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“It will definitely be worth it if you choose to work with Xiuse.

Every collaboration will be smooth and easy.

“In addition, Xiuse has a high popularity.

She is also more willing to cooperate than other celebrities that are as popular as her.” Liu Yunan hinted again, “Plus, if we work together well, Xiuse can also join the dinner parties that your company has set up for some clients.

This would make things more convenient for you, right”

“Xiuse is very cooperative,” Liu Yunan said.

Lu Xiuse had often used this method to get more work opportunities.

After getting that work opportunity, she would cooperatively join all types of dinner parties and help the boss by convincing the client to sign the contract.

And so, many brands loved to work with Lu Xiuse.

You could get her to join dinner parties while getting her to promote your company product.

Lu Xiuse was a good deal.

CEO Wang laughed and said, “Miss Lu is not a salesperson.

Its not suitable for her to join our dinner parties.

In addition, her presence at the dinner parties does not benefit us in any way.”

“Who said that Her presence at dinner parties indicates that the collaboration with Xiuse went well.

With a celebrity wholeheartedly promoting the brand, the client will have more faith in the brand.

In addition, even if there arent any actual benefits, her presence there will at least bring some pride.”

“This…” CEO Wang emitted a dry laugh.

He seemed troubled as he said, “If this happened in the past, I would have been really happy.

I would have agreed without second thought.

In addition, we had previously reached an agreement and just needed to sign the contract, right”

“Yeah!” This was the main point.

Liu Yunan hastily said, “We have made an agreement and we just needed to sign the contract.

Xiuse even intentionally kept her schedule open so that she could help promote your brand.

“But now… You decided to not work with us on a whim, nullifying all the verbal agreement wed made previously.

This has truly… left us feeling overwhelmed and unprepared!

“I am sorry for being straightforward, but this is a business.

Business is about keeping your promise.

We have previously made an agreement.

Xiuse has always been invited to events and offered to be a brand ambassador.

We did get the chance to make a decision, right

“We chose you.

Both of us had the intention to work together.

Therefore, Xiuse rejected many of the work offers she had received.

But now, you decided to go back on your words.

Our loss is truly… unimaginable.

“We have sacrificed so much for this endorsement deal.

We have made so much preparation.

But now, all of it is gone.

By doing this… Arent you being a little unfair” Liu Yunan said.

“I know, but we are experiencing some difficulties,” CEO Wang said.

“If it wasnt because we didnt have a choice, why would we want to break a promise we had made This is not good for our reputation, is it not

“In addition, the advertising plan and promoting strategy we had prepared, as well as the marketing team we had hired, were all for Lu Xiuse.

But now, all the work we have done has gone to waste.

We have lost a lot as well.

Not only did we suffer financially, but we no longer have enough time.

We needed to choose a new spokesperson.

“But Xiao Liu, you have to understand.

We need to earn money as well.

You have to prioritize your benefits.

We have to prioritize our benefits as well.

“Considering what had happened last night, how can we still hire Lu Xiuse The netizens now have a very negative opinion towards her.

They dont like her.

In fact, they even want to boycott her.

“If we still insisted on her to be our spokesperson, we might not be able to sell our products.

The netizens might even boycott them.

Xiao Liu, dont blame me for being straightforward.

We are a business.

We are not a charity.

“Its not possible for us to hire her when we know that hiring her would only cause a loss to our business.

Thats not possible.

Therefore, you have to understand us.

If we had a choice, we wouldnt have made things so difficult for ourselves.

“Honestly, its because Lu Xiuse caused too much trouble.

It took a lot of effort to conceal the news about her escorting a client.

The decision to sign with her was a very risky one because upon announcement of her being our spokesperson and upon the release of the advertisement, some netizens might suspect her of being in a relationship with the higher-ups of this company.

“We would be accused of that even when we did nothing wrong.

Isnt that unfair to us” CEO Wang continued in a helpless tone, “We only decided to sign with Lu Xiuse because the CEO who supports Lu Xiuse offered us some good business deals.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have taken this risk.

“However, even though the news that was released previously has not completely gone away yet, Lu Xiuse created another mess.

Even if the CEO who supports her gave us more business deals, we would not dare to hire Lu Xiuse anymore.”

He explained, “Honestly, she is like a ticking time bomb.

You never know if she might get into another scandal.

How can we work with someone who is so unstable

“Xiao Liu, you have to understand us.

Dont criticize us for not keeping our promise.

If we are to discuss everything clearly, Lu Xiuse was the one who made the mistake here.

Because of what she did, we were left with no choice.

If she hadnt caused trouble repeatedly, would we have to hire someone else Would we have to urgently seek out another candidate

“In the end, we are getting blamed for being dishonest.

“Xiao Liu, I think I have made things very clear.

I know why you called.

Let me just be frank.

No matter what you say, we will not sign with Lu Xiuse.

We really do not dare to take the risk and we cannot afford any potential losses.

“Therefore, you can stop talking about us working together.

Lets… just end it here, shall we If theres a chance in the future, we will work together.

It doesnt have to be Lu Xiuse.

Considering that you do have other celebrities working for you, I am sure there is a chance that we will work together in the future, right”

“Wait!” Liu Yunan hastily called out to CEO Wang.

“Xiao Liu, I have made things so clear.

If you wont stop talking about this, it will not be fun,” CEO Wang said in an annoyed tone.

He didnt sound friendly anymore.

“Lets still be polite to each other and give each other a way out of this.”

“CEO Wang, you misunderstood,” Liu Yunan responded quickly.

“I am not trying to change your mind.

I know that this is mostly Xiuses fault.

Now that I have figured out everything, I will stop bothering you about this.”

“Then what is it” CEO Wangs attitude became much better.

“Heres what happened.

I am not scared of you laughing at me.

Let me just tell you the truth.” Liu Yunan went on with a sigh, “All of Xiuses work opportunities that were still under discussion recently…”

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