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In such a strict environment, how could family members be allowed to accompany them

This was a young kid who had to go through so much hardship without his family being around.

Yan Zhiqing looked up and saw Wei Wucai, who remained silent.

She didnt see any pitiful expression on Wei Wucais face.

However, Yan Zhiqing couldnt help but feel sorry for him.

She felt especially sorry about his childhood experiences.

She didnt know nor could she imagine the hardship he had experienced.

She wondered if that four- or five-year-old kid back then had hidden in the corner and cried when he couldnt endure it any longer.

She wouldnt know how terrible he probably had felt.

When he missed home, he couldnt go back.

When he missed his family, his family members werent around.

Yan Zhiqing wanted to hug the four- or five-year-old Wei Wucai.

At this moment, she felt horrible.

Yan Beicheng gritted his teeth.

Because he was a very good friend of Wei Zhiqian, he forgot that people who didnt know him well viewed Wei Zhiqian as a cunning and ruthless figure.

If you went out and asked a random person, you would learn that all of Wei Zhiqians business competitors hated him.

They hated him to the extent that they wanted to put a sack over his head.

Clearly, to outsiders, Wei Zhiqian was cold, ruthless, and extremely cunning.

And now, with just a few words, he had managed to make Yan Zhiqing feel pity.

He was extremely cunning!

He then heard Wei Zhiqian say, “He is very used to enduring hardships by himself.

He doesnt tell people about it, and he doesnt seek comfort from others.

Because he processes all the hardships by himself, he now has the appearance of a cold-hearted person.

“Hes not a bad person, and hes not really cold-hearted.

Hes just accustomed to not confiding in anyone.

For the past twenty years or so, he has been by himself.

Even today, he still doesnt know how to interact with people and tell others about his difficulties.

Even when he feels sad about something, he doesnt know how to tell people about it.” Wei Zhiqian sighed after speaking emotionally.

Yan Beicheng couldnt say anything.

With such eloquence, its a pity that this dude was not the host of an emotional talk show.

He could see Yan Zhiqing feeling horrible after hearing what Wei Zhiqian said.

Yan Zhiqings heart went out to Wei Wucai.

She wanted to hug him and comfort him.

How could Yan Beicheng just watch without doing anything

Wei Zhiqian was brainwashing his sister in front of him.

And so, Yan Beicheng sneered and said, “Xiao Cai doesnt have friends I thought he has a good relationship with Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai”

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless, but he replied with an awkward smile, “But they are really business partners.

There are many things Wei Wucai cant tell them.”

“But its okay to tell Zhiqing” Yan Beicheng immediately asked.

“Hey, are you nitpicking” Wei Zhiqian said angrily.

The two looked as though they were about to start arguing.

Yan Zhiqing hurriedly said, “Xiao Cai is my friend too.”

She recalled the time when she was on the phone with Yan Beicheng and she told him that Wei Wucai was just a friend, causing Wei Wucai to be in a bad mood.

During that time, Wei Wucai had appeared to care a lot about this.

Yan Zhiqing just heard from Wei Zhiqian that Wei Wucai did not have many friends.

It all then made sense to Yan Zhiqing.

She finally understood why Wei Wucai cared so much and was so sad when he heard her telling Yan Beicheng that Wei Wucai was just a friend.

This was because he didnt have many friends.

It brought him so much joy to have her as a good friend.

But then, she denied that they were good friends right in front of him.

Even though she didnt do it intentionally, he still felt hurt by what she did.

Yan Zhiqing kept this in mind and felt very sorry.

And so, she took this opportunity to say, “To me, he is a very good friend.”

Seeing how serious she looked, Wei Wucai couldnt help but begin smiling.

He thought Yan Zhiqing looked very good when she was being serious.

Yan Beicheng couldnt watch this anymore.

His sister was so gullible.

Wei Zhiqian immediately smiled and said, “Xiao Cai rarely has friends outside of work.

Yuan Jiangyi and Hao Donghuai have a good relationship with him, but they are his coworkers and are also part of a small social circle.

Its rare for him to have friends outside of that social circle, so I am very happy for him.”

He went on, “In your daily life, he can protect you.

Dont worry.

Hes from the Mount Lan Compound.

No one else has his skills, and there are no bodyguards as good as him.”

Yan Zhiqing nodded and strongly agreed.

She had personally witnessed his abilities.

“Just chat with him more and dont let him keep everything to himself,” Wei Zhiqian said.

Before Yan Beicheng could object to this, Yan Zhiqing already answered, “Of course.

No problem.”

Yan Beicheng couldnt say anything.

Wei Zhiqian gave a sneaky smile and said, “With you here, I will have nothing to worry about.

I was afraid that this dude would keep things to himself and would have no one to share his pent-up thoughts to.”

There was something Wei Zhiqian didnt dare to say out loud.

He was afraid that Wei Wucai would become so pent up with thoughts and emotions that he would eventually become a pervert.

Wei Zhiqian was worried that if he had said this out loud, Yan Zhiqing would be afraid.

Yan Zhiqing nodded and said with a smile, “Brother Zhiqian, do not worry.

Xiao Cai and I have a lot to talk about.

We usually chat a lot.”

With Yan Zhiqing here, Wei Wucai would never become a pervert.

In addition, Wei Wucai had even told her that he was gay, which was something very important.

In Yan Zhiqings opinion, they were already very good friends who told each other everything.

“As long as you are here, I will not worry,” Wei Zhiqian said, appearing to have been consoled.

“Hehe.” Yan Beicheng sneered internally and thought to himself, “If your grandmother knew that you, who are still single and have not gotten a girlfriend…”

Wei Zhiqian had not even figured out how to get out of the single life, but he was trying so hard to help his cousin get a girlfriend.

Didnt he know that he should solve his own issue while he was helping his cousin

Wei Zhiqian was trying so hard to help Wei Wucai.

However, when it came to his own relationship status, he remained very passive and didnt worry at all.

If Old Mrs.

Wei found out about this, Wei Zhiqian would cry nonstop!

The group finished dinner and was heading back to the hotel.

Wei Wucai tried his best to lie low and attempted to sneak into Yan Zhiqings van.

However, Yan Beicheng still noticed him.

“Zhiqian is here.

Just take a ride in your brothers car,” Yan Beicheng said as he blocked Wei Wucai.

Wei Wucai felt speechless.

“Why would you sneak into our car when your brother can give you a ride” Yan Beicheng said ruthlessly.

“Your car is parked much closer.

Since my brother came late, he parked a little farther from the restaurant,” Wei Wucai explained.

Yan Beicheng refused to listen to his excuses.

He started shouting towards Wei Zhiqian, “Take your brother away!”

Wei Zhiqian tried to leave quietly, intentionally pretending that he had heard nothing and leaving his unlucky brother to Yan Beicheng.

But Yan Beicheng refused to let Wei Zhiqian have his way.

Yan Beicheng strode forward and started running towards Wei Zhiqian.

He stopped Wei Zhiqian and dragged him back.

“Take your brother away!” Yan Beicheng said coldly.

Wei Zhiqian felt speechless.

Why did Yan Beicheng, his good friend, become so annoying now that he was Wei Wucais future elder brother-in-law!

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