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Sun Yiwu had given Lu Man a role just because of Han Zhuoli!

What ability, what luck, they were all fake; it was just that she had a backer!

Xia Mengxuans facial features were very twisted, this was too unfair!

All the good things were given to Lu Man on a silver platter, what right did she have!

Han Zhuoli looked at Vice President Yu coldly.

“Just now, you wanted my girlfriend to get lost”

Vice President Yu almost knelt down for him.

“No… I dont dare to…”

“If I knew that Lu Man is your girlfriend, no matter what, I would not dare to!” Vice President Yu was flustered, he was regretting it a lot.

Han Zhuoli said coldly.

“So the people who have nothing to do with me, you would dare to treat like that When did all the departments in the company turn into a stage for you to show off your power!”

At this moment, Vice President Yu could not care less about standing in front of his subordinates and that it was embarrassing.

“CEO, Im wrong, I lacked consideration.”

When Han Zhuoli directed his cold gaze at Wang Lu, feeling as if nothing was wrong with his request, Wang Lu said, “Yu Xingzhou is a celebrity of the Han Corporation, doesnt the Han Corporation have the duty to help Yu Xingzhou Its not something major, anyway.”

Before this, wasnt the Han Corporation supporting Du Lin quite a lot

But could Du Lin be considered the same as Yu Xingzhou

Du Lin himself did not have any moral issues, and was polite to Lu Man, and also had a very high EQ, but how about Yu Xingzhou

Furthermore, Du Lin was Dong Xings nephew, who was Yu Xingzhou, anyway.

Han Zhuoli said in a low grave voice, “The Public Relations Departments employees have already said that they wont take up Yu Xingzhous case, yet you still want to force them”

Depressed, Wang Lu quietened down, no longer having the gloating attitude he had just now when bullying these employees.

“As for Yu Xingzhous case, the Public Relations Department wont take it up, and even if they take it up, Ill get rid of it.” Han Zhuoli looked at Wang Lu in irritation, who was he trying to play with!

“Yes, yes…” Wang Lu had been acting very powerful just now, however, at this moment, he had transformed into a meek man.

“Then… then I wont bother you anymore.”

“Wait!” Han Zhuoli called out to the Wang Lu who was planning on running away.

Wang Lu was so nervous that he was about to have an upset stomach, and when he turned his head back, he heard Han Zhuoli say, “Yu Xingzhou is a celebrity under Han Corporation, right”

“Yes.” Suddenly, a glimmer of hope emerged again in Wang Lus mind.

He hoped that Han Zhuoli would help Yu Xingzhou because of the contract.

“Yu Xingzhou cannot be helped, he just became a little famous, yet hes already so arrogant.

Hence, the company wont waste resources on such an arrogant, haughty person.

Im telling you clearly now, Yu Xingzhou has been buried, you dont need to go outside and think of ways to find jobs for him.

If he wants a job, he can go out on his own,” Han Zhuoli said, “He can break the contract with the company, and pay the full cost of the contract breach, only then he can do whatever he wants.”

The color instantly drained from Wang Lus face, wouldnt this completely block Yu Xingzhous path to fame and success from now on

Right now, Yu Xingzhous reputation was already not good, moreover, his reputation had not reached the expected level yet, so which other companies would be willing to pay the large cost of breaching the contract just to pull him over to their company

Not being able to pay for the contract breach, he could only stay in the Han Corporation until his contract expired.

But at that time, it would be too late.

The Yu Xingzhou who had just gotten popular would be unable to take advantage of his recent popularity, and after a few years, he would have long been replaced with a newcomer.

Who would still remember him, an artist who was only popular for a while

“Alright,” Wang Lus face was a devastatingly pale.

Han Zhuoli had already decided to change Wang Lus position as a manager afterwards as allowing the celebrity, Yu Xingzhou, under him to act this way clearly meant that Wang Lu was responsible to a certain extent.

It was even indicated that Wang Lu himself did not have good morals.

Han Zhuoli then looked at Vice President Yu.

“You still want to stay here to act powerful”

“No, no, Ill leave now.” Vice President Yu wanted to leave earlier, and after hearing Han Zhuolis words, he quickly grasped the opportunity to run away.

When Han Zhuoli looked at Lu Man again, he saw Lu Man shake her head at him.


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