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“Is the matter concerning Luo Qingxian and Lu Xiuse of any importance” Yan Beicheng didnt care about that at all as he knew that both Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian were doomed.

“All the steps to take down Lu Xiuse have been done.

She should receive news today that she has been canceled.

“The movie that they are filming is only a romantic movie.

They just wanted to earn some quick cash through this movie.

To the eight families, the profit that this movie could make is insignificant.

None of the eight families wanted to invest in that movie because they didnt want to make a bad movie that would ruin their reputation.

I asked around and found out that none of the eight families have a say in the production of this film.

“However, I already told Zhuo Zi about this.

The Han Corporation did not invest in this movie.

Another company did, and that company should be a competitor of the Han Corporation.

Technically, the Han Corporation would not be able to intervene.

Even if the Han Corporation wanted to intervene, the competing company would not have agreed.

“But Zhuoli found out that you were bullied right on your doorstep and told me that we shouldnt let this matter drop without any sort of punishment.

He let me handle Luo Qingxian.

Since its my own sister who had been bullied, I couldnt just sit and be useless, right” Yan Beicheng had no idea that Wei Wucai had already taken away his chance of handling Luo Qingxian.

“And so, Zhuo Zi traded a business opportunity with the competing company in return for them removing Lu Xiuse from the movie.

Lu Xiuse will receive news about this today.

Some of her film contracts are currently still under discussion.

Because she hasnt signed the contracts, the Han Corporation was able to intervene.

She will not be able to sign any of her contracts,” Yan Beicheng said.

This was why he had asked Yan Zhiqing about her situation with Wei Wucai.

It was really because Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian were unimportant people that were not worth worrying about.

Yan Zhiqing, being very thoughtful, decided not to tell Yan Beicheng that Wei Wucai already said that he would take care of Luo Qingxian.

Just in case Yan Beicheng wouldnt be happy about it.

However, by her choosing to remain silent, Yan Beicheng might do something to Luo Qingxian while not knowing that she had already been punished.

This meant that Luo Qingxian would be…

Yan Zhiqing mourned for Luo Qingxian in advance.

“Therefore, you dont have to worry about these two people,” Yan Beicheng said.

“Just tell me honestly, whats going on between you and Wei Wucai”

She couldnt escape this no matter what.

Yan Zhiqing had no choice but to answer, “Nothing.

He was just trying to help me.

Lu Xiuse hired commenters to point out that since I am not in a relationship with Wei Wucai, something might have happened between me and Yu Guangxin.

Therefore, to prove my innocence, he personally released a statement that said that we are dating.

“If not, the commenters that Lu Xiuse had hired would have attacked by saying that Wei Wucai and I are merely friends and that he has no feelings for me.

Its most convincing if he personally released a statement.

Plus, he never said that we were together.

He just… hinted at it, and the netizens misunderstood.”

Yan Beicheng felt like he was going to die of anger because of Yan Zhiqing.

At this point, Yan Zhiqing was still explaining for Wei Wucai.

Seriously… A married sister is like spilled water that cannot be retrieved.

But this sister was not even married yet, and she was already behaving like this!

“If he never gave those hints, would they have misunderstood” Yan Beicheng said angrily.

“Its okay! Brother!” Yan Zhiqing said helplessly, “We had no choice.

If he never said anything, I would not have been able to prove my innocence even if you destroyed Lu Xiuse and Luo Qingxian.

People would just think that I was retaliating against them.

“In the end, Wei Wucai took the initiative and personally released a statement.

If the subject of the matter had said so, then it would obviously be credible.

And so, none of the netizens suspected me anymore,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Moreover, I have discussed this with Wei Wucai.

I cant clear up this misunderstanding right now.

People would just think that we are being inconsistent and they would suspect that everything we said previously was fake,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“And so, we plan to announce our breakup after a while and give a clear explanation of our relationship,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Who suggested this You believed that You said that you have never dated before.

But now, you have to pretend to date someone and break up with them.

Dont you feel aggrieved!” Yan Beicheng was furious.

“What can I do Plus… This is not a big deal,” Yan Zhiqing said.

“Brother, its okay.

You should be thanking Wei Wucai instead.

Stop calling him and complaining to him about what he did.”

She continued, “He helped me but received complaints.

Shouldnt he feel wronged Plus, it was me who got Wei Wucai involved in this.

“He could have kept a low profile.

Prior to this, very few people knew that he is the CEO of Ledepic More.

But now, everyone found out about this.

Many people working in this field are probably trying to contact him and begging him for business opportunities.

“Plus, he will receive a lot of attention in the future because of me.

Reporters might stalk him when he is trying to live his daily personal life.

He will have no privacy.

He will never be able to keep a low profile anymore.

Wherever he goes, there will be people following him and watching his every movement.

“My experience is nothing when compared to what he would experience.

People would just mistakenly think that I was dating him.

So what Its just a trivial matter.”

Yan Beicheng couldnt say anything.

There was no hope.

There was no hope for his sister.

He really believed that Wei Wucai was extremely cunning.

Yan Zhiqing was no match against Wei Wucai.

She had been coaxed by Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai didnt even need to do anything and she had already sold herself to him.

“Brother, I am not going to talk about this anymore.

I am going to get my makeup done.” Yan Zhiqing decided to give Yan Beicheng something to do so that he wont hyperfocus on the matter concerning him and Wei Wucai.

She wanted to avoid Wei Wucai and gradually forget about him.

But because Yan Beicheng kept talking about this, her feelings for Wei Wucai grew even stronger.

It became even harder to forget about him.

She wondered if Yan Beicheng had intentionally come to make things worse for her.

“Kid, you!” Yan Beicheng felt helpless as he said, “You always change the topic.”

He continued anxiously, “I havent finished talking! Tell me, then, why did Wei Wucai come out of your room last night Moreover, why was he alone with you in your room”

The mention of this made Yan Beicheng even angrier.

If it wasnt because of this, just the few words that Wei Wucai had said would not have been able to convince the netizens into believing that he was dating Yan Zhiqing.

They knew that Wei Wucai came out of Yan Zhiqings room last night.

The netizens probably assumed that those two had started dating a long time ago.

In addition, they were together every day and were even staying in the same room.

In Yan Beichengs opinion, this was the most nerve-wracking part.

His sister had always been innocent and pure.

But now, people had mistakenly assumed that she had moved in with Wei Wucai.

Wasnt this an aggrieving matter!

Yan Zhiqing had borne the burden for no good reason at all.

“You promised me that you wouldnt be alone with Wei Wucai in a room.

But then, you forgot about your promise right away.”

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