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“Today, a whole bunch of people called to inform me of their rejection, and they all did it in pretty much the same period of time.

They consisted of representatives from the work opportunities were currently fighting for as well as the ones weve already won but have yet to sign a contract with.

“I understand that its probably because of the matter that broke out yesterday night, making everyone uncertain and unwilling to take the risk.

Im just curious… why did all of you choose to give your rejection at the same time Even if you merely spaced out your calls to give your rejections throughout the morning and afternoon, I still wouldnt have felt theres something strange about it.

“But everyones grouped together as if you had made an agreement in advance.

All of you rushed to do it during this time,” Liu Yunan said.

“So I wanted to ask you, CEO Wang.

Did… Did someone contact all of you and deliberately arrange for you to do this”

Liu Yunan was not stupid.

They were bombarded with so many rejections that it was obvious what had happened.

In Liu Yunans opinion, these rejections were deliberately done so that she and Lu Xiuse would be exhausted from dealing with the many rejections and become aware they were targeted.

CEO Wang let out a sigh and said, “Xiao Liu, thank you for understanding, as well as for not pursuing the matter and making things difficult for us.

Since you asked about this matter, lets just take it as a mutual exchange of goodwill.

“Ill just tell it to you straight.

Initially, our company had already decided not to use Lu Xiuse.

However, before we finalized this decision, we also received a call from the General Manager of Yan Hui.”

It was very difficult to receive a phone call from the General Manager of Yan Hui.

CEO Wang never even imagined that Yan Beicheng would call him personally.

“Yan Hui also wished for us not to work with Lu Xiuse.

He even designated a time and requested that we must inform you of our rejection at that time.

As a show of gratitude for our cooperation, Yan Hui voluntarily proposed that they were willing to help us mediate a business contract.”

After all, there werent really any areas in which their business could collaborate with Yan Hui.

So, Yan Hui was willing to mediate for them.

This was something many people wanted to fight for but could never get.

This was only a mediation, but if Yan Hui was doing it, the contract was guaranteed.

As long as CEO Wangs side did not cause any trouble, the other party would agree to work with them out of respect for Yan Hui.

They had already decided not to work with Lu Xiuse, and now, they could even gain Yan Huis promise to assist them…

They truly profited from this situation.

So, it was just a small matter for them to contact Liu Yunan to inform her of their rejection at the time Yan Hui had assigned them.

They did not feel that it was even the slightest bit embarrassing.

“Got it,” Liu Yunan said solemnly.

“Many thanks, CEO Wang.”

From this, she guessed that the other companies must have also been contacted by Yan Hui.

It wasnt a small number of companies.

Could Yan Hui really have promised each one of them some benefits

How much of their resources would Yan Hui have to put into these

It appeared that Yan Beicheng truly loved his sister, Yan Zhiqing, extremely dearly.

For the sake of getting revenge for Yan Zhiqing, he didnt care how much losses his company would suffer.

Of course, he had great wealth and influence.

He most likely did not care at all about this little bit of loss in resources.

Liu Yunan saw it as a great loss, but perhaps it was merely a trifling amount to Yan Beicheng.

After hanging up the call, Liu Yunan wanted to give Lu Xiuse a call.

However, she thought about it and decided to go down to the set instead.

She would talk to Lu Xiuse in person about this.

Consequently, Liu Yunan immediately left for the set.

It just so happened that she received a call from Lu Xiuse on the way there.

Without waiting for Lu Xiuse to speak first, Liu Yunan said, “Im currently on my way to you.

Coincidentally, I have something I want to speak with you about.

Wait for me to get there, then well talk.

Im hanging up.”

Liu Yunan rushed over to Lu Xiuses set and found her.

“I called you because I wanted to ask: what are we doing about the matter on the Internet Exactly what time is Shao Yuxis information getting released It will soon be too late if we still dont have her covering for me.

Before the matter gets even bigger, we need to hurry and get my matter suppressed,” Lu Xiuse said hastily the moment she saw Liu Yunan.

Liu Yunan was in a really bad mood.

She had worked so hard to win those work opportunities for Lu Xiuse, but they were all gone now.

Liu Yunan had also lost her huge amount of commission.

She felt crushed just thinking about it.

How could her mood possibly be good

“Its pointless regardless of whether we release it now.

Its too late even if its released,” Liu Yunan said with a heavy expression.

“What do you mean” Lu Xiuse asked nervously as her heart raced.

“I just had a phone call with CEO Wang.

At the last moment, they decided to cancel their proposition and will not sign the contract to work with you,” Liu Yunan said.

“Moreover, the other companies were currently in negotiations with have also rejected us.”

Lu Xiuses expression suddenly turned awful.

“Theyre going this far just because of last nights small matter” Lu Xiuse said angrily.

“Aside from me, are there only a few people who have negative news articles released about them! Yet other people have not had their contracts canceled, nor have they lacked work opportunities.

Why cant it work out when its me Whats the meaning of all those companies canceling their contracts”

“Do you think its so simple Yes, it is indeed because of last nights matter.

But why dont you think about who you offended! I just dont understand.

Even if youre contending against Yan Zhiqing, just why did you have to set her up

“You cant defeat her.

Its not as if you dont know what kind of background she has.

Just look around.

Aside from Lu Man, who else do you think could be greater than her Why did you absolutely insist on grabbing onto her You could have had good days and a good future ahead of you, but you simply had to throw all that away and insist on provoking Yan Zhiqing!”

Liu Yunan was extremely angry.

“You think last nights matter was just a small thing If it were about someone else, perhaps it would be considered so and the company would be able to suppress it for you.

However, the one you caused trouble for was Yan Zhiqing.

Dont forget that theres still Yan Beicheng behind her! Do you truly think that they would always tolerate you despite the way youve been slandering Yan Zhiqing this whole time

“Today, the companies we negotiated with for your work opportunities all informed me of their rejection.

Moreover, it was all in the same period of time.

They contacted me in succession like a swarm of bees.

If they were normal rejections, why would they have contacted me all at the same time

“It was clearly because Yan Beicheng contacted them and arranged for them to reject us,” Liu Yunan said.

“I can even guess that you wont be able to get any more work opportunities to promote businesses for a very long period of time starting from today.

Without these opportunities and the exposure from advertisements, you dont even need me to tell you what the result will be.

You know what it is.”

Lu Xiuses face paled.

“This… Why is it happening so quickly How did they react so quickly”

She continued, “The matter only happened last night, yet these companies contacted you early this morning.

Could it be that Yan Beicheng contacted them all throughout the night”

Liu Yunan pursed her lips and stayed silent for a moment.

Then she said, “Indeed.

Yan Beicheng reacted too quickly.

So I suspect that he might have been planning to deal with you for a long time.

“Even if hed made his preparations all throughout last night… Going so far as to find and contact all of the companies weve been negotiating with is not something that can be done in a single night.”

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