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Obviously, Yan Zhiqing was in control.

No matter what Luo Yonggang and Luo Yonggang did, Yan Zhiqing still didnt do anything.

She responded to all the changes with stillness, which was enough to make them feel dejected.

Yan Zhiqing realized that the following few days on the set became very quiet.

Previously, she had intended to avoid Wei Wucai.

But now, she didnt have to avoid him anymore.

Wei Wucai had stopped intentionally visiting her, so there was no need for her to avoid him.

It was possible that Wei Wucai had realized that she was avoiding him.

Because she wanted to avoid him, he stopped approaching her so as not to appear annoying.

He basically chose to distance himself from her as well.

At lunch time, Shi Xiaoya and Han Zhuofeng finished their lunch first as Yan Zhiqing had finished her work late.

And now, Yan Zhiqing and Fang Qiaohan were the only two left.

Fang Qiaohan took a few bites and started chewing on the disposable plastic fork that came with the food delivery.

She then said, “Zhiqing, do you think Wei Wucai knows that you are avoiding him

“On the first day, he still came over at noon.

But these past few days, he barely came over on his own.”

Yan Zhiqing knew that what she had done was not a good thing.

He had genuinely treated her as a friend and helped her so much.

But she decided not to see him anymore and stopped meeting him.

In other words, she was heartless.

What she had done was hurtful to him.

It was normal for him not to come seeking rejection.

She was the one who had feelings for him.

She was also the one who was worried about being entrapped in this feeling.

Wei Wucai had never done anything wrong.

Everything she had done was for her own sake.

In other words, she was selfish.

“It will get better with time,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Yan Zhiqing took two bites.

The diet-plan meal that never really tasted good now became even more tasteless.

“Do you think what I did was really selfish” Yan Zhiqing asked Fang Qiaohan.

“I dont know what happened between you two, so I cant just form an opinion about this,” Fang Qiaohan said.

“However, you two had a good relationship.

It is a pity that things have turned out this way.”

“He didnt do anything wrong,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“It was all my fault.

He didnt do anything wrong.

I was the one who suddenly wanted to distance myself from him.”

Yan Zhiqing blinked silently and then said, “He helped me so much.

If theres anything I can do for him in the future, I will do it.”

In Fang Qiaohans opinion, Yan Zhiqing was being like a scumbag.

If a man had said this, he would be instantly cursed as a scumbag!

Fang Qiaohan spent one second feeling sad for Wei Wucai, who had been ruthlessly abandoned, before she continued munching on her food.

She then completely forgot about all these things.

If Wei Wucai, who had been heartlessly abandoned, knew about this, he would say that even the assistant that Yan Zhiqing had hired was heartless.

They had all known each other for a while and were basically comrades that had started a whole revolution together.

But at times like this, she couldnt even say anything nice for him

A few days passed.

During these past few days, Wei Wucai never came to see Yan Zhiqing on his own.

However, they were still working in the same filming site.

Therefore, Yan Zhiqing could see Wei Wucai if she looked up.

He was always in her line of vision or always hanging around somewhere not too far and not too close.

It didnt seem like he was intentionally appearing in her line of vision.

Because whenever Yan Zhiqing couldnt control herself and would look over, Wei Wucai was busy doing his own work.

He didnt even notice that she was looking at him.

On this day, the crew and cast members were going to a nearby mountain to film a fighting scene in the forest.

The crew had already requested for approval to use this location for an entire day.

And so, they departed to the mountain.

Stone paving was laid along the mountain trail, allowing the residents to hike around during holidays.

However, it was only laid along one side of the trail, which meant that the residents had to hike up and down the same pathway.

The crew and cast hiked up along this stone pavement and moved to the other side, where there was no sight of anything constructed by people.

Then, they started filming.

This was a public area still visited by the residents during holidays.

They couldnt seal off the entire mountain and stop the people that lived here from visiting because they wanted to film a movie.

This right belonged to everyone.

This mountain was not a privately owned land.

And so, the crew could only book this place for a day and temporarily seal off the mountain.

This would stop other people from seeing and taking pictures of the scenes that they were filming here, thus preventing leaks.

They had only a day to film this scene, so they were in a rush.

It was hard for everybody.

They didnt even get lunchboxes during noon.

Yan Zhiqing and the other major cast members did not get lunchboxes.

But the extras and the other actors and actresses still needed to eat.

Because of the current situation, the crew had brought boxes of instant noodles, sausages, and bread.

Everyone just ate whatever they had during noon.

Even Yan Zhiqing and the others ate these as well.

Gao Zishan and the others who had assistants were able to ask their assistants to bring some fruits and coffee as well as tea up the mountain.

They just needed to hike back up.

However, this was not a hill, so they could not bring a lot back up the mountain.

During noon, everyone hurriedly took the instant noodles and bread and simply ate them for lunch before they continued filming in the afternoon.

However, the weather conspired to inflict misery.

While the crew and cast were already in a rush, a thunderstorm started rumbling in the sky above at around four in the afternoon.

Everyone looked up and saw that the sky was turning gloomy at a visibly fast rate.

A heavy veil of darkening clouds hung over them.

“Quick! Quick! Quick!” the assistant director hurriedly urged.

“Film the next scene before it starts raining.

Film as much as we can.”

There was this other scene that needed to be filmed in a cave.

But this scene didnt matter much as they could build a cave set in the studio.

They didnt really have to film this on the mountain.

And so, they just needed to film two more scenes.

However, a few minutes after the assistant director had stopped talking, raindrops the size of a bean started falling down heavily.

It was not a light rain.

The moment the raindrops fell, a downpour soon followed.

It didnt give people any chance of relaxing.

The moment Wu Mosen saw this, he could only order for everything to be stopped.

“Quick! Put the machines away!” Wu Mosen said.

They had bought the best gadgets.

To create a film with better picture quality and to showcase a movie with better cinematic effects in the theater, Wu Mosen had invested a lot.

Wu Mosen was able to spend so lavishly because there were always people investing in the films that he made.

Even if he was rich, he obviously couldnt let these expensive machines get drenched.

Each of these machines cost over ten million.

Even if the production crew was rich, they couldnt waste money like this.

And so, the group hastily went to cover up the machines.

It would be best if they could find waterproof tarps or plastic bags.

If not, they would just use cloths.

They were in such a rush and were using whatever they could find.

The site was so messy that no one could be bothered to care for someone else.

It was unknown as to when this pouring rain would stop.

Even if the rain stopped, they wouldnt be able to film on this muddy ground.

Moreover, there wasnt a place that could shelter them from this rain.

“Everyone, be careful.

Take care of each other while we are hiking down the mountain,” Wu Mosen hurriedly called out.

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