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“I promise that we will suppress this piece of news.

It will not affect the movies reputation.

Please give Xiuse another chance.”

“Yes, Director Chen, please give me another chance.

I promise I will behave well.

I will not cause you any more trouble.

I promised Sister Liu that I will behave myself.

Please just give me one more chance.”

Lu Xiuse begged, “I will be very grateful if you give me one more chance.

I will do whatever you want without asking any questions.

In the future, if you direct other movies and you need me to do a cameo, I can do it for free.”

However, whatever Lu Xiuse had to offer was of no attraction to Chen Jinglin.

Even if she offered to do it for free, he wouldnt dare to use her.

Theres a chance that she would cause him more trouble.

Chen Jinglin smiled and showed a helpless expression as he said, “Yes, I did promise that to you last night, but that was my own decision.

I wouldnt have gone back on my words if I was the only one making the decision.

However, there is nothing I can do about this now.

“This is a decision made by the investors.

They invested in this movie, and they have to ensure that their financial benefits are guaranteed.

I am just a director hired by them.

When it comes to money, I have no say.

They want you replaced no matter what and there is nothing I can do.

“I did promise you that I would give you two more days.

You promised me that you would be able to suppress this piece of news.” Chen Jinglin continued helplessly, “However, those are the investors speaking.

They are the real bosses.

I have to listen to them.

No matter what, the investors refused to keep you in the movie, leaving me feeling very embarrassed in front of them.

Because of you, I was even scolded.

“They said that I wasnt taking the overall situation into consideration.

As of now, there are more than enough actors and actresses who want to film a movie and are willing to cooperate.

Some are even willing to take a pay cut to film a movie.

You are not needed, so why should we keep you”

Lu Xiuse was so angry that her face tensed up.

She didnt know if these words were truly spoken by the investors or by Chen Jinglin, who took the chance to scold her.

“The investors found a new actress overnight.

They moved so fast, which showed that they had already decided to replace you,” Chen Jinglin said helplessly.

“There is nothing I can do.

“After all, you have already filmed for many days.

If we have to start filming again, all those scenes with you in it would be useless.

This is a loss of a lot of money.

If it wasnt because we had no choice, why would we replace our main actress By doing this, we are causing ourselves suffering.

“They were willing to spend a nights time to find someone else to replace you.

It shows how determined they were.

So please dont make things difficult for me!”

“Something must have happened!” Lu Xiuse said bitterly.

“In the entertainment industry, who can be completely innocent Which celebrity has never dealt with negative media reports In addition, some people would try to ruin the reputation of actors and actresses to influence a movies ratings.

They would find every dirt on the director and the cast members.

“This happens often in the entertainment industry.

It never stopped.

However, unless the situation was unsalvageable, the cast member would usually not be replaced.

The team would try to suppress the piece of news and release the film.

“But why is it not okay when its me Its not a big deal.

We have a way to silence that piece of news.

Why do they have to replace me”

She had just been told by Liu Yunan that she had lost all her work opportunities.

She could still remain calm because she was still cast in a movie.

But now, she had lost her chance to be in this movie!

Thus, Lu Xiuse could no longer remain calm.

“Theres nothing I can do.

Asking me is of no use.

I have no say in this.

Talk to the investors if you want.

You can ask them why they want you replaced.”

Chen Jinglin had already thought Lu Xiuse was annoying a long time ago.

He was too lazy to respond to her, which was why he blamed it on the investors.

If Lu Xiuse was capable enough, she should talk with the investors.

Chen Jinglin left immediately after saying that.

Lu Xiuse started panicking.

She grabbed Liu Yunan and said, “Sister Liu, what should I do”

Lu Xiuse was so worried that she started stomping on the ground.

At this time, the actress to replace Lu Xiuse arrived.

It was an actress who had recently gained popularity.

Because of a popular TV series, she became so famous.

It would be hard to predict the career path of an actress who suddenly gained popularity because of a show.

However, she could at least ride on this wave of popularity and expand her career.

If she could take the time to train and build a stronger foundation, her future career would be off to a good start.

However, no matter what, she was currently popular enough.

Many fans who liked her from the show would watch the new film in which she was cast.

Considering the current situation, this actress was indeed more popular than her.

Lu Xiuse watched as the actress stepped closer and closer.

When the actress saw her, she smiled and bowed as she greeted.

“Hello, Sister Lu.

I didnt expect to see you here.

I am sorry.

I was sent by the company.

I had no intention of taking the role away from you.

“After all, there is no way you can still be in the movie.

Even without me, there is bound to be someone else.

So… I think it is definitely better if I took the role.

Sister Lu, please dont hate me.”

“Why would I It was me who had asked to leave.” Lu Xiuse showed a fake smile.

“I left of my own accord because I was worried about the movies ranking at the box office.

In addition, I still have a lot of opportunities.

Theres nothing to worry about.”


I didnt expect you to be so virtuous that you would be so considerate of the film crew and cast,” the actress said with a smile.

Lu Xiuse showed another fake smile and said, “But what is your name”

The new actresss smile froze.

She almost couldnt control her expression.

Although the actress had become famous through a popular TV show, her acting was still pretty bad.

And so, Lu Xiuse would be waiting to see how bad this movie would turn out.

Not having a good script, this movie also would not have cast members with good acting skills.

As of now, the actress was not popular enough to have many fans go to the cinema for her.

When the time came, they should know that the decision to replace her was such a mistake.

“I hope you dont mind.

I heard about your TV show that just finished airing.

I just didnt have time to watch it.

I know it is very popular, but I just cant remember your name at the moment,” Lu Xiuse said.


My name is Hong Qiaoyin,” the actress said.

“Sister Lu, I cant chat anymore.

I have to go get my makeup done.

I dont want to slow the filming progress down, especially when there is already a delay in production.”

Lu Xiuse sneered and waited for Hong Qiaoyin to leave.

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