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He just needed to give one.

Yan Beicheng would never have accepted an ambiguous answer or an answer conveying an uncertainty of feelings.

If he was unsure, why would he be flirting with Yan Zhiqing

If Wei Wucai had given that kind of answer, Yan Beicheng would not have responded with such courtesy, nor would he have merely roasted Wei Wucai a few times.

Obviously, if Wei Wucai had answered no…

That he had no feelings for Yan Zhiqing, Yan Beicheng would have asked Wei Wucai to keep a safe distance from her.

He would have asked someone to watch over Yan Zhiqing here on set.

He would have never left Yan Zhiqing by herself and would have gotten someone to watch over her constantly.

But as of now, Yan Beicheng hadnt done any of those things.

And so, Lin Chu guessed that Wei Wucais answer ahd still satisfied Yan Beicheng, despite it being barely satisfactory.

If not, Yan Beicheng would not be sitting here and roasting Wei Wucai.

As expected, Yan Beicheng said, “That fella has a good eye.

He knows that Zhiqing is exceptional.”

Lin Chu smiled and said, “Did he admit that he likes Zhiqing”

“Yes.” Yan Beicheng nodded and said, “However, because he wants to be close to Zhiqing, he admitted to her that he was gay.

I am just waiting for the day when his lies are exposed so that I can know how he intends to explain to Zhiqing about this.” ”

“He clearly likes her.

He is even willing to allow her to mistakenly think that he likes guys,” Lin Chu said.

“Honestly speaking, you are satisfied with him, arent you”

If Yan Beicheng was not satisfied, he wouldnt have done nothing when Wei Wucai had revealed his identity online.

If Yan Beicheng was unsatisfied with Wei Wucai, he would have denied that Wei Wucai was Zhiqings boyfriend when the netizens were merely guessing.

Yan Beicheng would have erased Wei Wucais pictures the moment Yu Wenhan and the others had posted them.

But right now, Yan Beicheng was all talk but no action.

This meant that he was satisfied with Wei Wucai.

Yan Beicheng pouted and said, “I guess barely satisfactory.”

Yan Beicheng was not the only one who saw the news about Wei Wucai and Yan Zhiqing.

Wei Wucais mother, Dong Muping, saw the news too.

Since the matchmaking meeting for Wei Wucai and Luo Qingxian had failed, Dong Muping had been feeling very uneasy.

She felt very sorry towards Mrs.


Because of Wei Wucais cold treatment, Luo Qingxian had felt disrespected.

Wei Wucai didnt tell his mother about the mess that Luo Qingxian had caused.

Wei Wucai was not a talkative person, nor was he someone who would talk bad about others.

Wei Wucai didnt think it was worth it, and he didnt have the energy to talk about the good or the bad things done by a woman who had no relation to him.

In addition, he was busy with work, so he didnt talk to Dong Muping about it.

In Wei Wucais opinion, Luo Qingxian had nothing to do with him.

No matter how bad Luo Qingxian was, it had nothing to do with him.

However, this made Dong Muping very angry.

She deeply believed that Wei Wucai would remain single forever if he continued behaving like this.

Dong Muping had even suspected that Wei Wucai was single not because of his bad personality.

It was because he didnt want a girlfriend and was intentionally behaving this way.

However, because Wei Wucai was working on set, there was no chance for her to nag him.

She had to stay home and endure her urge to nag him.

Suddenly, Dong Muping saw so many trending topics and immediately felt energized.

Yan Zhiqing was an actress.

Being part of the entertainment industry, her working environment was very complicated.

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