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She was completely fine, but the other people in the office were still stunned.

Therefore, Han Zhuoli gave the charge of managing the situation to Lu Man and smiled at her, not at all trying to avoid attention and then said, “Then Ill go now.”

This voice was gentle, unlike his normal tone.

It was probably only towards Lu Man that he would be like that.

Han Zhuoli along with President He and Zheng Tianming left the Public Relations Department, but who would have thought that Vice President Yu would still be waiting outside the Public Relations Department.

He probably thought that just now he had completely embarrassed himself in the Public Relations Department, thus upon seeing Han Zhuoli come out, he hurriedly went to greet him.

“CEO, I really didnt know that Lu Man is your girlfriend,” President Yu said in a low voice, shyly, “If I knew, no matter what, I would not dare to disrespect her.

CEO, this time, I really know my mistake, please dont lower yourself to my standard.”

Han Zhuoli did not even look at him and kept walking forward with big steps.

Vice President Yu wanted to follow him but was stopped by Zheng Tianming.

“Vice President Yu, there are so many colleagues walking about, it doesnt look good, you should return to the office first.”

Vice President Yu choked, “Then the CEO to me —”

“Haha,” Zheng Tianming lowered his voice and said, “CEO is not the kind of person who would exploit his professional power to exact his personal revenge.

However, this time, even if there was no Lu Man, and it was a normal employee, what you did was not right.

We, Han Corporation employees, why do we really have to listen to what a small manager is saying Who opened this company Should the whole department absolutely listen to Wang Lu Is it that powerful”

“No, no…” Vice President Yu started to sweat, “It… it was that he did not explain clearly, and I thought our employees in the Public Relations Department were in the wrong for being too arrogant.

It was all because I have a good relationship with him that I never doubted him, who knew that he would cause me so much trouble.”

Zheng Tianming just laughed it off.

“Vice President Yu, no matter what, we all know you very well, and the CEO also knows you very well.

Do you dare to tell the CEO this reason”

Vice President Yus face kept changing its color, and Zheng Tianming said coldly, “Its better if you dont follow.”

After saying that, he shrugged Vice President Yu off, and chased up to Han Zhuoli.

Meanwhile, Vice President Yu was at the back, standing still and grieving like he had lost his parents.

Entering the lift, Han Zhuoli instructed President He.

“Quickly get me the dirt on Vice President Yu.”

After all, he was a Vice President, so Han Zhouli could not fire him as he wished; there had to be a good reason.

“Hes always eying your position, yet you dont have any dirt on him, this makes me doubt your ability very much.” The look Han Zhuoli gave a doubtful look to President He.

President He: “…”

This was really unexpected trouble.

But since Han Zhuoli had already said it clearly, he could do whatever he wanted to get the dirt on Vice President Yu; even if Vice President Yu had made no mistakes, he could also forge a mistake for him.

Moreover, Vice President Yu was a person who did not know the meaning of low-key, finding some dirt on him was probably not hard.


After Han Zhuoli left, Lu Man had to be thick-skinned in order to face her office colleagues.

The only good thing was that Brother Zhang and the rest already had some guesses and suspicious, thus even though the cat was let out of the bag, they were quite calm in accepting this fact.

Sister Li said playfully, “You hide it really quite well.”

Embarrassed, Lu Man apologized.

“Im so sorry, I really didnt know what to say.

I was scared that if I had told the truth, you all would have a prejudice against me, thinking that I came in through the back door.”

Everyone thought about how on Lu Mans first day in the company, even though they did not know about her relationship with Han Zhuoli, everyone had a prejudice against Lu Man already.

Therefore, Lu Man having this worry was not strange.

“Just wait for a while, very soon the fact that you are the CEOs girlfriend would have already been spread in the whole company,” Sister Li said with a smile on her face.


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