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Wen Ren said, “No.

I didnt!”

Fang Jiaran had just come back home at this moment.

She entered the door while looking at her phone.

When she came in, Wen Ren looked up and said, “Jiaran, I didnt watch porn!”

“Then how did you know about that advertisement slogan” Fang Jiaran sneered and said, “You threw away all my comics and refused to let me read them, but you watch porn”

Fang Jiaran held her arms and sneered as she said, “True.

We have been married for a few years and we have had two kids.

You dont feel any passion towards me.

I understand.

Even if the actresses in films are not as good-looking as me, they are something new! Isnt that right”

Fang Boran had ruined his life!

Wen Ren suddenly got up.

Fang Jiaran felt a little nervous.

She was worried that Wen Ren might subdue her in some way.

She knew that Wen Ren didnt watch those things.

He might have watched some before they started dating.

However, after Wen Ren got together with her, he stopped watching these things.

Nevertheless, Fang Jiaran had made sure to grasp this rare chance.

Previously, it had been Wen Ren who would confiscate her comic books.

He would take those comics and ask her if he couldnt satisfy her.

Why would he look at other guys

Even if they were fake people drawn by someone, its not allowed.

Did those fake people have a physique as good-looking as his

Were they as good-looking as him

Did she think that he was no longer fresh

Anyway, he would say these words.

However, because he had evidence against her, Fang Jiaran could only forcibly tolerate the lecture.

She couldnt say anything back.

This was a rare chance for Fang Jiaran.

She had been wanting to return those exact words back to him.

Obviously, Fang Jiaran had to take her chance.

How could she let this go

She just wanted to get that sense of satisfaction by saying it first!

But then, Wen Ren was now walking towards her.

He took the keyboard on the table at the side and placed it on the ground.

With a cracking sound, he knelt on the keyboard.

Fang Jiaran felt speechless.

He knelt in such a voluntary manner and with so much experience.

One could tell that Wen Ren did this often.

If not, he wouldnt have had such a voluntary attitude and would not have been so skilled at kneeling.

Wen Ren pointed at the computer screen and said, “Look.

The keys arent even being pressed! There are no words on the screen.”

It was just as Wen Ren had said.

Wen Rens knees gently tapped on the keyboard.

He wasnt pressing on the keyboard at all.

He was supporting his body with his ankles.

Fang Jiaran felt speechless.

“I have never seen those films before.

Chai Yu was the one who watched them!” said Wen Ren.

Chai Yu had just arrived at the door with his phone in hand.

He was going to read the groupchat with Wen Ren and gossip with him.

But then, he heard Wen Ren blame him for what had happened.

Ever since he was young, he had been working like a slave for Wen Ren and protected him.

He had taken the blame for Wen Ren so many times.

Chai Yu sincerely felt that honest and simple men have no rights.

Chai Yu was so angry that he felt like cursing Wen Ren by pushing needles into a voodoo doll.

But he had just seen Wen Ren kneeling on a keyboard in the room.

No matter what, he had to give Wen Ren some respect.

And so, Chai Yu quickly left.

He didnt dare to let Wen Ren know that he had just seen him kneeling on a keyboard.

While Chai Yu was walking, he thought to himself, since he had seen Wen Ren pitifully kneeling on the keyboard, he would consider things even.

He would forget about the fact that Wen Ren had blamed him.

While Fang Jiaran was in the room, she crossed her arms and sneered as she said, “I suddenly remembered a question.

When you usually… cough… do it with me, do you need to watch these films to feel aroused”

Shes basically questioning his ability.

Wen Ren immediately stood up.

He strode over the keyboard and carried Fang Jiaran onto his shoulder.

Fang Jiaran shouted, “What are you doing”

“I didnt watch any porn.

I will let you know if I am capable or not.” Wen Ren gnashed his teeth and said, “I can feel aroused whenever I want!”

Fang Jiaran felt speechless.

After Fang Boran had caused a fight in Wen Rens household, he hid himself.

Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai stayed on the same floor.

And so, she followed behind Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucais team members also all came out of the elevator.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucais facial expression darkened as he asked, “Do you all stay on this floor”

He wanted to talk to Yan Zhiqing alone.

But then, so many people followed them out of the elevator.

Wei Wucai felt extremely frustrated.

Initially, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai came first.

Ever since they arrived here, Wei Wucai had had fewer chances to have alone time with Yan Zhiqing.

Not only that, but his chance to make his presence in front of Yan Zhiqing more obvious so that he could leave a good impression had also lessened in number.

They said the things he wanted to say.

They didnt even let him have the chance to boast to Yan Zhiqing about his contributions.

Words could not describe the pain in Wei Wucais heart.

The two not only did not leave.

But a huge group of team members came as well.

So many people were following behind them, taking away even his last chance to spend time with Yan Zhiqing alone.

Wei Wucai wanted to beat someone up.

But the deputy team leader, Liang Shibo, did not notice the grievance his team leader was feeling.

Liang Shibo explained with a smile, “No.

There arent that many empty rooms on this floor! None of us live on this floor.”

“…” Wei Wucai felt as though the veins on his forehead had popped.

“Why did you guys follow us out of the elevator, then”

“To go with you back to your room,” Liang Shibo said.

“We have already organized our luggage, so we dont have to do that when we go back later.”

“Thats right.

Team leader, dont worry.

We went to welcome you at the entrance after we had organized our luggage,” another team member said.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Bloody Chill the F*ck Down!

Hes not worried about this at all, okay

Fortunately, he had already explained that he was not gay.

If not, the words that Liang Shibo had just said about going back to Wei Wucais room earlier…

If this was a few days ago and Yan Zhiqing had heard what Liang Shibo said, she would have imagined a whole new story.

Wei Wucai felt really exhausted because of the group of people from the Mount Lan Compound.

He felt horrible.

Yan Zhiqing felt like laughing when she saw Wei Wucai appearing more and more mentally exhausted.

For a very long time, she couldnt do anything to Wei Wucai.

But now, she was able to see Wei Wucai taking a loss.

Yan Zhiqings mood became very good.

“I will be going back first,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Because the work ended too late today, they even ordered food delivery for dinner at the filming site.

This was why they didnt have to eat dinner after they arrived back at the hotel.

They just went back to their own rooms and rested.

When the group of team members at the Mount Lan Compound heard her, they immediately said, “Team Leaders Madam, goodbye!

“Team Leaders Madam, rest well.

“Team Leaders Madam, see you tomorrow.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

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