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Yan Zhiqings face darkened.

“We are not!” Yan Zhiqing had a very gloomy expression as she tried to explain herself.

However, Fang Qiaohan nodded in a very casual and perfunctory manner.

“Okay.” Fang Qiaohan nodded and said, “But whether you did anything or not, people didnt see that, right Even if the paparazzi followed you and took photos of you, they would only be able to capture photos of you coming out of Wei Wucais room or of Wei Wucai coming out of your room.

“They wont care what you were doing inside the room.

Even if you were just playing Monopoly in there, they would still think otherwise.

“Anyway, just prepare yourself.

If photos of you were taken, just admit it.

Dont even try to clear things up.”

Fang Qiaohan seemed to be saying that since Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai had been so friendly with each other, why should they even bother to clear things up

They would eventually be together anyway.

Yan Zhiqing, feeling really worried, immediately retreated while responding, “I got it.

I will go back first.

Rest well.”

She then asked, “By the way, do you have enough cold medicine”

“I have enough,” Fang Qiaohan said.

“Quick, go back and get some rest.”

Fang Qiaohan didnt need to ask Yan Zhiqing if she still had a fever.

Yan Zhiqing looked very energetic.

Her face had a healthy red glow.

Clearly, her fever had gone away.

In addition, if she still had a fever, Wei Wucai would never have let her out here.

Fang Qiaohan had indeed pointed out the truth.

Yan Zhiqings speed was no match against Wei Wucai.

It might seem like she had run out while she had caught Wei Wucai off guard, but it was really Wei Wucai who had intentionally let her out of the room.

He didnt want to give her too much pressure, which was why he didnt pursue her immediately when she ran out.

Wei Wucai was at ease because her fever was gone and she only had a cold.

This was why he had been reassured enough to let her out of the room.

Yan Zhiqing hastily took her keycard and went back to her room.

Once inside, she took off Fang Qiaohans down and feather jacket, revealing the pajama set she was wearing.

Previously, when she was in Wei Wucais room, she didnt have a chance to see what she looked like wearing his pajamas.

And now that she had returned to her own room, she immediately went to check herself in the mirror.

And the result shocked her.

She didnt expect herself to look like this while wearing Wei Wucais pajamas.

This pajama set was not revealing.

Every area of her body was covered.

But she just looked sexy.

She looked like she had just had sex with her boyfriend and was wearing her boyfriends pajamas.

There was this indescribable intimacy that gave space for imagination.

She had no idea this was what she had looked like in Wei Wucais room.

He had been looking at her, who was dressed like this, for the entire night.

Not only did he look at her…

But she had also been lying in his arms.

The loose clothing naturally moved around and became messy while she was sleeping in his arms.

Who knew how much she had revealed during that time

Even when she was wearing it nicely right now, she looked seductive.

Not to mention how inappropriate she might have looked when she was moving around in Wei Wucais arms and causing her clothes to look disheveled.

Yan Zhiqings face immediately turned red when she pulled the corner of her shirt.

She didnt dare to look at herself in the mirror anymore.

She hastily found her own pajama pants.

She then took off Wei Wucais pajamas and changed into her own clothes.

Next, she picked up Wei Wucais pajamas.

His pajamas were fresh and dry.

However, before she went to the hospital in the afternoon, she had been sleeping in his pajamas.

She was sweating a lot and had soaked the pajamas.

But when she came back, the pajamas had already dried.

She had a fever then; hence, Wei Wucai wouldnt allow her to shower.

She didnt change her pajamas then.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing thought about when she was in Wei Wucais arms while wearing this pajama set.

She wondered if she had smelled like sweat.

Yan Zhiqing recalled this.

She hastily lowered her head and gave a sniff.

However, though she spent a while sniffing, she did not smell anything weird.

The fresh scent of newly washed clothes was gone, leaving only her body scent.

It was a light fragrance that wasnt obvious, and there was no smell of sweat.

Yan Zhiqing frowned, suspecting that her cold had affected her sense of smell.

However, Yan Zhiqing couldnt really imagine herself in Wei Wucais arms while smelling sweaty.

She hastily called customer service and sent the pajama set to be washed.

Because Wei Wucai was no longer managing her here, Yan Zhiqing quickly went to take a shower.

But because of her cold, she did feel a little chilly.

Therefore, she rushed out after just giving herself a rinse.

She had sweated earlier.

Although her body had dried, she still felt weird and dirty.

And now, she had rinsed herself clean and felt much more comfortable.

Unfortunately, she could only rest for a day today.

But because of the mess Wei Wucai had created, she could not even sleep.

She felt very agitated.

After Yan Zhiqing finished her shower, she climbed onto the bed in comfort.

At this moment, she finally had the chance to swipe up on her phone screen to check her phone.

She first saw the WeChat message from Wu Mosen.

And then, she noticed that Wei Wucai had sent her a WeChat message as well.

Yan Zhiqing had gotten out of Wei Wucais room and had gone to Fang Qiaohans room.

That took a while.

When she made it back to her room, she took a shower.

A long time had passed by.

Yan Zhiqing didnt notice when she had gone out of Wei Wucais room.

When she opened the WeChat message sent by Wei Wucai, she felt terrible.

Wei Wucais message was this—”You didnt bump into anyone in the hallway, did you If you did, youd create a misunderstanding.”

Fang Qiaohan had said the same thing.

But for some reason, Yan Zhiqing felt as though Wei Wucais words were filled with trickery and cunning.

It was a different case with Fang Qiaohan, who was purely worried.

It seemed like Wei Wucai wanted someone to have seen her.

Yan Zhiqing was so angry that she didnt want to respond to him.

She threw the phone to the side and decided that she wanted to sleep.

She decided not to think about anything and just forget about the matter concerning Wei Wucai.

However, Wei Wucai had no intention of letting her go easily.

Yan Zhiqing was lying on the bed with her eyes closed.

She was turning around and could not fall asleep.

Then, she heard the WeChat message notification again.

Yan Zhiqing didnt want to check, but she was worried that it was from the production crew.

As a result, she clicked on it and opened to find that it was just another message from Wei Wucai.

She placed the phone with the screen down on the side.

She didnt want to look at Wei Wucais message.

She took up the pillow on the side and hid her face.

The phone stayed quiet and no messages came through again.

But even so, Yan Zhiqing couldnt help thinking about Wei Wucai.

She couldnt calm herself down.

Yan Zhiqing reached up and touched her lips.

When she was talking to Fang Qiaohan, she didnt have time to think about it.

But now, she recalled the feeling of being kissed by Wei Wucai.

At this moment, the doorbell rang.

She didnt know who was at the door at this time.

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