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However, Mou Danqiong thought about something.

She asked, “Even though Hou Wu doesnt have any blackmailing materials anymore, he did have blackmailing material on Zhiqing.

“If we revealed their transaction records and interactions to the public and there werent any records of Zhiqing, wouldnt he suspect that Zhiqing had done it” Mou Danqiong thought more about this.

“He had just threatened us, and now, this revenge.


“You forgot that we did not pay him.” Wei Wucai had automatically grouped himself with Yan Zhiqing like they were one entity.

Mou Danqiong felt her eyes twitch.

However, she couldnt be bothered with Wei Wucai verbally taking advantage of Yan Zhiqing.

She showed an expression that was asking for enlightenment.

Wei Wucai thus said, “We didnt pay them, which means that their transaction record shouldnt show any from Zhiqing.

“I am only going to expose their transaction history to the public.

I wont leak the blackmailing materials he had on those celebrities.

They keep their own financial records, and Zhiqings name is not in there.

We did not intentionally erase Zhiqings name.

Of course, maybe they would still suspect Zhiqing even without any evidence.”

A suspicion happens even without the presence of evidence.

“But so what” Wei Wucai raised his brow.

“Even if they suspected it, what could they do to Zhiqing If they truly want to do something, then we can just remind them of what has happened to Luo Qingxian and Lu Xiuse.”

Wei Wucai went on coldly, “If they dont mind that, then they might as well try it.”


The fact that they had dared to threaten Yan Zhiqing meant that they didnt think this was a big deal.

They had only dared to ask for a million.

They didnt dare to do anything more than that.

Mou Danqiong was speechless.

What Wei Wucai said made sense.

It seemed overbearing and unreasonable, but it would definitely work off her anger!

“Thats what we will do, then,” Mou Danqiong said.

“I still have some alternate accounts I havent used.”

Mou Danqiong then transferred the information of those accounts to Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai checked them to make sure that no one would find out any clues through those accounts.

He then sent the information of those accounts to Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai.

“Since you two are here, why dont we do something together” Wei Wucai said.

Since they were here and represented such an efficient force of labor, it would be a pity not to use them.

Yuan Jiangyi was speechless.

Hao Donghuai felt speechless.

If the others found out that the three team leaders at the Mount Lan Compound had worked together for such a small matter…

They would be so shocked that they would go crazy.

There were hardly ever any assignments that required all three of them to work together.

But now, each of the three was using a few Weibo accounts.

This image was unbearable.

Due to a habit they had developed at work, the three did not immediately log into the accounts on the laptop.

They first changed their IP addresses multiple times so that no one would be able to track their location.

Then, they proceeded to log into the accounts.

If Hou Wu found out that such a professional team had been called into action after he had been hacked…

How would he feel about that

Soon, all the celebrity news accounts with a huge fanbase on the web received the transaction records between Hou Wus company and many celebrities.

Wei Wucai and the other two also posted the transaction records and even paid to have their post boosted.

And so, even if those celebrity news accounts didnt post it because they were afraid of offending people or because they still needed time to verify this news…

They wouldnt have to worry about the netizens not knowing.

Because alternate accounts had no fans, it meant that the post would have very little exposure.

But if the post was boosted, many netizens would be able to see it.

The netizens wouldnt care if it was real or not.

They would just share it when they saw it.

As for the authenticity of this post, they would let those who could verify do the verification.

They were only in charge of reading the gossip.

And so, after Hou Wu had paid someone to reinstall the softwares to surf the web and work…

He went online and immediately felt like his life had flashed before his eyes.

Earlier, he was busy trying to fix the computers in the office and asking everyone to use their connections…

To find the person who had hacked their computers.

He had to indirectly ask around to see if any celebrity news had been leaked.

If any celebrity news were leaked, he had to verify if the news matched any materials their office had.

If it matched, it would be obvious.

It meant that the bastard who had attacked their companys computers sold the materials that his company owned.

Time went by just like that.

Therefore, when everyone was done with their tasks, a whole afternoon had gone by.

The person who came to install the softwares had fixed their computers.

However, when the person left, they saw how empty the computers were.

All the materials were gone.

The drafts that they had worked so hard to organize were gone as well.

The tears and bitterness they felt were obvious.

There was nothing in the computers.

Even if they wanted to, they could not work.

They could no longer find the pictures and videos to support the drafts that they had written earlier.

Even if they could remember what they had written, they couldnt write it anymore.

Who would believe it if all they had were words

Even if people believed it, the post wouldnt spread on social media for too long.

It was something that could be easily denied by people.

Therefore, everyone had nothing to do.

Someone then started surfing the web on their phone.

They then saw something incredible.

“Elder Brother Hou!” someone shouted in surprise.

It shocked Hou Wu.

“What happened”

“The hacker who hacked our computer must have done this!” The person approached Hou Wu with the phone.

“Look, he showed the public our financial records! If it was just our financial records, that would have been fine.

But these are all the transaction records with those celebrities.”

This scared Hou Wu so much.

He could feel a shiver down his spine.

“What did you say!” Hou Wu couldnt even bother to search it up himself.

Even the time to search it up himself would be a waste.

And so, he grabbed the phone from the person.

Hou Wu saw that it was posted by some famous celebrity news account.

Because Wei Wucai had already boosted their post about the financial records of Hou Wus company…

The netizens already had their eyes on the news.

Whether it was true or not, the owners of the celebrity news account knew that they could not delay it any further.

If they were slow and couldnt keep up with the newest update in this industry, the netizens would look down on them.

Therefore, whether it was true or not, they didnt bother to verify.

They just posted it first.

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