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If not, he clearly wouldnt have made others call him President Yu despite only being the Vice-President.

“Stop right there!” Vice President Yu roared, “Lu Man, Ill give one last chance, will you take it or not If you wont take the case, leave this company!”

“President Yu!” Wu Lizes expression changed immediately.

“That wasnt what Lu Man meant.”

However, Xia Mengxuan suddenly spoke up at that moment.

“Lu Man, this company isnt owned by you or your family, you cant just do whatever you want.

I know that you think that because youre going to join a performing arts school, youll resign sooner or later, and thus now you dont even care about your superiors.”

Thus, the anger written on Vice President Yus face only got worse; there was actually even something like this.

No wonder Lu Man was so bold!

“However, as long as you are in this company, you are just an ordinary employee, you have to listen to your superiors orders!” Xia Mengxuans raised her voice, her voice bright and clear.

Vice President Yu gave an appreciative look to Xia Mengxuan.

That made Xia Mengxuan straighten her back in pride even more.

Now that she had definitely caught Vice President Yus eye, it would be beneficial for her future development and career progression.

Moreover, she just couldnt stand how this bunch of people in the office behaving all fake.

Each and every one of them always acted as if they were on some moral high ground and looked down on her.


Helping Lu Man like this, was it really worthwhile

Anyway, their words didnt carry any weight.

In front of Vice President Yu, it was nothing!

“Xia Mengxuan, its not your place to talk here.” Wu Lize upbraided her coldly.

He, the head of this department, had yet to say a word, and Xia Mengxuan had already reprimanded Lu Man.

Right in front of him, she was trying to suck up to Vice President Yu and show off her professionalism.

How dare she treat him like he was dead

All this while, Wu Lize wasnt worried for Lu Man as with Han Zhuoli backing her, a mere President Yu was nothing.

“I think that Xiao Xia is rather reasonable!” Vice President Yu heard Wu Lizes words and repoved him harshly.

“As the manager of the public relations department, you cant even manage your own employee, and yet you still have the cheek to talk about others Xia Mengxuan is right.

As the companys employee, Lu Man has to follow the companys orders!”

Xia Mengxuan lifted her chin up, smugness written over her face.

Wu Lizes face darkened.

Once todays matter was over, he would make sure to take care of Xia Mengxuan first.

Did Xia Mengxuan really think that pleasing Vice President Yu and making a good impression meant that there would be a bright future ahead for her

She better not forget that he was still her direct superior!

Although right now Vice President Yu seemed like he was rather satisfied with Xia Mengxuan today, after this is over, he would definitely forget an insignificant person like Xia Mengxuan.

Moreover, Xia Mengxuan still had to work under him.

From now on, as long as Xia Mengxuan stayed in the Public Relations Department, he would make sure she suffers!

Wu Lizes face darkened but he didnt say anything else.

Seeing that even Wu Lizes words were useless, Brother Zhang, Sister Li and others couldnt say anything either.

It would just be futile, anyway.

They glared furiously at Xia Mengxuan.

Normally, no matter how much they argued in the office and how much they couldnt stand the sight of each other, but she had gone overboard by adding insult to injury right now!

“Lu Man, will you take this case or not!” CEO Yu asked once more.

Lu Man stopped and turned around.

Calmly yet steadily, she rejected him.


“Alright then, pack up your things and leave!” Vice President Yu pointed at Lu Man.

“Do you think that youre some big-shot because youve won some award, giving you the right to be so unreasonable and do whatever you want in the company! If not for Han Corporation providing you this platform, do you really think you could have had the chance to win the award Everything you have right now was given to you by the company.

Without Han Corporations support, youre nothing! As an employee of the company, you wont listen to the companys others, then the company doesnt need an employee like you either.

Leave now!”

Everyone was silenced in shock.

Vice President Yu was actually serious.

Just because Lu Man refused to accept a case, he actually chased Lu Man away.

He went way too overboard.


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