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But Dong Muping was not worried at all.

If it were someone else, Dong Muping would have been worried that the young lady had seen too much and had become unrealistically ambitious or that her life experience had become too complicated.

However, she knew Yan Zhiqing well as she was familiar with Yan Zhiqings family.

She had nothing to worry about.

Dong Muping was very happy and searched up all the news about the two.

Usually, you would never be able to find anything about him on the internet.

Why did information about Wei Wucai become so easily searchable online after news about him and Yan Zhiqing came out

In addition, if his employees had never gotten his permission, would they have dared to post his pictures online

Wei Wucais employees could deceive only those netizens who did not know Wei Wucai well.

Did they really think that those young fellas would risk their lives by secretly snapping a photo

Considering Wei Wucais reaction speed, if he was unwilling, who would have been able to take a picture of him

Dong Muping wanted to call Wei Wucai immediately, but she was worried that he might be working.

And so, she had no choice but to remain patient.

Suddenly, she remembered that the news had reported that Yan Beicheng had visited Yan Zhiqing.

And so, Dong Muping called Yan Beicheng.

The call quickly went through.

“Beicheng,” Dong Muping said.

“Hello, Auntie.” Yan Beichengs polite voice sounded on the phone.

“Are you still on set” Dong Muping asked.

Upon hearing an affirmative answer from Yan Beicheng, Dong Muping immediately asked, “Is Xiao Cai still busy”

“…” Yan Beicheng then asked, “You saw the news online, right”

“Hehehe.” Dong Muping felt really awkward.

She suddenly recalled that Yan Beicheng was Yan Zhiqings elder brother.

She had been dazzled by joy and had forgotten about this.

“Erm… Beicheng, my son Xiao Cai is a very good kid.

He is reliable, and his business is doing well.

Most importantly, he has never been in a relationship.

Although I have introduced girls to him, none of them worked out as he drove them all away.

You are aware of this,” Dong Muping said.

“But this means that Xiao Cai would never be friendly to any other girls.

He would treat only the girl he loves well.” Dong Muping was trying very hard to help create a good image of Wei Wucai in front of his future brother-in-law.

“Cough.” Yan Beicheng could sense that Dong Muping, who knew that it was difficult for her son to build his own family, was desperately campaigning for Wei Wucai.

“Auntie, Xiao Cai and Zhiqing are not dating,” Yan Beicheng explained.

Although Wei Wucai had admitted to liking Yan Zhiqing, they were not dating yet.

“Pictures of Xiao Cai were taken because he is working on the movie production where Zhiqing happens to be a cast member.

Therefore, pictures of them were taken while they were working together,” Yan Beicheng explained.

Dong Muping thought to herself that she knew her son well.

He had even posted his own pictures for netizens to see.

However, Dong Muping obviously couldnt say this to Yan Zhiqings older brother.

She was very careful and said nothing unnecessary.

All she said was this: “Is that so I thought they were together and I was so happy.”

She intentionally implied that she would be very happy if Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing were really dating.

“Did you call me for this” Yan Beicheng said, refusing to acknowledge the hidden meaning behind Dong Mupings words.

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