look At You

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Yan Zhiqing held her laughter in as she said, “For free.”

“That is truly...” Shi Xiaoya couldnt help but say, “Director Wu is earning big.”

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai being part of the crew attracted so many members of the Mount Lan Compound.

This was similar to tying a white wolf with bare hands!

Of course, it was unknown whether the members of the Mount Lan Compound were willing to be described as white wolves or not.


Wei Wucai no longer had that many worries after he arrived on set.

All the cast and crew members knew about what had happened to Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

Even when the two werent together, everyone thought the two were bound to be together.

Therefore, there was no need to keep their relationship a secret when they were on set.

Everyone could already tell, right

Of course, this was because Wu Mosen was very strict.

The crew and cast members were banned from posting anything on their public social media accounts while they were on set.

They werent allowed to even take selfies.

What if those observant netizens deduced a piece of information from some details in an unnoticeable corner What would they do

Wu Mosen didnt dare to underestimate the netizens wisdom.

Therefore, Wei Wucai was not worried about the people on set secretly taking photos of him and Yan Zhiqing and announcing it to the public first.

They parked the car when they arrived on set.

The group then got out of the car.

As usual, Shi Xiaoya went to the dressing room and started making preparations.

Yan Zhiqing went with Shi Xiaoya.

But then, Wei Wucai followed them and went as well.

The corner of Shi Xiaoyas mouth twitched.

Since they officially started dating, Wei Wucai couldnt control himself!

Look at how clingy he was! He had to have endured for a long time!

Yan Zhiqing felt slightly embarrassed as she whispered and asked Wei Wucai, “Why are you following me”

Wei Wucai showed a pitiful expression as he said, “Do you not want me to come with you Do you think I am annoying”

Yan Zhiqing didnt know what to say...

She didnt think he was annoying!

Stop throwing fake accusations!

Wei Wucai still looked pitiful as he said, “I just wanted to spend more time with you.”

Wei Wucai didnt intentionally lower his volume.

He just spoke in a volume that was slightly softer than usual.

As such, Shi Xiaoya easily heard what he said.

In fact, she even heard the flirty tone in Wei Wucais voice.

The voice gave Shi Xiaoya goosebumps.

Why was a man speaking in such a coquettish tone

Shi Xiaoya felt as though Wei Wucai was seducing Yan Zhiqing.

The pitiful Yan Zhiqing appeared to have no resistance to this.

In fact, because of what Wei Wucai said, she blushed and grinned sweetly.

However, the observer Shi Xiaoya obviously just found it cringey.

Of course, Yan Zhiqing didnt think so.

Shi Xiaoya thought that since Yan Zhiqing was directly involved, she must not have found it out of the ordinary.

Today was the first day they officially started dating.

They were exactly in the love bubble stage.

“Me too,” Yan Zhiqing said and started snickering.

Wei Wucai was very happy.

He immediately stretched his hand out and grabbed Yan Zhiqings hand.

The two looked like fools as they held each others hands and stared at each other.

Shi Xiaoya couldnt stand to watch this anymore.

She wondered if the two might fall into a trance and start kissing

Shi Xiaoya felt embarrassed to watch and quickly turned away.

If Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing actually fell into a trance, she would at least be able to look away.

Shi Xiaoya turned away and wondered if she had been like this with Han Zhuoling.

Of course, Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were still aware that Shi Xiaoya was present.

The two didnt continue doing anything.

“Dont you have things to do” Yan Zhiqing asked Wei Wucai.

“They are there.

In addition, Yuan and Hao Zi are here.

Its enough.” Wei Wucai said, “Actually, there was no need for me to be here.

They dont need my help for the visual effects at this level.”

Why was Wei Wucai here then

This question suddenly popped into Yan Zhiqings mind.

Wei Wucai asked, “What do you think”

Perhaps it was because of her

Yan Zhiqing didnt dare to think this way.

After all, even if Wei Wucai liked her, there was no way that he had liked her that early on.

If she said it out loud, she would feel like a narcissist.

However, Yan Zhiqings thoughts were basically written on her face.

Therefore, Wei Wucai could tell what she was thinking by just a glance.

Wei Wucai thought she was so cute.

Wei Wucai pondered what had happened.

Back then, he wasnt asked to come.

Wu Mosen had contacted his company and signed a contract with them.

His subordinates were capable of making visual effects at this level.

He was not needed at all.

However, when he found out that the lead female character was played by Yan Zhiqing, he came without a second thought.

Back then, he had no idea why...

Back then, he hadnt actually fallen for her just yet.

Or maybe he had already fallen for her, but he simply hadnt noticed it.

Maybe he was unaware of his own feelings and was just acting out of instinct.

Knowing that Yan Zhiqing was there, he instinctively wanted to be where she was at as well.

Maybe he was initially curious about Yan Zhiqing.

Initially, the two didnt have an enjoyable interaction.

They had always been arguing.

Although they werent actually mad at each other, they did not see each other eye to eye.

But the more frequently it happened, the more he wanted to interact with her.

But now, Wei Wucai felt lucky and happy that he had shown up personally.

If not, how would he have gotten a girlfriend

The thought of this was really marvelous.

The two initially were against each other and didnt see each other eye to eye.

They wouldnt have expected that they would one day have feelings for each other.

At this moment, Wei Wucai said, “I will tell you when we go back tonight.”

With this, he even glanced over at Shi Xiaoya.

This was a very cunning move.

In addition, he even took this chance to ask Yan Zhiqing out for the night.

Thankfully, Shi Xiaoya wasnt facing them, so he didnt see what he had done.

If not, Wei Wucai would have made her furious.

This was such a big accusation.

This was her dressing room and her workplace, okay

He was here making a public display of affection.

And yet, he thought she was disturbing them.

He had basically kicked her to the curb when she had outlived her usefulness! What an ungrateful man!

Back then, when Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing werent together yet, she was so supportive of him.

Wei Wucai must have forgotten about the suffering he had experienced back then.


Go work,” Yan Zhiqing said.

When she saw that Wei Wucai wanted to say something...

Yan Zhiqing interrupted, “I know the special effects team doesnt need you, but I have to do my makeup.”

“Its not convenient for me to speak when I am doing my makeup.” Yan Zhiqing said, “It will just be boring for you if you watch from the side.”

“Its not boring.

I wont feel bored if I look at you.” Wei Wucai said, “Whenever I saw you back then, it was always when the makeup for the character in the film had already been applied.”

“I want to see the makeup process.” Wei Wucai said, “How did you go from looking like who you are now to looking like the character in the movie”

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