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“I… I know now.” The little girl nodded and seemed to have regained some energy.

“Older sister, what do you work as”

“I work in Public Relations, there are several types of Public Relations, there are those that are specifically for companies and those that are just for the entertainment circle.

Im dealing with the entertainment circle.

If a celebrity has a scandal or needs to promote or present themselves to the public, its under my scope of duties,” Lu Man explained simply.

“Then I want to work in the Public Relations Department in the future.” The girl eagerly said, “Im going to be taking my college entrance exams this year, Ill put my first choice as the Public Relations Department in the National Media University.

In the future, I also want to become an outstanding Public Relations officer.

I hope that I would never need to help my idol get out of a problematic situation, but I can help him to get more popular.

“Your way of thinking is good.” Lu Man smiled.

“But based on how you chase celebrities to such an extent, youve skipped quite a lot of school right If you want to be able to go to the National Media University, youll need to work hard.”

The girl was so embarrassed her face was red as a beet.

“I know.”

“Older sister, what are you called” The girl asked.

“Lu Man,” Lu Man smiled and said.

Sister Li hurriedly said, “Shes not just a PR professional, she has also acted in Director Sun Yiwus new movie, the Greedy Wolf Operation .

Remember to go to the movie theater to support the movie during the holidays.”

The girl nodded her head continuously in awe.

“Older sister is so awesome! Ill definitely go and support.”

“Alright, then hurry back to school, be careful on the way back.” Lu Man hurried her.

“Yes.” The girl nodded and took the medicine from the doctor.

“How much does this cost” The girl asked.

The doctor waved his hand.

“Theres no need, this is for you.”

“Thank you,” The girl felt grateful and thanked them.

Without the influence of Yu Xingzhou, the girl was quite polite.

“Then Ill leave now.” The little girl walked to the door, and suddenly turned her head back.

“Right, Im called Xu Ningxian.

Older sister, Auntie, just now… I was very rude to you, Im sorry.”

“Its no problem, no problem.” Seeing that the girl became sensible again, Sister Li was happier than anything else, why would she care about that minor unhappy incident.

Only after walking Xu Ningxian till the exit of the company, did both, Lu Man and Sister Li, return to the office.

As soon as they returned, Xia Mengxuan opened her mouth and harrumphed, “You took so long to bring coffee, the coffee is probably already cold.”

“Why do you care Whether its cold or hot, theres none of your business!” Sister Li rolled her eyes at her.

Xia Mengxuan was so furious that her face turned green and she did not say anything else.

“Im sorry, just now, I met with some problems at the door, so the coffee is not very hot anymore,” Lu Man apologized and said, “Ill order the coffee one more time.”

“No no no, thats such a waste,” Brother Zhang walked over and took a coffee to test the temperature.

“Its still alright, its not cold, we can drink it.”

Chen Shimian also came over to take the coffee and felt that it was quite good.

“What kind of problem did you face just now” Taking a mouthful of coffee, Brother Zhang asked.

“It really angered me to death.” Sister Lu let out a rough breath, then quickly told them about what happened at the companys entrance downstairs.

Brother Zhang also shook his head in disappointment.

“The children these days, they cant tell right from wrong, as long as someone looks good and makes an effort with their image, these kids will admire the person.”

“Its just these children are still young, that Yu Xingzhou is really too much.” Sister Li sighed.

At that moment, You Lili walked over.

“Manager told us to go to the meeting room, theres a customer here.”

Thus, everyone quickly parted and took their coffees into the meeting room.

As soon as they entered, Sister Li was stunned for a while and pulled on Lu Man hurriedly.

Meanwhile, Lu Man had also recognized the person in the meeting room, it was Yu Xingzhous manager, Wang Lu.

However, Yu Xingzhou was not there, they did not know where he went.


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