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Whenever she wasnt looking at Wei Wucai, he was secretly looking at her.

It was truly unexpected for two people to play the ancient game of secretly looking at each other in this modern time.

And now, Wei Wucai felt exactly the same as Yan Zhiqing.

The few days of not being together felt like a few years.

They cherished such a chance of seeing each other face-to-face even more.

When Wei Wucai heard what Yan Zhiqing said, he suddenly turned.

Before Yan Zhiqing even had the chance to let her mind run free and ponder if Wei Wucai was unwilling for her to walk with him at this moment…

She saw Wei Wucai crouch down with his knees bent.

He extended his arms backward, gesturing that he wanted to protect Yan Zhiqing.

“Come on up,” Wei Wucai said.

Yan Zhiqing suddenly realized that Wei Wucai wanted to carry her on his back.

Yan Zhiqing hesitated slightly and said, “Its hard enough to walk on these rocky paths.

It will be even more difficult if you carry me.

Ill just walk by myself.”

“I am used to such rocky paths.” Wei Wucai turned his head slightly to the side and saw the silhouettes of the people behind Yan Zhiqing.

“In addition, it will be faster if I carry you.

If you walked on your own, I would have to worry about you stumbling.”

When Wei Wucai saw that Yan Zhiqing was still unsure, he said, “If you keep delaying, we will continue being drenched in this rain.”

When Yan Zhiqing heard this, she hurriedly climbed onto Wei Wucais back.

Wei Wucai pulled her up slightly and adjusted her position so that she could be more comfortable.

He held her legs up with both of his hands.

Because of how firm the support was, Yan Zhiqing felt as though she was sitting on a chair.

At this moment, Shi Xiaoya and the others came over as well.

She had witnessed how Yan Zhiqing almost stumbled and fell and was frightened for her.

Thankfully, Wei Wucai arrived in time.

With Yan Zhiqing on his back, Wei Wucai worked with Han Zhuofeng to take care of Shi Xiaoya, Guo Yujie, and Fang Qiaohan.

And they finally hiked around the peak of the mountain to the side where there were stone pavements.

The rain splashed over the stone pavement.

Nevertheless, because they were stone pavements, they were not as difficult to hike on compared to the rocky mountain roads.

The stone pavements werent always perfectly leveled.

There were some inconsistencies, with some steps being higher and some steps being lower.

However, the stone pavements were already considered a blessing by those who had just traveled over rugged mountain routes.

They still needed to be careful because the steps were a little slippery from the rain splashing over them.

The group walked carefully.

Guo Yujie and Fang Qiaohan helped each other.

“Dont worry about us.

We will take care of each other,” Guo Yujie said.

They asked Han Zhuofeng to focus on taking care of Shi Xiaoya.

Things were even easier for Wei Wucai.

He carried Yan Zhiqing on his back and walked rather quickly.

The heavy downpour fell on top of their heads.

In addition, it was winter.

In the midst of the strong wind and pouring rain, it felt even colder.

The rain had already soaked through the coat that Yan Zhiqing was wearing.

Suddenly, Wei Wucai placed Yan Zhiqing down.

Yan Zhiqing thought that he was tired and wanted to walk by himself.

But then, she saw Wei Wucai remove his jacket and wrap it around her, covering her head as well.

Her hair had already gotten drenched, but this was better than allowing the tempest of the storm to continue battering her face.

If the chilly wind blew on her cold and wet hair, it could cause a headache.

When he was carrying Yan Zhiqing earlier, he had been so intent on getting down this rugged mountain trail that he hadnt thought about this at first.

And now that he had realized this, it was already too late.

Wei Wucai secretly cursed himself for not being able to realize something this important.

Still, he tried to fix his mistake as he covered her up.

Wei Wucais jacket was thicker and was waterproof.

Although the outer layer of the jacket had been drenched wet by the rain, the inner layer was still dry and warm.

She could feel his body temperature, and she felt so safe.

However, because Wei Wucai had given his coat to Yan Zhiqing, he no longer had any clothing that protected him from the cold.

He was wearing only a thin knitted sweater inside, which was quickly soaked wet by the rain.

When the knitted sweater got drenched, it instantly became much heavier.

When it was wet, it would also stick to your body, which would feel even more uncomfortable than other types of clothings.

“You wear it!” Yan Zhiqing immediately wanted to give the jacket back.

But Wei Wucai still placed the jacket around her shoulders while saying, “I am already wet.

It will feel even more uncomfortable if I put on my jacket again.

Not only will the outer layer of the jacket be wet, the inner layer of the jacket will become wet as well.”

He added, “You already have it on.

Just wear it.”

But Yan Zhiqing wanted to reply that her clothes were wet as well.

If she wore it, the inner layer of the jacket would become wet as well.

“You still need to film.

You cant get sick,” Wei Wucai said.

“If you are worried about me, then wear it so that we can hike down the mountain and go back to the hotel.

This will at least get me out of the rain sooner.”

Because Wei Wucai was worried, he couldnt help but insult her.

Yet Yan Zhiqing didnt notice this at all.

Because she no longer felt those biases and dissatisfaction towards Wei Wucai like how she had in the past.

She even felt affection towards him.

And now, whatever Wei Wucai said sounded good to her.

It was automatically beautified.

However, Yan Zhiqing didnt hear anything else.

She only heard Wei Wucai say, “If you are worried about me.”

Yan Zhiqing felt her face heating up.

She wasnt worried about him!

Nevertheless, Wei Wucai was basically saying that he would not be moving if she didnt wear this jacket.

No matter what, he would not be wearing the jacket after he had already given it to her.

And so, Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to wear Wei Wucais jacket.

She covered her head with the jacket and climbed up Wei Wucais back again.

Wei Wucai carried Yan Zhiqing on his back and hiked down the mountain.

With Wei Wucais athletic skills, he was indeed the first to hike down the mountain.

He had driven to the film site by himself.

When they departed to the foothill, he had also driven on his own.

And so, it made things really convenient.

He carried Yan Zhiqing to his car.

He got into the car and turned on the heater.

He then found a clean blanket and handed it to Yan Zhiqing.

“Just wipe yourself dry.

Dont catch a cold,” Wei Wucai said.

“Though since you were out in the rain, you are definitely going to catch a cold.”

Wei Wucai only hoped that it wouldnt be too bad.

Yan Zhiqing took the blanket and proceeded to take off her coat as well as the jacket that Wei Wucai had given her.

She wanted to wipe off the water on the jacket because she was concerned about soaking Wei Wucais car seat.

When Wei Wucai saw this, he immediately said, “Stop concerning yourself with the clothes.

If the seat gets wet, then so be it.

They wont get sick.

Just wipe yourself dry first.”

Yan Zhiqing was initially feeling a little embarrassed as she was worried about dirtying his car.

Dont guys normally love their cars

But when Wei Wucai said that he didnt mind, she stopped caring.

She had wet hair from the rain, and water was dripping from its tips.

It was as though she had just washed her hair and had yet to wipe it.

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly wiped her hair until it was half-dry.

When she could no longer dry her hair any further, she tried to soak up the water on her body.

Her coat was drenched.

And so, even the costume she was wearing inside the jacket was wet.

It wasnt as wet as Wei Wucais clothing, though, as his had been directly soaked by the rain.

Her clothes were just damp.

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