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No one would be happy having such people besides them.

While Han Zhuoli took big strides into the office, Vice President Yu was completely unaware that a crisis was going to befall him.

After being stunned for a moment, he instantly regained his calmness and spoke with much dignity and honor.

“CEO, honestly, these Public Relations Department employees are too much.

Normally, the company lets them off easily, and since they have Han Corporation backing them, they have become arrogant and now are even picking on their jobs.

They can dare to go against a rational request by their senior.

Because of their disrespectful behavior towards seniors and inability to even carry out their basic job requirements properly, I scolded them.”

With a mocking smile on his face, President He looked at Vice President Yu act and did not tell him anything.

Right after that, Vice President Yu pointed at Lu Man, wanting to seek death even more.

“Its her, her actions are especially horrible, she does not have a single bit of respect towards the client, and her actions are tarnishing the image of our company, we definitely cannot keep such people.

So I took the lead and fired her in order to teach everyone a lesson and to let them know their worth and position in this company.”

“Are you done talking” Han Zhuoli asked coldly.

Vice President Yu suddenly became aware and noticed that Han Zhuolis expression was not good, why was his face turning blacker and blacker

Being able to get to the Vice President position, Vice President Yu was not utterly useless, he was especially talented at noticing peoples facial expression.

Looking at Han Zhuolis current expression, he began to wonder if he had said something wrong just now.

But no matter how much he thought, he could not think of anything going wrong.

It seemed like he did not say anything wrong!

“Manager Wu, you tell me, how does your Public Relations Department accept cases,” Han Zhuoli said.

Even until now, Wu Lize was still somewhat unaccustomed to Han Zhuoli and Lu Man dating.

Listening to Han Zhuolis question, he hurriedly managed his emotions, and said, “There are so many cases, we dont take up every single case, if we do that, we will never be able to finish all the cases.

There are a few cases that are utterly impossible for public relations to manage, and even if we do it, the effects wont be good, so we dont take up such cases.

Other smaller PR companies dont care that much and take it up first and think later.

In case the effect is not good They will just chase the client for more funding and as long as theres money, they will try solving it although there wont be much of a good result.

But we cant do that.”

“That means you dont take up every single case,” Han Zhuoli said.

“Its just like that,” Wu Lize nodded.

Han Zhuoli then asked Vice President Yu, “So, is there a problem”

“…” Vice President Yu was stunned, “CEO, its not —”

“Its not what” Han Zhuoli said coldly, “You seemed to have a lot of power just now when yelling, you even asked people to get lost.”

“I… I cant stand their work attitude,” Vice President Yu was unable to defend himself.

Not able to stand it anymore, Chen Shimian said, “CEO, Mr.

Wang is Yu Xingzhous manager, and wanted us to solve the case of Yu Xingzhou throwing his temper around and acting like a diva recently.

But Yu Xingzhou as a person is no good.”

Chen Shimian did not hold back and directly narrated the whole incident that happened downstairs to the Han Zhuoli.

“So, no matter what, we wont take up this case.

Such a celebrity is already embarrassing Han Corporation!”

Seeing Vice President Yus situation now, it was unlikely for him to have a good ending for him.

All this while, Chen Shimian had kept his anger all in, so now why would he give him face and continue calling him President Yu.

“Who would have known that as soon as Vice President Yu came, he would start to scold people even when we had already told him our reasons for not taking the case.

But Vice President Yu just didnt want to listen, and anyone who isnt listening to him is in the wrong.

If anyone objects, he would fire them.” Chen Shimian smiled coldly.

“Its like he is the owner of this company.”

“CEO, dont listen to what hes nonsense he is spouting!” Vice President Yu was extremely angry, and silently promised that once this whole fiasco was over, he would take his revenge on Chen Shimian!


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