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Wei Wucai was speechless.

He knew that Yan Zhiqing was extremely furious.

“Zhiqing…” Wei Wucai called out.

Yan Zhiqing pretended as though she didnt hear it as she turned and said to Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai, “Eat.

Stop looking at the food.

Its really late.

I am sure you two are starving.”


Okay.” Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai hastily nodded.

Even though Yan Zhiqing was smiling, they could feel the tension in the atmosphere.

They felt as though an eruption would happen at any time.

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi trembled in fear.

They didnt dare to deny a word that Yan Zhiqing said.

Even if they werent starving, they had to be starving.

The two lowered their heads and ate very quickly.


They just hoped to finish their dinner and leave as soon as possible.

They wanted Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai to be the only ones to enjoy this tension.

The two kept their heads down, hoping to even hide them under the table.

They just thought that the atmosphere right now was too scary.

It was especially the case for Yuan Jiangyi.

He felt as though his life would end soon.

He had no idea how Wei Wucai would take revenge on him.

While he was holding his chopsticks, his hand was trembling.

“Zhiqing…” Wei Wucai called out, wanting to say something.

But before he could say anything, Yan Zhiqing asked Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai, “By the way, did you two eat lunch today”

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai raised their heads and exchanged glances before checking the expression on Wei Wucais face.

Yan Zhiqing pretended as though Wei Wucai was not here.

She asked them puzzledly, “What What are you two looking at”

Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi both shook their heads.



We didnt see anything.”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

“We ate something simple for lunch on the way here,” Hao Donghuai said.

Yuan Jiangyi didnt even dare to talk.

This happened because he talked too much earlier.

“You two must be starving, right” Yan Zhiqing said again, ignoring Wei Wucai.

Later on, whenever Wei Wucai tried to talk, Yan Zhiqing would talk to Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai.

She wouldnt respond to him at all.

Wei Wucai, feeling helpless, knew that Yan Zhiqing had decided to ignore him and was refusing to listen to him.

And so, Wei Wucai had no choice but to give up.

He could only give up for now.

He would at least stop trying to talk to Yan Zhiqing during dinner.

He waited until they were done with dinner.

Actually, they finished dinner really quickly.

It took only twenty minutes.

Because the tension in the atmosphere was too scary.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai didnt even dare to talk, and they didnt dare to continue staying here.

They were scared that Yan Zhiqing would ask them if theyd had enough food.

Because Yan Zhiqing had already asked them three times!

Therefore, the two could only show it through their behavior.

They were eating, and they had definitely eaten enough.

They were busy eating and had no time to answer Yan Zhiqing if they were full.

Within twenty minutes, they finished the food like a wind that swept away everything.

They were so full that they burped and almost threw up.

“Are you guys full” When Yan Zhiqing saw how fast the two had eaten, she thought they were really starving.

“Let me order some more food, okay” Yan Zhiqing said.


No.” Hao Donghuai hastily waved his hand and burped again.

“We are really full.

We cant eat any more.


Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

The two ate so quickly because they wanted to leave as soon as possible!

They were so nervous that they were suffering from indigestion.

“Erm… We will be leaving first,” Hao Donghuai said, then immediately stood up.

Yuan Jiangyi followed suit and hurriedly stood up as well.

He nodded at the side while saying, “Yes.



We will be leaving first.”

Yan Zhiqing stood up and said, “Lets leave together.

You didnt drive here.”

When all four of them came here, they rode one car together.

“We are too full, so a walk will be good for us.

We will just walk back to the hotel,” Yuan Jiangyi said hastily.

“The hotel isnt far anyway.”




Yes.” Hao Donghuai nodded heavily and said, “We have eaten all the food.

You two barely ate anything.

You two should order more food and keep eating.

There is no rush.

We will be leaving first.”

With this, Hao Donghuai and Yuan Jiangyi ran away like they had been chased by a dog.

By the time Yan Zhiqing followed them to the door, Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai had already disappeared at the end of the hallway.

Yan Zhiqing didnt even have the time to call them.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to give up.

She looked back and saw Wei Wucai approaching.

“Zhiqing, I… I didnt do it intentionally… No… I cant say that.” For the first time in Wei Wucais life, he stuttered and had no idea what he could say.

Could he say that he didnt do it intentionally

He had intentionally misled Yan Zhiqing and did not explain himself clearly.

Therefore, if he said that he did not do it intentionally, he wouldnt believe himself, not to mention Yan Zhiqing.

“I… I did do it intentionally, so it makes sense that you are mad,” Wei Wucai said.

He heard Yan Zhiqing humph coldly.

“I know I cant speak for myself right now.

I did lie to you.

I was wrong,” Wei Wucai said.

“But I have to tell you that I lied to you only about this.

When you misunderstood, I did not explain and tell you the truth.

“However, besides this, I didnt lie to you about anything else.

Everything I said was true.

Zhiqing, I really do like you.

And Ive never liked anyone else but you.

Ive never felt anything like this before.

“I lied to you about my sexuality.

When you misunderstood, I did not explain it clearly.

Because of this, I was always worried and scared that you might one day find out the truth.

You would then be mad at me and ignore me.” Wei Wucai had spoken with a pitiful expression.

However, Yan Zhiqing was not affected by his expression at all this time.

In the past, she would have immediately felt bad.

But this time, she wouldnt.

Yan Zhiqing sneered as she asked, “So when you told me that I turned you straight and that you used to like guys but you like me now, you didnt lie”

Wei Wucai was speechless.

He had dug his own grave once again.

“Just the first half of the sentence was a lie.

The lie was that you turned me straight.

The rest of the sentence was true,” Wei Wucai explained.

However, his explanation sounded so unreliable.

“Didnt you say that you lied to me only once” Yan Zhiqing asked coldly.

Wei Wucai was speechless.

Wei Wucai struggled as he said in a cajoling tone, “This… This counts as one lie, right Its all about the question of whether or not I was gay.

If we combine everything I have said about me being gay, then it counts as one lie.”

“Heh,” Yan Zhiqing scoffed, giving Wei Wucai the time to think about what he had just said.

“When you misunderstood in the beginning, I did not clarify right away.”

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