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Fang Qiaohan forced an explanation.

“Its because she slept really late last night, then came to shoot earlier than usual today.

She slept for only four hours! And now that she could take a break after the mornings intense shoot, shes taking advantage of it.”

Knowing Yan Zhiqings circumstance, Fang Qiaohan decided to help her whether Wei Wucai saw something or not.

“She wanted to stay awake and look at the script before lunch, but unexpectedly, she fell asleep pretty quickly,” Fang Qiaohan struggled on.

But the more she explained, the guiltier she felt in front Wei Wucais stare.

She could only give a dry chuckle.

Wei Wucai said nothing, his expression unchanging.

But Fang Qiaohan felt particularly stressed.

Did Wei Wucai believe her Judging from his reaction, it didnt seem so.

Fang Qiaohan almost gave up and let him into the van.

Only to hear Wei Wucai say, “Then let her rest well.”

Wei Wucai glanced into the van but couldnt see Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucai frowned.

The niggling doubt hed had since morning had grown.

Yan Zhiqing was avoiding him.

But he didnt understand, why was it so

He recalled yesterdays events, even going through every single frame of their interaction like it was a movie.

Every second was filtered in Wei Wucais brain.

But even so, Wei Wucai noticed nothing wrong he did that would have caused Yan Zhiqing to avoid him.

Even the distance he kept from Yan Zhiqing was a considerate one to avoid making her uncomfortable.

Hence, Wei Wucai felt a bit wronged.

Why was Yan Zhiqing avoiding him

He thought about it and decided to ask Shi Xiaoya.

In the whole production set, Yan Zhiqings best friend was Shi Xiaoya.

If there was really anything the matter, Yan Zhiqing would turn to her.

But Wei Wucai felt slightly disgruntled.

He thought he was Yan Zhiqings best friend.

He was Yan Zhiqings best “gay pal,” after all.

To Wei Wucai, this best “gay pal” status was better than the usual best gal pal.

Anything you couldnt tell a girl best friend, you could tell a gay best friend.

Moreover, it wasnt easy to find a gay bestie.

So by right, Yan Zhiqing shouldnt be hiding from him.

Wei Wucai carried this doubt and turned towards a certain direction.

But after taking a few steps, he saw a security officer walk towards Yan Zhiqings car.

Fang Qiaohan was still outside the vehicle.

She was about to greet the guard when she saw Wei Wucai returning.

So she lowered her voice to ask the security officer, “Is anything the matter”

She paused, then added, “Zhiqings sleeping.”

The security officer understood and lowered his voice as well.

“That Miss Luo from last time is here again with her parents.”

The security officer knew very well about the things between Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian even without going online.

“They wish to see Miss Yan,” he continued.

Hearing this, Fang Qiaohan knew it wasnt something for her to decide.

“Let me ask Zhiqing.”

Wei Wucai quirked a brow.

Why didnt Fang Qiaohan wake Yan Zhiqing when he came

Now that Luo Qingxians whole family was here, she was going to wake up Yan Zhiqing

So this meant he wasnt as important as Luo Qingxian

Now Wei Wucai was very unhappy.

But this was him being willful.

Were the situations the same

The Luo family clearly came because of what transpired today.

They naturally wouldnt care about disturbing Yan Zhiqing.

Even if Fang Qiaohan wanted to wake Yan Zhiqing, Wei Wucai wouldnt have let her, would he

Fang Qiaohan also noticed the unhappiness on Wei Wucais face.

She gave a dry laugh and quickly went into the van.

She griped internally, why did Wei Wucai have to walk so slowly!

And why did he return after leaving!

Fang Qiaohan hid in the van, and now that Wei Wucai couldnt see her, she heaved a sigh of relief.

She wondered how stressed Yan Zhiqing must be, being so close to Wei Wucai.

Fang Qiaohan approached the wardrobe and tapped Yan Zhiqing, who was on the bed beside it.

“Zhiqing, Luo Qingxian and her parents are here.”

Yan Zhiqing sat up, frowning.

“Whatever for”

“Probably to plead with you”

She continued, “Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian were so clearly targeted, even Luo Yonggang was affected.

Even if Luo Qingxian is a fool, Luo Yonggang is not.

He must know its because of you.”

“But Young Master Yans really capable, managing to dig out Luo Qingxians ancient history.

Luo Qingxian herself likely couldnt even have expected it.

She must have gotten a huge surprise.”

“I dont think that was done by my brother,” Yan Zhiqing said unnaturally.

“Its more likely Wei Wucai.”

Fang Qiaohan didnt know Wei Wucais involvement in the Mount Lan Compound, so she was surprised.

“My goodness.

Then isnt he beyond impressive How did he find out How much time has passed Even if he pulled an all-nighter, he worked too fast!”

She went on to ask, “And Luo Yonggangs matter was also done by him”

Yan Zhiqing had said Wei Wucai found out about Luo Qingxians stuff.

Though Yan Zhiqing didnt seem like she had proof, her tone of certainty was enough for Fang Qiaohan.

Since Luo Qingxians issue had been dug up by Wei Wucai, then…

Luo Yonggangs might also have been found out by him.

Indeed, Yan Zhiqing nodded.


Yan Zhiqing walked down the stairs.

“But lets not talk about this.

Since the Luo family is here, lets go and meet them.

“It doesnt matter if they came to plead or apologize, we cant let them into the set.

They may not find themselves embarrassing, but I sure think they are.” Yan Zhiqing spoke as she walked to the door.

“Well just meet them at the entrance.”

By now, she was already at the door.

Fang Qiaohan then remembered that Wei Wucai was just outside.

She was about to call out, “Zhiqing, Wei…”

Yan Zhiqing already got off the vehicle.

And the moment she got off, she almost collided with Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai quickly grabbed her by the shoulders and steadied her.

He stared at her face, checking if she was injured.

Only to see Yan Zhiqing lowering her eyelids and avoiding his gaze.

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