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Who knows when they might have a use for the materials

It took them days and months to accumulate all those materials.

All of the materials were their wealth.

They were worth more than tens of millions.

In fact, it would be an understatement to say that they were worth hundreds of millions.

If Yuan Jiangyi could really get all those materials back, Hou Wu would be willing to pay any amount of money.

No matter how expensive it was, the payment couldnt possibly be over a hundred million.

In addition, it took them so much effort and time to save up all those materials.

Those materials represented more than just wealth.

They represented their effort, blood, sweat, and tears.


Thankfully, Wei Wucai did not know what Hou Wu thought about those materials.

If he did, Wei Wucai would have made Hou Wu, who had just swallowed his blood and tears, to cry and bleed again.

Yuan Jiangyi looked very innocent as he said, “But he deleted everything.

I cant just make them appear out of thin air.”

He smiled helplessly.

“There is nothing in the computer.

It is completely empty.

How can I access them I am not a God.

I cant just make things out of nothing.”

“But… could they be in some hidden place in the computer” Hou Wu was computer illiterate.


The hacker wiped everything clean.

How can I find it when there isnt even a missing piece” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“How about… are you able to hack into his computer” Hou Wu thought of another solution.

“Since he can hack our computers, you should be able to break into the hackers computer as well.

You can find the files again after you break into the hackers computer.”

That would work out, wouldnt it

Yuan Jiangyi rolled his eyes, not bothering to hide it at all.

He then said to Hou Wu, “Let me explain it to you.

“Firstly, are you sure that your files are in his computer It will take time to transfer files, and its very troublesome too.

He might have just deleted all the files in your computer and probably didnt bother to transfer all the files.

“But alright, lets just say that he did transfer your files to his computer.

Well have another issue.

I dont know who he is and I cannot find his IP address.

How am I going to hack his computer Should I just blindly hack someone or rely on my imagination”

Hou Wu, the computer illiterate, said with a frown, “He must have left some traces when he hacked our computer, right”

“Hehe.” Yuan Jiangyi chuckled and said, “Both of the programmers you hired were unable to crack the software he left behind.

You had no choice but to ask me for help.

You are aware that he is someone at a very high level.

Do you think someone with such a high standard would leave any hints for you

“In addition, hackers have fake IP addresses.

They use multiple locations as their IP address.

Even if we tried our best to search him up, we might only end up finding an IP address located in a remote area overseas, and that might not be his actual IP address.

“Furthermore, when I was trying to solve the issue, I did a thorough check and noticed that he did a very clean job.

Before he exited the system, he wiped all traces of him clean.

Thus, I cant find anything.”

“However, you know who he is.” Hou Wu reacted very quickly.

Yuan Jiangyi had made a phone call to verify it earlier.

“I do know, but I only know his code name.

Did your colleague not explain to you how hackers do things” Yuan Jiangyi said.

Yu Mingxin did explain it to him.

“I called someone to verify if it was him and received confirmation,” Yuan Jiangyi said.

“However, I did not actually talk to that person.

I dont know his name, age, where he is from, where he is currently located, and any other information about him.”

Hou Wu narrowed his eyes as he asked, “I thought the Mount Lan Compound knew everything.”

He had a feeling that Yuan Jiangyi knew who the person was and had even collaborated with that person.

Yuan Jiangyi sneered and said, “We could help investigate it for you.

However, an investigation assignment is not priced cheaply.

Are you sure you want to investigate”

If he couldnt get those materials back, he would most likely go bankrupt.

Where could he get the money for this investigation!

Even if he managed to find the hackers identity, so what

With the hackers technical skills, revenge would only take minutes for him.

Yuan Jiangyi sneered and said, “Alright.

Whatever happens now is the offices business.

It is no longer our responsibility.”

Yuan Jiangyi immediately left with Hao Donghuai, refusing to give Hou Wu any more chance of pestering him.

In the office, Hou Wu stared at the computers that had the same functions as bricks.

He suddenly felt so sad and utterly dispirited.

Hou Wu could not even describe his feelings right now.

And so, he didnt see Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng chasing after Yuan Jiangyi.

Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng hastily called Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai.

“What else do you need” Yuan Jiangyi stopped and turned to look at them.

“Erm… We just wanted to know…” Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng exchanged glances.

Yu Mingxin then said, “Are you on a higher level or lower level than the person who hacked our computer today How much better or inferior are you in comparison to the hacker today”

When Yuan Jiangyi heard this, he felt delighted as he lifted his chin up and said without feeling any shame, “Of course I am on top of him.”

He wanted to take advantage of Wei Wucai by just saying certain things.

Wei Wucai wasnt here anyway, so he could really say whatever he wanted.

And so, Yuan Jiangyi said shamelessly, “Didnt you see how quickly I cracked his software It was not hard at all.

The barriers that he created were like air to me.

That means his level is much lower than mine.”

However, this made a lot of sense to Yu Mingxin and Wu Sheng.

After all, Yuan Jiangyi did crack the hackers codes within a short time without encountering any difficulties.

They hadnt been able to crack the codes at all.

To them, that hacker was like a god.

But Yuan Jiangyi had cracked the software left by God within a short time.

It was like entering into no mans land.

It was just as Yuan Jiangyi had said.

Yuan Jiangyi was indeed much more skilled than the hacker.

Yuan Jiangyi was like Zeus!

Immediately, Wu Sheng and Yu Mingxin stared at Yuan Jiangyi like they were looking up at the most superior god.

Yuan Jiangyi laughed proudly and left energetically with Hao Donghuai.

As for Wei Wucai and the others, they had reviewed almost all the gossip that Hou Wus office had collected.

There were some that they couldnt bother to review.

After reading so much gossip, they felt themselves dealing with sensory overload.

Yan Zhiqing experienced a reset of her worldview as she felt as though none in the entertainment industry were actually good.

But Yan Zhiqing knew this wasnt true.

There were still good people in the industry.

So she shouldnt generalize.

But now, she really didnt dare to read any more.

She felt her eyes and brain hurting.

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