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“And as it would have been because of me, the Yan Family will not just sit and do nothing about it,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“You should also bear in mind that Wei Wucai is being supported by the Wei Family.

“It was only me you clashed against, but that has already left you struggling, resulting in you begging me.

So think about it, what might happen if the Yan Family and the Wei Family were to work together against you” Yan Zhiqing pursed her lips.

As expected, Luo Yonggangs facial expression changed.

The color on his face changed.

He must have thought about secretly hiring someone to take down Wei Wucai.

But he had merely thought about it.

After Yan Zhiqing warned him, he recalled that this Wei Wucai had the backing of the Wei Family.

No matter what, the Wei Family wouldnt simply allow someone to plot against Wei Wucai.

In addition, Yan Zhiqing had already mentioned this.

The worst thing would be if something happened to Wei Wucai in the future and Yan Zhiqing would just assume that Luo Yonggang had been the culprit without even investigating the actual identity of the culprit.

That would be very unfair.

Luo Yonggang imediately said, “What Why would I do such things Miss Yan, you are looking down on me.

I am a person who respects the law.

I would never do such illegal things.

“In addition, I promise that I would never do such things.

If anything happened in the future, it would have nothing to do with me!”

Luo Yonggang had no idea that Wei Wucai was a member of the Mount Lan Compound and had always been in a dangerous position.

If things were to go the way Yan Zhiqing said, then Luo Yonggang would be taking the blame for too many people.

However, Yan Zhiqing was really just trying to scare Luo Yonggang.

It would be fine as long as Luo Yonggang was scared.

“I dont care,” Yan Zhiqing said.

Luo Yonggang felt speechless.

Werent they bullying people like this

One told them not to bother Yan Zhiqing.

If they visited again, he would expose their secrets to the public.

The other then said that Luo Yonggang would take the blame if something bad happened to Wei Wucai, regardless of the actual identity of the culprit.

Truly… he had no choice but to suck it up, and there was really nothing he could do.

How could they bully people like this

Wei Wucai remained silent at the side.

The corner of his mouth curved up.

He was so happy that he kept smiling.

As he watched how Yan Zhiqing tried to protect him and how she frightened Luo Yonggang for his sake, he wanted to laugh.

It felt so sweet to be protected by Yan Zhiqing.

He felt extremely happy.

“We have both talked this through,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“We will be going back, then.

You should go back as well.”

With this, Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai didnt even wait for the members of the Luo familys reaction as they stepped through the entrance.

Fang Qiaohan was waiting by the gates.

Once they came in, the security officer locked the entrance.

The three then went back inside together.

Yan Zhiqing had been hiding from Wei Wucai the entire morning, but she failed to do so during noon because of the members of the Luo family.

“Thank you for coming with me and protecting me just now,” Yan Zhiqing said in a courteous manner.

Wei Wucai nodded and said, “Thank you for protecting me as well.”

With this, Wei Wucai raised his wrist and checked the time.

“The others must have already finished their lunch by now.

Your lunch must be cold, right I will order two more.

Mine has turned cold as well.”

“I am on a diet today.

I am only eating some salad with some beef.

Its cold anyway, so it doesnt matter.

I was just saying that to them.” Yan Zhiqing smiled and continued, “But you should order something else hot.”

While they were still speaking, the two had arrived at Yan Zhiqings van.

Yan Zhiqing then said, “You have to wait for your food delivery, right I will go take some quick bites and take a nap.

I am too tired.”

With this, she even faked a yawn.

“Thank you very much for just now.

I will treat you to a meal another day,” Yan Zhiqing hastily said before she turned and stepped into the van.

Fang Qiaohan followed behind her.

She didnt dare to look at Wei Wucais expression.

She felt like an ostrich that had the mentality of not being afraid of what it cant see.

She forced herself to close the door very quickly, ruthlessly leaving Wei Wucai locked outside.

Yan Zhiqing crouched down.

She didnt even dare to let Wei Wucai see her.

She immediately hid on the bed at the back of the van.

“Pull the curtains! Close it quickly!”

The thought of Wei Wucai being outside and being able to see what was happening inside left her feeling nervous.

“…” Fang Qiaohan struggled as she asked, “Arent you acting a little too obvious Wei Wucai had just helped you, but you abandoned him immediately…”

She felt bad for Wei Wucai.

“How horrible is he feeling…” Fang Qiaohan said.

Yan Zhiqing felt tangled up in this situation.


Is my behavior really very obvious”

“Oh no!” Yan Zhiqing regretted it.

And now, she felt even more afraid to be around Wei Wucai.

Feeling torn by this, she rubbed her face and said, “It already happened.

There… there is nothing I can do…”

Yan Zhiqing asked again, “Is he gone”

Fang Qiaohan secretly lifted a tiny bit of the curtain and saw that there was no one outside.

She then answered, “Hes gone.

Theres no one there.”

Yan Zhiqing then got out of bed and moved to the table.

She opened her salad bowl and started eating.

Wei Wucai was indeed not outside the van anymore.

With a serious expression, he had gone to see Shi Xiaoya.

Based on how Yan Zhiqing had acted earlier, he was very certain that she was avoiding him.

And it was a little too obvious.

Yan Zhiqing had been in such a rush to hide from him earlier that she had not been able to even come up with a proper excuse.

When Wei Wucai found Shi Xiaoya, she had already finished lunch and was designing a makeup style on paper.

The drawing paper was clipped onto the artboard and placed on her knees.

Shi Xiaoya was so focused on drawing that she did not even notice Wei Wucai approaching.

Wei Wucai had to first call out to her, “Xiaoya.”

Shi Xiaoya quickly lifted her head and saw that it was Wei Wucai.

She blinked and asked, “What a rare guest! Why have you come to see me at this time”

Normally, Wei Wucai would have stayed with Yan Zhiqing during lunch break.

They would eat together, then they would do things on their own after lunch.

Shi Xiaoya, being a very observant person, would always find her own things to do after lunch.

She was determined to never stay around Yan Zhiqing and Wei Wucai.

She would even drag Han Zhuofeng away.

Therefore, she thought it was unusual to see Wei Wucai at this time.

“Zhiqing is avoiding me,” Wei Wucai said.

“Sit.” When Shi Xiaoya heard that, she knew that it would be impossible to solve Wei Wucais problem within a short time.

And so, she pointed at the chair in front.

Wei Wucai then sat down and said, “Do you know why”

Shi Xiaoya could guess it, but she was not sure.

She only guessed that it might have been because Yan Zhiqing mistakenly thought that Wei Wucai was gay.

She might have feelings for him but didnt dare to get closer to him.

She had to remove herself from the situation as early as possible to save herself from being entrapped even further.

If she did, she might not have been able to escape.

Even so, it would be impossible for Wei Wucai to have feelings for her.

However, this was just her conjecture.

She never actually confirmed this with Yan Zhiqing.


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