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Han Zhuoli gave a deadly look to Vice President Yu, making Vice President Yus heart suddenly go cold.

Han Zhuolis expression seemed like he could see through his thoughts clearly.

“So youre saying what youre doing is for the benefit of this company”

“Exactly!” Vice President Yu nodded his head shamelessly.

“But, the one you pointed at and asked to get lost, is my girlfriend,” Han Zhuoli simply said a sentence, and it was like a sudden clap of thunder rang in everyones heart.

“Girl… Girl… Girlfri…” Vice President Yu could not even pronounce the simple wordgirlfriend.

Right now, his mind was completely muddled, he did not know what to do at all.

He was totally unable to accept the sudden news.

How did Lu Man suddenly become Han Zhuolis girlfriend!

This Han Zhuoli really did not do things the normal way, having his girlfriend work in his company as an ordinary worker, was it very fun

Not only Vice President Yu, even Brother Zhang, Sister Li, were all shocked.

Lu Man was actually… actually the CEOs girlfriend!

Why… why did she never say it before

Before this, during the Gold Finger Award, although they were a bit suspicious, in the end, they could not confirm it.

Because no matter what kind of troubles Lu Man suffered, Lu Man had dealt with them herself all alone, and Han Zhuoli had never made an appearance before.

What kind of person would treat their girlfriend like that

Even though he knew that people from the same department were bullying Lu Man, he did not do anything and let Lu Man deal with it alone.

Therefore, any suspicions that Sister Li or anyone else had completely disappeared.

If Han Zhuoli knew their thoughts, he would clarify their accusations towards him.

It was not that he did not want to do anything; it was just that his girlfriends fighting power was truly too good, she just did not need him to do anything at all.

Because Xia Mengxuan had left early on the night of Gold Finger Award, she did not see the sweet interaction between Han Zhuoli and Lu Man at that time.

But actually, even if she had seen it, she would probably have been unwilling to believe it and preferred to hypnotize herself because according to her Lu Man could never have any relationship with Han Zhuoli.

However, now, when it came out from Han Zhuolis mouth, she couldnt not believe it!

Xia Mengxuan was so shocked that she started to break out in a cold sweat, what… what had she said just now

The words she had said, she did not know if Han Zhuoli had heard it.

All this was not right, moreover, with her previous treatment towards Lu Man, how could it be that Lu Man did not tell on her to Han Zhuoli!

Petrified, Xia Mengxuans face turned ghastly pale in an instant.

How… How would Han Zhuoli deal with her

This hateful Lu Man!

Even though she was already dating Han Zhuoli, she did not say a single word, was it that she was very happy watching them totally oblivious

It felt like she was a clown, while she kept boasting and acting around Lu Man, Lu Man must have been always laughing at her!

Initially, Xia Mengxuan was scared, but then, it turned into extreme anger as she felt that she had been tricked by Lu Man.

Later on, there was even an uncontrollable sense of jealousy.

What right did Lu Man have!

Which part of her was so good that she was able to become Han Zhuolis girlfriend!

Where did she get such kind of good luck from!

She had definitely joined the company through Han Zhuoli.

No wonder time and time again, Lu Man had so many special privileges, even Dai Yiran could not compete with her.

She must have first become Han Zhuolis girlfriend, then joined the company, and also only through Han Zhuoli, she could have gotten the Gold Finger Best Newcomer Award.

After that, she immediately got a role in Director Sun Yiwus movie, step by step, every progress of hers was all smooth-sailing.

She finally understood now, if it was not for Han Zhuoli, Lu Man would not have become a part of Sun Yiwus movie at all.

Haha, they had said it so nicely, making people think that she had really satisfied Sun Yiwus requests, but the truth was, it was all because of her status as Han Zhuolis girlfriend.


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