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Chapter 3289: Hes Dreaming

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Yuan Jiangyi then answered, “You just have to be shameless.

Not only do you have to say sweet things to coax the girl, but you also have to stress her out mentally and make her think that you cant live without her and that she would be responsible for the fact that you are single.”

“In the end, you also have to learn to get rid of all your love rivals.

Anyone who likes you will be eliminated!” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Everyone responded, “Got it!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi said, “If you can do all these things, you will succeed!”


Everyone then said, “I see!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi added, “Remember! You can only court a girl by being shameless!”

Everyone responded, “Be shameless!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi said, “You can only court a girl by being thick-skinned!”

Everyone responded, “Be thick-skinned!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi, “You guys give me a conclusion.

Let me see if you remember”

The group said, “Shameless! Thick-skinned! Sweet Tongue!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Yuan Jiangyi nodded and said, “Good.

Looks like you all have learned the essence of how Team leader Xiao Cai courts a girl.”

Everyone looked proud.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Trust me.

If you remember these three things, you will succeed!” Yuan Jiangyi said as he cheered for his team members.

Everyone said, “Learn from Xiao Cai!”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Are you guys a group of crosstalk actors One is the leading actor, and the others are playing the supporting role” Wei Wucai felt the corner of his eyes twitch as he said, “You guys are quite capable.

Why dont you get a job at Deyun Club”

“Do you hear yourself” Yuan Jiangyi said, “Do they need that many people to play the supporting role Dont you know they have a lot of people supporting them in the audience seating area”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Buddies!” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Yuan Jiangyi got up and gestured his palm downward, which was a sign for the others to be quiet.

“This time, Team leader Xiao Cai successfully lost his status as a single man.

This was all thanks to all of us working hard together!” Hao Donghuai felt such comfort and delight.

He looked very proud as he said, “We have done so much to help Team Leader Xiao Cai lose his status as a single man.”

“If it werent for our help, theres no knowing when Xiao Cai might lose his status as a single man.” Hao Donghuai said emotionally.

“Think about it.

Before you guys were here, Yuan and I had been beside Xiao Cai, and we had always been worried sick.

We were helping him plan, and we were following him around.

We were worried that he might say something wrong and make that girl unhappy.”

Hao Donghuai appeared mentally exhausted as he shook his head and said, “We were like two old dads.”

Wei Wucai wanted to kick them.

How could they take advantage of him like that

They even called themselves his old dads!

And the reality was the complete opposite from what they had just said.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi had been beside him, and they almost made him invisible.

Sure, they did everything to strengthen his presence.

But they also had first dibs when it came to speaking.

By the time it was his turn, there would be nothing left for him to say.

In addition, because they were there, they had taken all chances of him spending time with Yan Zhiqing alone.


They did help.

But most of the time, they had made things worse!

The thought of this made Wei Wucai feel really exhausted.

Hao Donghuai actually even dared to boast in front of him.

Unexpectedly, when the team members heard what Hao Donghuai said, they nodded in agreement.

They were emotionally moved.

“The two team leaders are really good.” Wei Wucais deputy, Liang Shibo, said with an emotional expression, “Thanks for taking care of our Team leader Xiao Cai.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.


If it was just him alone, who knew when he could lose his status as a single man.” the team member of Shadowless Unit said.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

How could they turn matters upside down

Wei Wucai said angrily, “You guys...”

Then, Wei Wucai felt helpless.

“Are you all not going back to sleep Are you guys not stressed being with me”

Everyone felt puzzled.

What stress could there be

As they thought about this, they saw Wei Wucai straighten his back proudly.

“You are all single men.

Are you guys not stressed when looking at me, someone who has a girlfriend” Wei Wucai scanned each and every one of them with contempt.

“Are you all really still in the mood to be chatting here Why arent you all thinking about how to lose your status as a single man Do you all intend to be a single loser” Wei Wucai said with disdain.

Everyone: “...”

Wei Wucai straightened his back and perked up his chest.

“Was I not a good example for you all”

“Look at me.

I am not single anymore.

This is great.

You all have to work hard as well! Will you guys be able to lose your status as a single man if you stay here Are you all not worried about yourselves now that I am going to become a man with a wife and a family Does that not give you any stress” Wei Wucais questions tortured the members souls, and every word hit them where it hurts.

Everyone: “...”

They would go back and sleep then.

However, they didnt actually feel upset because of Wei Wucai.

They had already asked every question they wanted.

As such, it was indeed time to go back to rest.

And so, everyone stood up.

“We are leaving.

We are leaving.” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“Everyone, go back and rest.

You still need to sleep early tomorrow morning,” Hao Donghuai said, “We can see Xiao Cai and Zhiqing tomorrow morning.”




Everyone, buckle up! There will be even more amazing things that we will need to share with the buddies guarding the base by live-streaming for them,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

And so, everyone started to step out of the room while talking.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

How could they say those in front of him like he didnt exist

However, he had finally sent so many people away.

Wei Wucai just felt mentally exhausted.

He wanted to send Yan Zhiqing a WeChat message.

But he felt so tired that he just wanted to lie down and sleep.

It was really too exhausting to deal with Yuan Jiangyi and the others.

Yuan Jiangyi and the others quickly went out of the room.

Hao Donghuais deputy, Hu Xuming, asked softly, “Wait, this doesnt seem right.

Xiao Cai said he has a family What family”

Hao Donghuai laughed and said, “Hes dreaming! Hes thinking about having a family when he had just gotten together with her.”

Wei Wucai was going a little too fast.

“Oh.” Everyone understood and went back to their rooms.


Because everyone slept really late, none of them slept for a long time.

They woke up after sleeping three to four hours.

But surprisingly, the group wasnt tired at all.

In fact, they were all very excited.

Because today was officially Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqings first day of dating.

Everyone at the Mount Lan Compound was filled with anticipation!

Wei Wucai had just washed up and was preparing to see Yan Zhiqing.

A WeChat notification ringtone sounded on his phone.

Wei Wucai opened it and saw that it was the Mount Lan Compounds live-streaming group.

Because it was too noisy, he had already muted it.

It was just an ordinary chat group.

It wasnt a members group for missions and assignments.

Therefore, he wouldnt have to worry about missing out on any important news.

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