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She really didnt know her place at all, and still dared to be unreasonable with him.

Did she really think that just because she won some puny lousy award she was an amazing person

He wanted her to know that he wasnt someone to be messed with.

Since she was in the Public Relations Department, did she think that she wouldnt have any contact with him and could just look down on him!

“Alright, Lu Man will handle it then.” Vice President Yu said, “Lu Man, draft a couple of proposals for Mr Wang to choose from until hes finally pleased.

Well leave Yu Xingzhous matter to you.”

Vice President Yu then turned his head and asked Wang Lu, “By when do you want the proposals”

Wang Lu evilly curled up a corner of his mouth.

“I want the proposals by tomorrow.”

Currently, other than Vice President Yu and Xia Mengxuan, everyone felt that Wang Lu was intentionally making things difficult.

For him, PR crisis management proposals were like a game to him, did he really think he could just ask for as many as he wanted Or did he think that he could just casually find a couple proposals on the internet

Even if this case wasnt difficult, asking Lu Man to churn it out in one evening, was honestly him making things difficult for her.

Wu Lize frowned.

“President Yu, this is way too rushed.

If one could really churn out quite a few proposals in one night, we wouldnt have been tormented for a long period of time over Du Lins case previously.”

“Thats right!” Sister Li backed him up.

“And would you even dare to use a proposal that was so easily prepared It definitely wouldnt be perfect enough.”

President Yu looked at Wang Lu and Wang Lu then nodded lightly.

Vice President Yu said, “Then just one!”

“I wont even do one,” Lu Man replied coldly.

“Why Is one nights time not even enough” Wang Lu smiled coldly.

“Then you really arent professional at all.

You are in charge of managing public relations crises, once something happens to a client, would the public even give you enough time to finish thinking before they start discussing about it Do you really think that I know nothing just because im an outsider So many public relations officers stay up all night just to come up with a proposal to solve those crises.

Why cant you do it then Looks like youre only just so-so.”

Chen Shimian pursed his lips in anger tightly.

Speaking to them, professionals, about efficiency was way too ridiculous!

Did he really think they didnt know

“Drafting the proposal is only the first step of solving a crisis.

It just controls the crisis within a perimeter, a crisis cant be completely solved overnight.” Brother Zhang said solemnly.

“Then let her draft a complete proposal, thats my bottom line.” Wang Lu raised his voice, “If this proposal satisfies me, Ill then make her the in-charge of Yu Xingzhous case.

Dont think that Ill give her the charge just because im making her draft a proposal.

Its just a test for her.

Also, since Yu Xingzhous case is urgent, I can only give her one nights time.”

Acting like a diva had still somewhat affected Yu Xingzhous public image.

Not only had he lost many fans, but many advertisers and event organizers also didnt contact Yu Xingzhou anymore.

“No need,” Lu Man refused coldly.

“You wont need a nights time” Wang Lu questioned.

“Its good that you have confidence, but you must have the enough talent to match it too.

However, if youre this confident, then submit the proposal to me before leaving work today..”

“I never said that I agreed to take on this case,” Lu Man said coldly.

“What do you mean!” Wang Lu was furious.

He didnt expect that even now Lu Man would have to guts to talk back.

“I really wont take up this case.

It will the same regardless who you find to order me.

When I say Im not taking it on, I wont, no matter what.” After Lu Man spoke, she turned around and headed back to her seat.

Clearly she didnt care about Wang Lu at all.

However, Vice President Yu was infuriated.

It was one thing to disregard Wang Lu, but surprisingly Lu Man didnt leave him any face..

In the company, from higher management to lower workers, everyone knew that Vice President Yu extremely cared about his face.


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