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However, after he became aware that Yan Zhiqing had misunderstood him…

Wei Wucai went to do some serious research on how fujoshis minds worked.

Meanwhile, Yan Zhiqing did not immediately respond to Yuan Jiangyis question.

Instead, she asked, “You… want to be together tonight”

Yan Zhqing had asked this question dispiritedly.

Didnt Wei Wucai say that he liked her

That was why Yan Zhiqing was so hesitant.

It was because she was uncertain whether or not Wei Wucai would change his mind.

She felt that Wei Wucai shouldnt have any romantic feelings towards Yuan Jiangyi…

The two of them had been teammates for so long, after all.


However, a seed of apprehension remained in Yan Zhiqings mind, and she couldnt stop her imagination from running wild.

When he heard the way Yan Zhiqing had asked that question, the corner of Wei Wucais mouth twitched.

He explained helplessly, “Dont think baselessly.

Its not what you think.”

Foolishly, Yuan Jiangyi still did not understand what was going on.

“Whats not what”

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At this point, Hao Donghuai was the first one to understand.

It was truly… due to the influence of their leaders younger sister, Fang Jiaran.

This was especially so after she got married to Wen Ren and kept a stash of several unspeakable volumes of yaoi manga.

From time to time, Wen Ren would happen to find the manga and throw them out.

And what happened when they were thrown out

He couldnt simply place them in the garbage heap.

It wasnt just a problem that it would be too easy for Fang Jiaran to retrieve the manga.

Wouldnt it also damage the prestige of their leader and his wife

So, Wen Ren gave the manga to Hao Donghuai.

He had the latter deal with the manga in secret.

Hao Donghuai was a very masculine man whose heterosexuality was as pure as 24k gold.

The first time Wen Ren gave the manga to Hao Donghuai, the latter had flipped through it out of curiosity.

As expected, he couldnt continue reading it in the end.

Later on, Wen Ren naturally constantly threw more yaoi manga over to him.

Hao Donghuai lamented that Fang Jiaran persevered in struggling against Wen Ren, even managing to keep lengthening the time in which the manga stayed hidden.

She could not have had a very easy time since she was able to continue improving under Wen Rens nose.

Upon receiving the manga, Hao Donghuai did not flip through them again, but he could still see the covers and the titles.

Something… younger… something.

Hao Donghuai was strangely somewhat proficient in these sorts of words.

So at this moment, when Yan Zhiqing first said those words…

Hao Donghuai didnt actually have any reaction to it.

This was because he was under the impression that Yan Zhiqing was already in a relationship with Wei Wucai.

So, she naturally wouldnt suspect that Wei Wucai would be doing any of those sorts of things with a man.

Even if she did suspect something, shed be suspecting that he would do it with a woman, right

When Wei Wucai did not speak, girls usually liked him a lot.

That was until Wei Wucai told Yan Zhiqing to not think baselessly.

Upon seeing Yan Zhiqings gaze alternate between Yuan Jiangyi and Wei Wucai…

Hao Donghuai suddenly understood.

His heart ached silently for Wei Wucai and Yuan Jiangyi for a brief moment, then he scolded Yuan Jiangyi.


It was just too easy for Yuan Jiangyis words to cause a misunderstanding.

All that about him being above or topping Wei Wucai…

Hao Donghuai hurriedly tugged at Yuan Jiangyi below the table.

“Why are you tugging at me” In the presence of his own people, Yuan Jiangyi was seriously unhinged.

When he turned his head to look at Hao Donghuai, Yuan Jiangyi even said discontentedly, “Were amongst our own people.

If you have something to say, just say it.

Why are you being all sneaky”

Hao Donghuai felt speechless.

“Just what exactly is the matter” Yuan Jiangyi asked Hao Donghuai again, with an expression that told Hao Donghuai to just speak in front of everyone.

“…” Hao Donghuai could no longer be bothered with Yuan Jiangyi.

This person, who normally seemed rather clever, had become particularly stupid this evening.

Hao Donghuai looked at Yuan Jiangyi and coolly let out a cold laugh.

He had given Yuan Jiangyi a chance, but the latter didnt want it.

Hao Donghuai tossed aside his concern and care for his comrade and replaced it with schadenfreude.

He leaned forward and explained to Yan Zhiqing, who was sitting opposite him, “Zhiqing, dont misunderstand.

I dont know whats going on with Old Yuan, but Xiao Cai is a genuinely straight guy.”

Yuan Jiangyi finally understood.

He still didnt understand a moment ago, but now, putting things together with what Hao Donghuai said…

Yuan Jiangyi knew Yan Zhiqing had misunderstood him earlier.

Thinking of what he had said about him topping Wei Wucai, he realized it was indeed rather easy to misunderstand.

However, what was that about how Hao Donghuai didnt know what was going on with Old Yuan

Yuan Jiangyi immediately explained for his own sake, “Im also a straight man, genuinely! Dont listen to the drivel Hao Zi said.

As if its possible that he doesnt know what Im like”

“No…” Faced with Yan Zhiqings gaze, Yuan Jiangyi suddenly felt like he was only making matters worse the more he explained.

“I meant, he knows because the three of us have spent our whole lives together.

We trained together, ate and drank together… But of course, we didnt sleep together,” Yuan Jiangyi said hurriedly.

The Mount Lan Compound was so rich and powerful.

Moreover, the fact that they could join it meant each of them was from an influential family.

Normal people did not get this opportunity.

It was due to this that the Mount Lan Compound had developed inseparably close relationships with all the influential families.

This was one of the methods the compound used to maintain its status.

After all, the Mount Lan Compound was truly too extraordinary and outstanding.

If there were ever a need to fight, the Mount Lan Compound would inevitably bear the brunt of the opponents attacks.

So, the Mount Lan Compound had developed unbreakable relationships with all of the influential families early on.

Even if someone wanted to hit the bird that took the lead, they would not be able to.

As for Yuang Jiangyi and the others, they were from influential families, and the Mount Lan Compound did not lack in money…

So theyd never slept with anyone else, even when they were young and had just joined the compound.

Each one of them was innocent!

“Additionally, the three of us are very firmly straight men, the especially unshakable kind,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“Dont misunderstand the three of us because of how good our friendship is.”

He added hastily, “To be frank, our leaders wife also asked us in the past if there was some unspeakable relationship between us.

There truly isnt.”

“And Xiao Cai is even more of a steely man than we are.” Yuan Jiangyi was totally unaware that he was causing great trouble for Wei Wucai.

Earlier, Wei Wucai was slightly afraid that something bad would happen.

However, the mood was great and relaxed, so he overlooked this point and didnt think of it.

Now, upon hearing Yuan Jiangyis words, Wei Wucai finally knew what was wrong.

Yan Zhiqing thought he was gay!

Moreover, the persona he created for himself was that of a gay man who had been turned straight by Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai had a good plan.

This way, he could overturn his past lies with good reason.

Yan Zhiqing wouldnt get angry that he had deceived her.

But who knew that Yuan Jiangyi would actually expose him at this moment!

“Old Yuan, arent you hungry” Wei Wucai hurriedly interrupted Yuan Jiangyi.

“Im fine.

You guys eat.

Ill talk with Yan Zhiqing first.” Yuan Jiangyi waved his hand, seeming very unbothered.

Despite Hao Donghuais rough appearance, he was actually very careful.

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