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However, the other party was typing too fast.

They were typing at a speed that was almost going beyond the maximum typing speed for humans.

There was barely any time to take notes on this.

The others reacted much slower, but they soon also realized it.

They all immediately took out their notebooks.

“Each of us will memorize one part and we will put all of the parts together later.”

The crowd watched while taking notes.

Someone gasped in shock.

“I didnt know you could do that!”

“Right! Why didnt I think of that”

“I was wondering why he entered those series of commands.”

“I didnt expect that you could change up the sequence of the commands that way.”


This is our server.

Why are they even more familiar with it than us”

The group felt embarrassed.

“I thought this server would take another half an hour to restore, but I dont know how much less time it will take with the way they are doing things.”

“Soon,” the chief said in a deep tone.

A minute after he said that…

The last command was entered and the members of the Mount Lan Compound left, returning the administrative right.

“Its done!” someone shouted.

“We can finally log in normally and browse the website.”

“We got our administrative rights back.”

The chief did a final check and was certain that they could browse the website normally.

Their administrative rights had been restored.

“Check if they have left any digital footprints,” the chief said.

And so, the group checked again and again.

The final result was obviously none.

How could the Mount Lan Compound let them find any traces of their activity

Even if this was not some official mission…

Even though this was just fun and games to the members of the Mount Lan Compound…

If they were doing it, they would do a clean job.

They wouldnt leave even a hint for the other party.

And they were so familiar with doing tasks like this.

This action had become something carved into their bones—an instinct.

The members of the Mount Lan Compound had no idea what had happened after they left.

The chief of the technical team of the official site gathered all the colleagues in the department for a meeting.

This was for studying the series of commands that they entered while they were restoring the server.

Of course, the members of the Mount Lan Compound had nothing to do with the way they studied these series of commands.

Anyway, instead of the commands, its the people who entered the commands that were efficient.

When the netizens saw that they could log in and browse the website normally, they quickly gathered to read more posts about Chen Zeqing.

The netizens even said in amazement, “How did the programmers become so efficient this time”

While they were thinking this, they didnt stop reading the hottest gossip.

When Chen Zeqings fans read about these dark secrets from his past, they were so shocked that their minds went blank.

For a moment, they couldnt say anything to protect Chen Zeqing.

Hou Manman Ice commented, “Chen Zeqing is now filmingLeft Right.\'”

Teamo replied to Hou Manman Ice, “Yes.

He even posted a selfie, saying that he was joining the crew soon and that his character is the second male lead.”

Yijiao commented, “I want to know how Director Wu feels right now.”

XuanXuan or GuoGuo commented, “Does Director Wu need to go pray to the gods This whole mess happened after Chen Zeqing joined the crew.”

Fat Goddess in the East Side of the Village commented, “Chen Zeqings past is unusually dark.

Its so dark that you cant even whiten it with bleach powder.”

Three Raindrops on Sycamore Leaves commented, “Since this has happened to Chen Zeqing, will Director Wu still cast him”

The Soap That Eats So Much And Cant Gain Weight commented, “I dont think he will.

Director Wu is known for not casting actors with a bad reputation.”

Hou Manman Ice replied, “In addition, all these news on Chen Zeqing are enough to place him in the list of celebrities with misdeeds.

If they still cast him and the movie was not approved to show in the cinemas because of him, what are they going to do”

Three Raindrops on Sycamore Leaves replied, “Yes.

In addition, even if they could edit him out of the movie, it would be a waste of time and money.

They might as well not cast him now and this would minimize any potential loss of profit.”

Fat Goddess in the East Side of the Village commented, “I wonder how many scenes Chen Zeqing had filmed If they cast someone new, they would need to film those scenes again.

The others will be really tired because of Chen Zeqing.”

XuanXuan or GuoGuo commented, “Hes barely considered a second male lead.

I pity Zhiqing for needing to film the whole thing again.

So tiring.”

Teamo commented, “Didnt he just join the crew last night Its his first day filming, so there must not be many scenes filmed.

It wont be that troublesome to refilm everything.”

Yijiao replied, “But did Chen Zeqing offend someone If not, why was so much ** about him released to the public If it was just one or two, it would have been fine.

However, they released so much.

As of now, they have posted fifteen materials.

They are basically not leaving him any chance of survival.”

The Soap That Eats So Much And Cant Gain Weight commented, “Regardless of who he had offended, these things were in fact his past misdeeds.

If he had never done these things, the people whom he had offended would not have been able to do anything even if they wanted to frame him.”

Yijiao commented, “Thats true.

It all depends on whether Director Wu still insists on casting him.”

Hou Manman Ice commented, “I dont think they will cast him.”

Fang Qiaohan read the netizens comments and looked up at Zhiqing while asking, “I dont think Director Wu will cast him anymore.

Director Wu didnt cast Yu Guangxin.”

Yan Zhiqing rubbed her chin as she said, “I also think it would be impossible for Director Wu to cast him as it would be too risky.

Its better to not cast him though.

It will save me so much trouble.”

“Director Wu should really go pray at a temple.

Dont you think he has been really unlucky recently” Fang Qiaohan felt bad for him.

“Since the time when we started filming, there has been so much trouble! Chen Zeqing finally joined the crew, but he turned out to be someone with a dark past.”

Yan Zhiqing felt embarrassed to say that this was probably caused by her.

It had nothing to do with Feng Shui and luck.

She was the one who had implicated Director Wu.

To be honest, if one gave the two things that had happened on set some thought…

The first one involved Yu Guangxin and the other one involved Chen Zeqing.

These two had something to do with her.

To be honest, these two were all caused by her.

Honestly, she was the one who had caused these disturbances on set.

Even if Chen Zeqing did have a dark past…

If it wasnt for her, Wei Wucai wouldnt have done an investigation on Chen Zeqing.

And the crew would still have continued filming without any problems.

Yan Zhiqing had never verified this before, but she was certain that Wei Wucai had done this.

This was for sure.

Fang Qiaohan didnt notice Yan Zhiqings weird behavior.

She yawned and said, “I wonder if there are more to see.

I will go back to my room and read while lying on my bed.”

Fang Qiaohan stood up and Yan Zhiqing followed suit to send her to the door.

Fang Qiaohan then said, “Rest earlier.”


Okay.” Yan Zhiqing nodded.

She then sent Fang Qiaohan away.

Yan Zhiqing remained standing at the door.

She didnt go back to rest.

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