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But her words accidentally made Old Mrs.

Wei feel sad.

Wei Zhiqian was the one who didnt have feelings for anyone.

Hence, he was a person who had no one to work hard for to get out of that single life.

“I think Xiao Cai wants to court Zhiqing,” Dong Muping said.

“They happen to be working on producing the same movie, which means he can use this chance to spend time with Zhiqing.”

“Thats good.

Thats good.” Old Mrs.

Wei was happy as well.

“Zhiqing is a good girl.

I didnt expect Xiao Cai to share such fate with Zhiqing.”

The two talked for a while.

After that, Old Mrs.

Wei hung up the phone.

Old Mrs.

Wei was happy for Wei Zhiqian, but at the same time, she was worried for Wei Zhiqian.

Although Wei Wucais love was one-sided, he at least had someone he liked.

At least he had someone to work hard for.

He wasnt like Wei Zhiqian, who was unaware of the whereabouts of his future wife.

What should she do with this troublesome grandson of hers!

While Old Mrs.

Wei was worrying for Wei Zhiqian, Wei Wucai had already handed over the rest of the work to his subordinates and was contacting Weibo.

He wanted to ask Weibo to verify his account.

He had made up his mind.

If Weibo refused to add the Verification symbol to his account, he would just hack Weibo and do it himself.

Wei Wucai was too lazy to apply and wait for Weibo to verify his account.

It would take too long.

A staff member of Weibo did not expect the CEO of Ledepic More to personally contact Weibo and request for his account to be verified.

In the past, they would have asked the caller to wait for the verification to be approved as per usual procedures.

But Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were topics trending online and were currently the hottest topics.

Weibo was also paying close attention to Wei Wucai.

And now, it was Wei Wucai who had contacted them, which rarely happened.

In addition, the request for account verification was an easy task, and so, they naturally agreed without any hesitation.

This staff member of Weibo had a feeling that more trending news about Wei Wucai would pop up in the future.

There must be a place for the netizens to watch, right

And so, around five minutes after Wei Wucai had contacted Weibos staff member, the verification symbol was added to his account.

The verified introduction stated that he was the CEO and founder of Ledepic More.

The introduction was outstanding.

Wei Wucai was very satisfied as he looked at the new information on his home page.

However, he still controlled himself and didnt upload any selfies.

However, some observant netizens still noticed the changes on his main page.

“Wei Wucai just logged in.

His account has been verified as well.”

“I cant believe he logged in secretly.

He seems cold but is secretly saucy.


“Why does he suddenly seem so cute”

“He secretly logged in.

His account homepage, which was previously just a blank space without any content, now has a verification symbol.

Could it be that he has feelings towards Yan Zhiqing He likes her, right”


If not, he wouldnt have bothered.

He just needed to stay silent.

By doing this, he made it easier for people to remember him.”

“Wei Wucai stealthily logged in and even verified his account.

Its like hes scared that we wont know who he is.

Why does this feel so sweet Hes doing it for Yan Zhiqing, right”

As Wei Wucai read the netizens comments, the corner of his mouth turned up into a proud smile.

It was rare for him to think this way, but he really thought that the netizens here were pretty smart.

Yu Wenhan had already finished his work.

He tilted his head to the side and saw that Wei Wucai was still looking at his phone.

Yu Wenhan thought to himself that the netizens were right.

His boss seemed cold, but he was secretly saucy.

Such a long time had passed, but Wei Wucai was still reading the netizens comments.

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