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Unfortunately, she just didnt seem to have any immunity towards Wei Wucais face.

When Wei Wucai came closer, she could not even move.

Her face gradually reddened and her heart started beating faster.

She watched as Wei Wucais face gradually became bigger and bigger before her eyes and came closer and closer.

Yan Zhiqing couldnt even use her brain anymore.

Suddenly, Wei Wucai pushed her down.

He pinned her down on the bed by pressing on her shoulders, not allowing her to move an inch.

Yan Zhiqings mouth went agape in surprise.

Before she could make a sound and before she could even react to it, her mouth was blocked.

In addition, he had blocked her mouth with his lips.

To put it in simple words, she had been kissed by Wei Wucai!

Yan Zhiqing opened her eyes widely.

She was so shocked that she even forgot how to breathe.

Worrying that she might panic and start squirming, Wei Wucai locked her in his arms.

But then, Yan Zhiqing was stunned.

She didnt even know how to squirm.

As a result, Wei Wucai became more relaxed.

When he secretly pecked her on the lips last night, he was really nervous.

Because he felt guilty and was worried that she might wake up, he had only given her a peck on the lips before he quickly pulled away.

He couldnt actually enjoy it.

At this moment, Yan Zhiqing was awake, and he had openly and directly kissed her.

Since he was already kissing her, there was no point in feeling guilty.

And so, Wei Wucai gave Yan Zhiqing a very deep kiss.

He didnt miss a single spot.

The right hand that held her shoulder moved to the side of the shoulder and slithered down the slender and attractive spine line on her back before stopping at the thinnest area on the back of her waist.

He pressed the back of her waist with his palm and pushed her up close against his body.

The left hand that was holding on to her shoulder moved along her neck and cupped the back of her head.

He then pressed her skull down.

While he cupped the back of her head, he sealed his lips to hers.

Yan Zhiqing could not even dodge this.

Her entire being immediately became weak, pitiful, and helpless.

She was locked tightly in Wei Wucais arms, making her seem much more slender, thin, and weak.

Both of Yan Zhiqings arms were firmly held.

She couldnt move them.

Both of her hands helplessly held on to the sides of his pajama shirt, and she involuntarily started grasping tighter and tighter.

After a while, Wei Wucai pulled away from her lips.

He watched as her lips turned much rosier after being kissed.

Her lips looked like the petals of a well-hydrated rose.

“I suggested that because I know I feel something only towards you,” Wei Wucai said.

His voice was no longer clear like before.

It sounded deep and hoarse.

But his voice just sounded very seductive.

It felt like his voice was emitting this burning heat.

Every breath of air he exhaled upon speaking was burning her skin.

“Zhiqing,” Wei Wucai said hoarsely.

She just stared at Wei Wucai like a dummy.

Wasnt… Wasnt… Wasnt he gay!

“I think…” she then heard Wei Wucai say in a hoarse voice.

“You turned me straight.”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

What kind of joke was this

Could a gay person be turned straight

Wei Wucai looked at how dumb she looked and went in for another kiss.

Currently, Wei Wucai had no fear and no worries.

He had kissed her openly and had finally told her that he was turned straight by her.

Wei Wucai felt like he had been freed.

There were no longer any worries.

Since he had kissed her once, he might as well kiss her again.

Since he had kissed her, he might as well kiss her a couple more times.

If he would be scolded by Yan Zhiqing for kissing her once, then he might as well kiss her a few more times and be scolded at once for all of the kisses.

Wei Wucai was in a very good mood.

“You… You… have been turned straight” Yan Zhiqing was so shocked that she was stuttering.

“Mhm,” Wei Wucai said in a deep tone.

“I think… you turned me straight…”

He added, “I dont have such feelings towards others.

But I have such feelings toward you.”

Yan Zhiqing felt her heart quivering.

She had initially been avoiding him because she thought that there was no possibility of them being together due to his different sexual orientation.

But Wei Wucai just said that he had feelings for her.

She immediately felt motivated to put in effort into this.

However, Yan Zhiqing immediately sensed something weird.

Yan Zhiqings arms were locked up in his arms and she couldnt push him away.

She could only grab onto the side of his pajama shirt and pull him upward.

However, her effort was useless.

She couldnt move him at all.

Instead, Wei Wucai hugged her even more tightly in his arms.

“Let me go first.” Yan Zhiqing had regained her senses and was no longer that easily fooled.

She no longer looked dumb like how she looked earlier.

However, because Wei Wucai was holding her very tightly, she wanted to escape his hug.

But the more Yan Zhiqing struggled, the harder it was to free herself.

Yan Zhiqing, who was struggling pointlessly in Wei Wucais arms, was instead firing up the sexual urge that Wei Wucai felt.

Wei Wucai suddenly pressed her towards him, causing Yan Zhiqing to freeze in shock.

Wei Wucai then let out a sigh of relief as he said nervously, “Look.

I didnt lie.

I feel something for you.”

But what he said made Yan Zhiqing even angrier.

She couldnt push him away because her arms were locked up.

Suddenly, the hands that were holding on to the side of his pajama shirt turned into fists.

She then punched him on the waist.

Although she liked him so much, there were things that were ambiguous.

How could she allow him to take advantage of her like this!

Wei Wucai was already feeling weak around his waist and could not take a beating as easily as before.

And so, he really felt pain from Yan Zhiqings punch.

A drop of sweat fell from his forehead.

He gnashed his teeth and said, “What if your punch caused erectile dysfunction It took so much effort to—”

Yan Zhiqing felt speechless.

The corner of her mouth twitched.

She then said, “It serves you right for taking advantage of me!”

Wei Wucai wanted to reply that he wasnt taking advantage of her.

But considering their current situation, his statement wouldnt be very convincing.

“Are you angry” Wei Wucai asked.

Yan Zhiqings face was flushed.

Wei Wucai didnt know if the redness was caused by anger or shyness, although her current expression did not look shy.

Seeing how angry she looked, Wei Wucai became more careful.

“What do you see me as” Yan Zhiqing said with a serious expression.

She went on seriously, “You even said that we are good friends.”

This suddenly reminded Wei Wucai of that sentence—I treat you as a friend, but you want to f*ck me.

Immediately, he felt really guilty.

This was because this statement perfectly described him.

Yan Zhiqing then said, “You said that you wont harm other girls and wont hurt them, but you decided to hurt me Does this mean that anyone who becomes your friend could be hurt by you”

She went on angrily, “You feel embarrassed hurting someone else, so you decided to hurt your good friend instead.

Is that the case”

She felt wronged.

How could Wei Wucai bully her like this

“I didnt…” Wei Wucai immediately said.

“Why would I hurt you How could I bear to hurt you”

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