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They could only take the elevator in separate groups.

And so, without even needing to communicate, they divided themselves up based on their teams.

Yan Zhiqing was naturally placed in Wei Wucais group.

After they went into the elevator, Wei Wucai suddenly got a WeChat notification on his phone.

Wei Wucai took out his phone and saw that another group had appeared on his WeChat.

The group name was simple and straightforward.

It was named “Get Team Leader a Girlfriend Group.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He quickly clicked into the group and saw the message sent by Yuan Jiangyi.

“When you all have organized your things, gather in Xiao Cais room.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

It was quite bold of them to have the audacity to say this in front of him.

Yan Zhiqing, who was at the side, saw the strange expression on Wei Wucais face.

She saw that he was looking at his WeChat, but she couldnt see the conversation clearly.

Wei Wucai opened the member list of the group and saw that Yuan Jiangyi had not invited Yan Zhiqing into the group.

Then, he let out a sigh of relief.

He thought that at least Yuan Jiangyi was still capable of some human reasoning.

If Yan Zhiqing had seen this, he would have felt so embarrassed.

However, Wei Wucai didnt say anything about the fact that the group would be going to his room.

Though Wei Wucai didnt message in the group, the members of the three teams all started taking turns sending messages.

After everyone in the teams had replied in an organized manner…

Wei Wucai started seeing notifications of these team members inviting the other members into the group.

He kept getting new system notifications in the group.

XXX invited XXX into the group.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

The team members all valued the bond they shared within the teams.

The others couldnt come as their names werent picked out.

However, they had promised everyone that they would live-stream the event.

This was a promise they absolutely must keep in mind.

Therefore, the members currently present invited all the other members of the Shadow unit.

Obviously, Fang Boran, the boss of the Hidden Shadows Unit, was invited as well.

“Team Leader Xiao Cai, we have heard about your good news.


“Although your courtship has yet to succeed, we believe in you and we wish you the best!”

“Team Leader Xiao Cai! Although we cant be on site, there are many at the Mount Lan Compound that support you!”

“I am reporting to Team Leader Yuan.

The Hidden Guards want to join the group as well.”

“The Hidden Guards said that they are on a mission outside, but there will be a time when they are off-duty and they can come check it out.”

“The Hidden Guards at the Mount Lan Compound said that their task at the Mount Lan Compound is more relaxed, so they can pay attention to this at any time.”

“The Hidden Light unit are all on a mission outside and they are under even stricter requirements than the Hidden Guards, but they have asked us to save all the chat history so they can read it after they are done with their missions.”

There were very few people in the Hidden Light unit.

Because of how special the department was, they rarely showed up online.

Even when they did show up in the Mount Lan Compound, they were like ghosts.

They appeared without making a sound and disappeared in the same manner.

The name of the group perfectly described their existence.

In simple terms, they were assassins.

The assignments that required the Hidden Light unit to take action were not simple and easy tasks.

They were missions that ordinary people could not imagine.

Once a member of the Hidden Light went out on a mission, they would be out for over a year.

They would receive information from the Hidden Shadows unit.

Then, they would follow on site, practice the scenario, and deduce the best plan to execute.

Even a year or so was too short.

Because the mission would be too important, they wouldnt be able to go online.

Therefore, things like this happened, they would not be able to participate.

However, they still sincerely wanted to be a part of this.

Even if they wouldnt be able to watch the live-stream…

They could go back and watch the recorded live-stream later on.

And so, they demanded that the members of the Hidden Shadows save the chat history.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“Sure!” Yuan Jiangyi said without any hesitation.

“Invite all the Hidden Guards in here!”

Wei Wucai thought to himself, if they were just going to invite everyone, why bother creating this group

They should have just live-streamed it at the Mount Lan Compound.

However, Wei Wucai had no intention of reminding them of this.

He would just let them be idiots.

The Hidden Guards were all invited.

Wei Wucai suddenly noticed Chai Yu in the group.

And then, Chai Yu invited Wen Ren into the group.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Finally, Wei Wucai said, “If you have all joined, whats the point of specially creating this group”

Everyone was too excited.

They were fully immersed in becoming spectators of the newest gossip in Wei Wucais life.

And so, they didnt realize what Wei Wucai meant.

And then, Wei Wucai sent another message.

“Look at the members in this group and the Mount Lan Compounds group.

Whats the difference”

The ellipses were sent one after the other.

The messages kept popping up on the screen for five minutes before they stopped.

The group finally realized the issue.

Wasnt this… basically the groupchat for the Mount Lan Compound

The members were the same.

Whats the point of creating a group that was exactly the same

At this moment, Wen Ren suddenly popped up with a message.

“Its different.”

Wen Ren then said: “The group name is different.”

Everveyone then shifted their attention to the group name.

“The Compound of Passion.


Have Fun with Xiao Cai.”

Wen Ren said, “Look at this.

Its different, right”

At this moment, there was another system notification.

Fang Boran had invited Fang Jiaran into the group.

Because there were too many people in the group, the system notification now displayed the name of the member.

After inviting Fang Jiaran, Fang Boran said, “Wen Ren, you must have seen a lot of those advertising videos aboutSexy Dealer Dealing Cards Online. Thats why you changed the group name to this, right”

Everyone in the group started sending stickers with publicly known meanings.

For example, the meme that said “figure out what my expression is saying”;

The despicable smile emoji.

Although Wen Ren was the leader of the Mount Lan Compound…

This was the vibe at the Mount Lan Compound.

As long as its not happening during an ongoing mission, everyone interacted in a manner that did not differentiate between who had the higher ranking.

Even the boss of the Mount Lan Compound would still get roasted.

Upholding the principle of being at a disadvantage if you didnt roast someone, everyone fought to be the first and the best at sending the insults.

“This type of video seems to be the advertisement before the start of some pornographic videos.”

“Boss, you are the best.

Give us your car plate number.”

“Boss, recommend us a good car plate number.”


He had been fooled by his elder brother-in-law!

Fang Boran said these things after he invited Fang Jiaran into the group.

Obviously, Fang Boran was trying to ruin Wen Rens life!

Its been so many years.

Fang Jiaran had already given birth to two of Wen Rens kids.

And yet, Fang Boran was still holding a grudge over the fact that Wen Ren had successfully courted Fang Borans sister while he had been away.

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